A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 18 The Church Of The Light

Chapter 18 The Church Of The Light

The white beam came towards him as quick as any of his own spells and slammed into his shield. , His shield managed to stop the attack at first, until It started to crack under the pressure, a few seconds later it broke and the beam hit Archer. , Sending him crashing through the townhouses, until he shot out of the last house and smashed into the town wall. , Falling to the floor, he was covered in blood. , He tried to get up but was struggling, that’s when his ears picked up the heavy footsteps of three people coming his way. , Forcing his body to cooperate with him he gets up and Thunder Stepped to the top of the wall. , He looked into the distance and Thunder stepped there, he cast the spell a dozen times because, after a while of doing it, Archer blacked out from mana depletion. , The Deacons P.O.V. , The spell hit the boy and he was sent flying, but they couldn’t find any sign of him. Oxfair town residents managed to put out the fire and rescue people with the help of Emmeric. , The Deacon and two knights searched for the boy for a few hours but couldn’t find anything beyond the dent in the wall. , He ordered them to store all the dead bodies of their fellow knights in their storage rings. After completing their tasks, the three jumped up on their horses. , They raced back to Starfall City to report what has happened to Bishop Caryk, he needed to know that another white dragon has truly risen. , The Deacon was spooked, he only ever heard about white dragons from the old tomes hidden deep in the church vaults. , As he raced back all he could see was their glowing violet eyes and the manic laughing of the boy, he shook his head trying to clear it. , 5 days later they arrived at Starfall City and rushed through the gates with special church passes, they made their way towards the Shrine Of Light. , Reaching the church the 2 knights went off to receive treatment as the Deacon rushed towards the Bishop’s office. , Once he arrived in front of the door, he started pounding on it. , A middle-aged man’s voice could be heard from the other side. ”Come in! You better have a good reason for pounding my door down like that!” , The Deacon opened the door as a middle-aged man with red hair and green eyes looked up at him. , Closing the door behind him the Bishop motioned him to sit down before speaking. , ”Deacon Lothar, you better have a good reason why you’re here!” , Lothar nodded his head before explaining. ”Yes bishop, we have found the white dragon.” , The Bishop’s eyes went wide as his mind went blank, he shook his head and asked for more information. , ”Explain Deacon Lothar, I need all the details.” , Lothar told the bishop everything he could remember from 5 days ago. , ”We asked around the town and found a food stall owner, who one of the knights spotted talking to the boy, so we asked the owner about him and the man told us his name is Archer, he is an adventurer from Vassia City.” , Lothar finished speaking as the bishop sat there thinking before he jumped up and rushed out of the room. , ”Come on Deacon we need to go inform the Archbishop about what has happened.” , They both rushed out of the church and into a waiting carriage that was always stationed outside. , The Bishop told the driver to take them to the Archbishop’s villa. , Every human empire and kingdom on Thrylos has a church in it, they hate demi-humans with a passion due to past wars. , The church cant purge or prosecute Demi-humans from the Avalon Empire due to the Emperor’s law protecting them. , They also need the Avalon Empires’ support to grow their influence on the continent, so they tend to operate in the shadows to avoid their soldiers. , They survive by getting donations from the worshippers and noble families that want to carry Favour with the church and its influence within the Dragon Blight Empire. , Not all noble families went along with the church’s game but they didn’t try to stop them either. , The church wields tremendous power due to being entrenched in the Dragon Blight Empire which took the place of the dragons 5000 years ago as the strongest empire on Thrylos. , Everyone knew the church was egotistical, corrupt, and rotten to the core, but no one said anything due to the severe consequences anyone who stood against them would suffer. , After an hour in the carriage and the two men arrive at a lavish-looking villa, exiting the carriage they were let through the villa’s gate by the Archbishop’s guards. , After a 10-minute walk, the two men arrived at a veranda, a old man was sitting there drinking some tea while looking out over his garden. , Both men felt pressure slamming into their bodies as they tried their best to stay standing straight. , The old man noticed the two men standing off to the side and motioned for them to step closer. , ”Come, come step forward, we are all children of the god of light, no need to feel anxious. , The men stepped forward and greeted the Archbishop with a bow before speaking. , ”Archbishop Hadwyn, it’s so good to see you in good health, it’s been years since we’ve seen each other.” , ”Oh isn’t it Bishop Caryk and a little follower of his, how can I help you gentleman on this fine day?” , He saw the two weren’t moving or even trying to move, he pulled his aura in and the 2 calmed down instantly. , The Archbishop then told the two to sit down, they both sat in the chairs that he motioned at. , Bishop Caryk started telling him everything that happened, after finishing the Archbishop stared at the Deacon who got nervous. , ”Tell me Deacon Lothar, what did this child look like?” , Lothar got nervous under the gaze of a grandmaster-ranked mage, before he could panic, he started speaking. , ”White horns just above his ears, scruffy snow white hair, had these deep violet eyes that looked like they wanted to suck the soul from my body, when he defended against my justice strike spell I saw that he had white scales on his arms.” , Archbishop Hadwyn nodded his head before confirming both men’s fears. , ”I’m afraid this is some grave news, a white dragon has actually risen and will grow into a devil that will darken the world, I will mobilize the holy order, The Legion of Faith to deal with this growing menace.” , Hadwyn stood up and left the two men sitting there without a word, he rushed off to his study to inform a certain man. , Slamming open a door the old man ran over to a drawer and pulled out an artifact and chanted a small verse and a different man answered. , ”What is it Hadwyn? you’re only supposed to contact me through this channel in dire circumstances.” , Hadwyn sweated after hearing the man’s cold voice but still told him. , ”My Lord, a white dragon has emerged in the Avalon Empire, if we can get ahold of him, we can continue what the founders started.” , The man on the other side of the device sighed before speaking. , ”That’s interesting, we shall find out more information before acting, visit the Royal family and tell them the dragon is ours and to keep their hands off him.” , ”Yes my lord, may Dazos rise again and wipe Thrylos clean.” , He ended the transmission and went to visit the imperial palace. , Empress Chloe Avalon’s P.O.V. , The Empress rushed through the palace because she wanted to speak to the Emperor, when she found him, he was talking to two people. , A woman accompanied by a man dressed as a butler standing behind her, she recognized the woman as Duchess Fianna Ever-rose, who guards the eastern border against the Nysa, Thezmaer, and Vitalis Kingdoms. , She heard the Duchess speak. , ”My Emperor, my troops are holding the eastern border in check, we have reported previously about the Thezmaer raids happening along our coastlines, the Vitalis Kingdom hasn’t made any moves.” , She had a thoughtful look before completing her report to the emperor. , ”The Alora Kingdom have started trading with us more, while the Nysa kingdom has been building up their forces, according to our spy reports.” , The Emperor nodded. , ”There will be war in the next 5 or 10 years, I want you to start ramping up recruitment and training of soldiers for both your Duchies, considering they will be the frontlines.” , He looks over to the brown-haired man with green eyes staring back at him with a look of worship. , ”Duke Ashguard, do you want to report anything to me?” , Leonard looks a the Emperor and started speaking with respect in his voice. , ”My Emperor, Lazica and the Lionheart kingdoms are building up their militaries, the Sabat dynasty hasn’t made a move, they’ve just stationed more troops to their borders for security and to keep the Church of Light out.” , After Leonard reported everything to the Emperor, a knock was heard on the hall’s massive doors. , The Emperor told them to come in, the head maid entered the hall before approaching, she bowed to him before reporting. 𝘳.𝑐𝘰, ”Your majesty, Archbishop Hadwyn has requested an audience with yourself? what should I tell him?” , The Emperor thought for a second before telling the maid to go get the man and bring him here. , ”Helga bring our guest here.” , She bowed and as she left the room to fetch the Archbishop. , A minute later a sickly-looking old man came walking in but he was anything but that, he bowed at the Emperor before speaking. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, This content is taken from 𝘪𝘳.𝘤𝑜

Chapter end

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