A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 19: A Show for the Curious Girl *

Chapter 19: A Show for the Curious Girl *

, “Auu. Ruki. Karen is watching.” , Kana mutters in between our kisses. , “Don’t mind senpai. I miss my Kana.” , I pull her closer to me and deepen my kiss. Kana is responding to me. Her face now is even brighter red than normal. Is she conscious that someone’s watching? , “Y-you! What are you two doing?!” , Otsuka-senpai who was surprised at what I did only woke up now. She was speechless earlier that she can’t even utter a word. , “Senpai, we’re just satiating your curiosity. Any excuse we say will just get shot down by you anyway. So we better show you the truth.” , I release my lips from Kana for a bit to answer her. , My hand now starts moving around her body. I grab her breasts and start massaging it. I’m too horny to care about Otsuka-senpai now, and so is Kana. In fact, she’s even more excited now that there’s someone watching. Is she awakening to something different? , “Your hands, I feel your hands on my body again. Ahhn” , “Look senpai. This is the truth you’re looking for.” , I take a glance at Otsuka-senpai, she’s already slumped on the floor but her eyes are still intently watching us. , “Why are you doing this Kana-senpai? Aren’t you Goto-senpai’s girl?” , “Yes I am but my body is Ruki’s. Only his.” , Kana answers her. Her hands keep on clinging on my neck, she’s pulling at it as if asking for me not to stop at kissing her. She took out her tongue, asking me to suck on it. , Ah. My Kana is now this erotic. , “Huh? I can’t understand. You’re not making any sense.” , “Just keep watching senpai. You’ll understand what she meant. We’ll show you a good show. You’re curious right now, right?” , Yes. How will she not be curious? If it’s a normal girl like Ishida-senpai or that bookworm 1st year, they would have already hit us or run out of this room. But Otsuka-senpai, being a Curious type, wanted to ask a lot of questions as to how and why we’re doing this. , “Y-you. Aren’t you scared that I will tell on you?” , “I am. I am scared. So I ask you senpai. Keep this a secret, will you? And please can you lock the door?” , I’ll satisfy your curiosities. We’ll be showing you a lot. , “R-ruki. I can’t wait. Focus on me.” , Kana is now drowning in lust. She keeps on kissing me even when I was talking just now. Where is the Cute and Shy type now? Why are you breaking your character? Is it because of me? Well, yes. I’m the reason as to why she’s like this now. I made her a woman. , Otsuka-senpai heard what I said. I don’t know what got into her but she did stand up and walk to the door. But her eyes. Her eyes that were overflowing with curiosity are still fixated on us. , She puts her hand on the knob and presses the lock button. , “S-show me more. I want to see. I want to see more” , “Eh Karen?” , Kana is also confused that Otsuka-senpai did what I said and asked to see more. , “Come here then senpai. Kana will show you something interesting.” , I look at Kana and push her down to her knees. , “Take it out, Kana.” , She first looks at Otsuka-senpai then at me. , Her hands went to my belt. Undone it and continue on to the next step. , “K-kana-senpai.” , Otsuka-senpai mutters, still in disbelief and wonder. This girl that’s full of curiosities is staring and watching everything. , Kana then pulls down my zipper and pulls out the already erect cock from inside. It almost hit her face had she not moved her head away. , “Eh?” , I heard an exclamation of surprise from Otsuka-senpai at the side but I am too focused on Kana that is currently working hard. , Kana holds my cock in front of her with one of her hands and starts stroking it. The other hand is cupping the head, caressing it gently. She now knew where my sensitive spots are , I can’t help but let out a moan from what Kana is doing. , “T-that big. Oi. Onoda. What are you two doing?” , “I said just watch senpai. You can get closer if you want.” , “Am I doing this right Ruki?” , Kana looks up at me asking for praise. , “Yes, you’re doing great Kana. You can use your mouth now.” , “Y-yes.” , Kana starts licking the head with her cute tongue, she runs it all around, licking every nook and cranny of the head. In the end, she focused on licking the tip where the precum already started gushing out. Licking it little by little, her cute tongue became full of my precum before she took it back into her mouth and gulped it in. She then showed me her now clean tongue , The stimulation brought by that view made my cock twitch. This girl is already skilled. It’s making my excitement fill up further. , “T-that’s dirty. Why are you using your mouth?” , This curious girl just won’t stop asking. But she can’t help but gulp when she saw how Kana was doing it. , “Ignore her Kana. Focus on me.” , Kana looked up at me and nodded. , This time she opens her cute mouth wide and like the first time, she took in half of my cock inside it. She remembered what I taught her making sure it won’t grind at her teeth. , Without any instructions given by me, Kana skillfully used her tongue, licking my cock inside her and finally, her head started moving. She bobbed her head slowly at first according to her memory of her first blowjob. But now, along with the use of her tongue, the sensation feels much better. , Her sucking and slurping sounds started to fill the clubroom, the atmosphere is now too hot that I started to sweat. , I moved my hands and held Kana’s head. I started stroking her head and fixing her hair that was getting in the way of her blowjob. Her head starts moving faster and faster giving me immeasurable pleasure. , “Aahh Kana. You’re so good at this now.” , When I felt my cum building up, I pulled my cock out from her mouth. I want to cum inside her. , Picking her up from the floor, I once again put her on the table. , “Otsuka-senpai. Are you still watching?” , I flipped Kana’s skirt up revealing her white panties that were already drenched since earlier. , I use my hand to caress her pussy from above the cloth of her panties, which made it reveal it’s real shape behind it, her slit and her erect clitoris is poking out. , “T-that place.” , I heard Otsuka-senpai’s voice behind us. I don’t have the time to look at her expression now. I know that she too is becoming aroused at the situation. She never once tried to stop us and just kept on asking questions we don’t answer. , “My turn to eat you out, Kana.” , I slowly take off her panties. When I’m about to go down there, Kana holds my arm. , “N-no. Put it in now Ruki. I want you.” , “Alright.” , Answering to her wish, I raised both of her legs and separated it, revealing her love nectar-drenched pussy. , I aim the tip of my cock on her entrance and start rubbing it on her. , When the head was fully coated by her juices, I aimed it again to her entrance. , “I’m putting it in. Watch carefully Otsuka-senpai.” , “Ahh. Focus on me Ruki. Give it to me now.” , Kana used one of her arms to support her body on the table and the other circled at the back of my head clutching onto my hair. , Without further ado, I thrust my hips in one stroke. , My cock that was waiting at the entrance plunged to the deepest part of her. , “Ahhn! Ruki’s cock! Ahh! It’s inside me again! I missed this… Ahh…This big thing inside me!” , Kana’s moan immediately rang loud. , “I-it went in. Inside Kana-senpai. T-that big thing” , Otsuka-senpai’s voice rang out again from somewhere. My focus is all on Kana now that I didn’t try to look where she is. , I can feel Kana’s insides tighten on my cock, trying to squeeze my cum out. After all the sex we had. Her insides are now starting to take in the shape of my cock. , I take in her totally erotic figure in my eyes, the luscious cherry-coloured lips that were still drenched by her saliva that leaked out when she blows me and her beautiful face that screams out all her lust. , I didn’t wait for long before I started moving my hips, the cock that was deep inside her started grinding her insides, turning it inside out. , “My Kana is so beautiful. I can’t get enough of you. When you called last night I had this urge to masturbate right there while hearing your voice but I resisted because I want you to feel the pleasure with me.” , I said while I started increasing the pace of my thrust. Her drenched pussy that was spread open by my cock started to leak more juices that it started to stain the table she was sitting on. , “Aahhn! So good.. aah. Me too… when I heard your voice… I start to recall the night we shared… Aahh!” , Kana’s moans continue to leak out. We now forget the existence of the spectator at the side. Both immersed with our lust to each other. , “Like that night. I’ll pour more semen into you.” , Kana’s legs that were resting on my arms started to circle around me, pulling my body closer to her. , It made my already deep thrusting go even deeper that the tip of my cock starts pecking on the entrance of her uterus. , “Yes… Aahh.. pour it all to me… Ruki… Aaahh. This body is yours to use.” , No one would think that Kana can be this lewd while having sex, it’s in stark contrast to how shy she is in public. , The pace at which I’m **ing her continued to rise up, the sounds of meat hitting meat along with her moans now filled the room. I can feel her insides clamping harder, a sign of her impending climax. , “Aahh. I’m cumming. Ruki. Kiss me… aahh!” , She pulled my face to hers taking the initiative to gobble up my mouth and tongue. , The stimulation she gives made me more motivated at **ing the lights out of her. My hips started thrusting faster and faster that the table she was on started croaking by the intense force of our **ing. , I felt the cum that was waiting since earlier build-up. It’s now like a dam that was about to burst out. , “Kana. I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you.” , I increased the pace further which she responded by clamping her legs tighter. She wanted it deep inside her. , As a final stroke, I pushed the cock deep inside her and spread the semen out at the same time I felt her pussy contracted quickly indicating her climax, her insides tightens incredibly that it’s choking my cock out, squeezing every drop of my semen. , “Aahh. Haaa. Haaa… I feel you, I feel your semen spreading inside me.” , Kana said while she’s gasping for breath. , “Yes. It felt good Kana.” , “Y-you, inside her. She’ll get pregnant.” , I pull my cock out from Kana, the mix of my cum and her love nectar flows out from her hole immediately. , I tried turning to where Otsuka-senpai is but I was pulled once again to Kana’s kiss. We had another passionate kiss before she calms down. , “Look, Karen, Ruki filled me up. It’s fine today, I brought contraceptives so I won’t get pregnant.” , Kana said, she’s holding her skirt up as she walked in front of Otsuka-senpai, my semen started leaking out to her thighs. I gave her more of the contraceptives she drank at my house as a preparation for occasions such as this. , I followed behind her and hugged her from the back. I started kissing all around her neck. I didn’t have the time to play with her breast earlier so I’ll do it this time. I inserted both of my hands in her uniform pulling it up and revealing her bra. I also pulled it up revealing her naked breast with both the nipples standing erect. I cupped both of it and started massaging. All of this while Otsuka-senpai is watching from the front. , “What now senpai? You’ll keep this a secret right?” 𝐞𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗰𝐨𝗺, She’s mindful of the club. If she tells anyone what happened, Kenji will quit and so will Kana. That will lead to the club having insufficient members to maintain for this school year. , “I…” , That’s the only word that Otsuka-senpai managed to do. She must be thinking of the possible consequences that will happen. , “Auuu Ruki. You only remembered to play with them now.” , “Sorry, my Kana is too erotic that I got too focused at **ing you.” , This sex while someone was watching is exciting on its own. I felt my secret desire satisfied. Kenji has no idea of the happenings here. And later, he will use that table we just used to finish his piece. , I trapped this curious girl into this. I knew her type was the only one who will stay if they’re suddenly exposed to extreme conditions like this. , I bet she even felt it herself. Her panties must be drenched. , “Ruki. Let’s show it again to her. At this distance.” , Kana? Did you awaken to this fetish? What the hell? I didn’t know. , “Kana. You like it when someone’s watching?” , “I don’t know but I want to show it to Karen. She’s always curious about a lot of things. I want her to learn more.” , “Kana-senpai? No. Stop. I can’t take it anymore. My head is about to burst.” , “Then senpai, you’ll keep our secret?” , “I will. I will not tell it to anyone.” , “Good. Let’s show it to her one more time Kana.” , “Yes. Watch carefully, Karen.” , “I said stop!” , Otsuka-senpai shouts in panic. , “You said stop but your eyes say ‘Go’.” , “That’s how she is Ruki. She won’t take her eyes off us.” , Kana then pulled a chair and put it in front of Otsuka-senpai. , “Sit here Ruki. This time I’ll be on top.” , Kana is becoming bold. Just by listening to her voice now, it’s different from how she is just earlier. It’s mature and erotic. , I followed her and sat on the chair. My cock is still standing up. One shot of semen can’t calm it down. , “Look, Karen. This will enter me again.” , Kana said as she stroked my cock again, stimulating it. She then positions herself in front of the chair. I can see her sexy round butt and the trace of semen still leaking out at her thighs. , Still holding my cock, Kana aimed it at her semen-drenched pussy. I use my hands to support her by holding her hips, positioning her above my cock. , Otsuka-senpai is watching intently, especially at the point where my cock will enter her. , “I’m putting this in.” , Kana turned her head to me asking for permission. I gave her another passionate kiss as an answer. , Granted permission, she then lowered her hips. Plunging my cock inside her again. , “Aahh! Ruki’s cock. So good!” , Kana’s moans continue to leak out as my cock slowly gets eaten by her pussy. , “A-again. It went in again.” , Otsuka-senpai mutters. , When my cock reached deep inside her, Kana immediately started moving. Shaking her hips, circling her butt, she kept on searching for her sweet spots. And whenever she did, she’d start pounding me from that angle. I let her do what she wants, showing everything to Otsuka-senpai. , This time, I’m on a support role, massaging her breast, pinching her nipples. I slip my head from below her underarm so I can reach her nipples and I start sucking on it while she keeps on humping from above, my cock that was inside her keeps receiving intense pleasure. , It didn’t take long before the room got filled with all the lewd sounds we made. And the sound of the chair creaking gets louder and louder as I start responding to Kana’s moves. , “Aahh! This position is good too. Aahhn!” , We got the rhythm together. I’m now hugging her tight clutching both of her breasts, thrusting my hips from below. , Kana’s pussy is showing signs of climaxing again squeezing me tight. Not long after I too felt the semen about to burst again. , “Karen. Look. I’m cumming again. Aahh!” , “Kana. I’m cumming too. Take it all inside your womb.” , “Yes.. aaahh.. Give it all to me!” , Timing my last thrust when she cum. The clamping of her insides stimulated my cock and burst out at the same time. , “S-second time. You’re crazy. You’re both crazy!” , Amidst that shout of Otsuka-senpai is the sounds of our exhausted breathing. Kana’s body is now leaning against me. She exhausted herself humping and pounding her butt. I embrace her small body tighter and give her a kiss once more. , This girl is turning to something amazing.

Chapter end

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