Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 101 - Daylight Aurora Sword Art!

Chapter 101 - Daylight Aurora Sword Art!

As expected, Wei Lingxuan had been waiting for him for quite a while, blocking his way back to the Wei Manor. It wasnt just Wei Lingxuan most of the younger generations were there too, including Wei Tianxiongs third son, Wei Guohao. Other than the two children of the Flameyellow Chancellor, there were also Wei Zikuns son, Wei Qingyi, and other disciples from the Wei Clan.

The Wei Manor itself was located at a secluded corner of the sanctum where hardly anyone visited, unlike the Flameyellow Pagoda, making it the best place to accost Li Tianming and make him pay the price for his transgressions.

To approach the manor, one must first cross over a stone bridge, the only path available. Youths of the Wei Clan were already blocking his way when Li Tianming arrived at the bridge.

And at the forefront of the motley crew was none other than Wei Lingxuan. Today, she wore a chainmail to protect her vitals. It didnt look heavy, but from the faint blue heavenly patterns running across its surface, it was clearly a grade five beastial armour. In fact, armours were even rarer and more expensive compared to regular weapons, since they required more raw materials and greater workmanship.

For her to bring out such a treasure...she was sure fixated on her vengeance.

How nice to be that rich, Li Tianming muttered darkly. If he had been raised here, he would have that much money too.

For Wei Lingxuan, the sight of Li Tianmings face was enough to remind her about that glorious act of licking his boots. That was enough to rile her up immediately, a menacing look twisting her pretty face.

This wasnt the Flameyellow Pagoda! Those standing behind her were all disciples of the Wei Manor, supporting her and backing her up. Furthermore, Wei Guohao, one of the best students in the entire sanctum, was with them too!

To Wei Guohao, Li Tianming was probably just an`other one of those mundane disciples. Perhaps the only thing worth mentioning about him was the fairy-like girl always by his side.

Li Tianming! My third brother and I have decided that you arent walking out of here today with your legs intact. From this day on, youll have to crawl around the sanctum. Wei Lingxuan drew her Goldfault Sword the one that Wei Tiancang gave her for her birthday and pointed it at Li Tianmings throat.

Sis, leave a leg for me. I wanna try too, Wei Qingyi snickered.

Guess Im left with the third leg then. Wei Guohao cracked a joke, sparking laughter from everyone but Wei Lingxuan, who was too fixated on her anger.

Surely this is not the most fitting way to treat a relative? Li Tianming answered lightly, defying the expectations of everyone present.

In fact, yall should call me elder cousin, and then show your elder cousin some respect, Li Tianming continued, his audacity enraging Wei Lingxuan even further.

How dare you still call us your relatives! As she spoke, her Six-Winged Goldroc appeared beside her. It was the same species as the beast that Wei Qingyi owned, except that hers was even bigger and fiercer. Its sparkling golden eyes had already spotted Li Tianming and Ying Huo, its killing intent obvious.

Wei Lingxuan, watch your mouth. If not, I dont mind educating you on behalf of your father and teach you how to respect an elder brother. Li Tianming continued to smile.

Do you really think you can defeat me with your current level of cultivation? Or you are counting on Princess Lings attachment to give you enough power to overcome me? What a shame, because from now on, you will be crawling around this place, and I will make sure you clean my boots every day. Every. Single. Day! Wei Lingxuan ran out of patience. For her, the faster she could defeat Li Tianming, the faster she could erase him from her mind completely.

With that, she unleashed her sixth level Spiritsource beast ki completely. With the Goldfault Sword in her hands and clad in the Silver Seraphic Armor, she began her assault, together with her goldroc.

Behind her, the group of Wei disciples led by Wei Guohao all had their arms folded, ready to watch a good show. Even though they were here to support Wei Lingxuan, they didnt need to dirty their own hands.

The sword ki approached Li Tianming within moments, its scope of attack not just Ying Huo and him, but also Jiang Feiling. Linger was just an ordinary person, and probably wouldnt even survive a single hit from Wei Lingxuans attack!

This viciousness of hers could only be a result of her pampered upbringing. It would take a good beating to re-educate this kind of person properly!

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Right before the attack struck, Li Tianming grabbed onto Jiang Feiling and leapt a dozen meters backwards, evading the attack.

Trying to escape? Dream on! With a smirk, Wei Lingxuan kicked off from the ground and closed the distance once more. In the air, the Six-Winged Goldroc spread its three pairs of giant wings, ready to swoop down any second.

Ying Huo, go and show your sister-in-law what you are capable of. Li Tianming grabbed the little chick from the top of his head and tossed it towards Wei Lingxuan and the goldroc.

Is it my turn? Ying Huo is here to save the day! The little chick was hyped up at finally having a chance to try out its abilities.

To an outsider, Li Tianming had just used his lifebound beast to block his opponents attacks, so that he and Jiang Feiling could escape from harm. Such a cowardly move immediately drew contempt from the crowd.

The next second, the little chick was completely enveloped by the Daylight Aurora Sword Art that Wei Lingxuan was casting with her Goldfault Sword. Unless something extraordinary happened, it would be shredded within seconds.

I will let your lifebound beast die once more then! Wei Lingxuans face contorted once more, diverting her hatred for Li Tianming towards the little chick.

Sorry, but Im not interested in flat women. The little chick laughed it off and disappeared in a fiery shadow. With its puny figure, it had completely disappeared from Wei Lingxuans sight.

It was the Flaming Shadow Flash, an advanced source-ranked movement art that superior to the Confounding Mirage Walk! Given Ying Huos size and ability to fly, it was much more suited for the art compared to Li Tianming.

Where did it go?! Wei Lingxuans Daylight Aurora Sword Art struck nothing but thin air.

However, her question was only greeted by the goldrocs cry of agony. She looked up, and was stunned to find a tiny fireball charging towards the Six-Winged Goldroc, which was a few hundred times its size.

Three-Spring Heavy Claws, first stance!

It was the beastial art version of the Three-Spring Heavy Strike. The Aeternal Infernal Phoenix was a talented little creature, and had learned quite a lot about the move during its time cultivating with Li Tianming. Even though its claws looked no thicker than toothpicks, it still tore off a large patch of flesh from the goldrocs body.

One more! Two claws alone had left the goldroc shrieking, and it fell from the sky shortly afterwards. The second claw had fractured one of its wings. The bloodied beast landed right in front of Wei Lingxuan, nearly crushing her under its body!

That was no battle. That was a one-sided beatdown, from one lifebound beast to another!

Looking at Ying Huos performance in battle, Li Tianming had a rough gauge of his improvement after the encounter with the Flameyellow Rock.

When his infernalsource had first appeared, it was almost equivalent to that of beastmasters with seven or eight regular spiritsources, perhaps even nine. Coupled with the nature of his Aeternal Infernal Beast Ki and his unique physique, he could match those at fourth level Spiritsource when he was just in first! This was also how he defeated Lin Xiaoxiao, the twin beastmaster.

Now that he had reached fourth level Spiritsource, his beast ki was unlike anything seen in his level, be it in terms of quality or quantity. If beast ki was the only factor considered in battle, then he could easily fight someone at seventh level Spiritsource!

As for Wei Lingxuan, she was sixth level Spiritsource at the age of eighteen. While she might have been a looming obstacle that he couldnt overcome days back, right now she was doomed to be crushed by Li Tianming.

Scrap that, because Ying Huo alone was enough to crush BOTH her and her lifebound beast!

Wei Lingxuan had not time to exclaim or to be shocked, because the little chick had already appeared in front of her with a smug smile.

Babe, did you really think your armour could protect you from ME?

Chapter end

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