Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 29 – Bai Shichen

Chapter 29 – Bai Shichen

DBWG Chapter 29

Bai Shichen

Under the beckoning of Yang Lingqing, Longchen sat by her side. However, ever since he had arrived, the Yang Family table could still retain an amiable atmosphere around it, but in Long Chens area, this was not possible.

A group of people were staring, but nobody had actually picked up their chopsticks.

The situation here could obviously be seen by the other tables but they turned a blind eye and continued to drink and jest.

Long Chen loathed these kinds of atmospheres the most. In fact, he would rather be drinking with the courtesans from the Emerald Jade House than to stay here for a moment longer.

Therefore, after a short while he stood up and said: Everyone, I am full so I will just leave first.

With the elder generations of both families around, Bai Shiji and the rest could not do anything to Long Chen in public so they could not wait for Long Chen to leave.

Seeing Long Chen show such disrespectful behaviour in public, they were all secretly rejoicing at his misfortune.

As expected, at this moment Founder Yang shifted his gaze onto Long Chen and said: Chen Er. Dont leave yet, come here.

Not knowing what tricks Founder Yang was going to play, Long Chen walked to his side. At this time everyone had put their chopsticks down and the Bai Familys Master smiled jovially at Long Chen.

Founder Yang patted Long Chens shoulder and said: I heard that you have a conflict with Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong?

Long Chen replied blandly: I wouldnt dare.

As this moment, the Bai Familys Master laughed and said: Brother, the young ones are always passionate. Having some conflicts are normal occurrences, as long as they dont harm the life or cause internal injuries, its fine. Werent we all the same back in the past? How about this, Shidong, Zhixing, both of you come here

Under the beckoning of the Bai Familys Master, both of them walked over trembling and shaking.They stood across Long Chen but they did not dare look him in the eyes.

Both of the middle aged men from Bai Family, seeing their own younger generation members having no backbone, could not help but frown. However the Bai Familys Master was magnanimous, smiling as he said: Young ones, dont be anxious. Having a conflict is very common, back then I wouldnt have known Yang Brother if we did not fight. Come come. Both sides apologise, in the future youll all be good friends.

Founder Yang also smiled and said: Thats right, Long Chen hurt them so he should apologise and then the conflict can be forgotten. The Bai Family and the Yang Family are so close like brothers and having conflicts amongst your own brothers can be forgotten easily, cant it?VIssT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

Founder Yang said these words for Long Chen to hear.

Founder Yang had given him the [Seal of the Dragons], which in turn, gave him such a great benefit. Long Chen was also not one to forget to repay his benefactors and with the demonic beast hunting competition coming soon, his resolution to kill Bai Shiji had become stronger. So he could not think of creating any mess at this point now.

As such he followed both masters and laughed saying: Grandfathers words are right, a man should not nitpick about such small issues. Come, brother Shidong!

Before the other party could react, Long Chen gave him a very rough hug and even patted his back.

Long Chens sudden actions had stunned everyone. At this point Long Chen had followed up and gave Bai Zhixing who was beside them a sudden hug too, adopting a posture as if wanting to tell her a secret. Then stealthily moving his hands to her perky butt, giving it a vicious pinch!

The other day I have injured this beautiful and moving Miss Bai, I felt regret for my actions and present you this flower as a compensation for it!

Although he had only pinched it tightly for a brief moment, the initial touch did indeed feel better than those courtesans of Emerald Jade House. Long Chen released his grip in due time and then shoved a bunch of wild chrysanthemum flowers, which he had picked up along the road due to boredom when he was coming home.

Bai Zhixings back was facing the elders, so to them, it seemed like Long Chen was only giving a halfhearted hug to Bai Zhixing. But on the other hand it was different for the younger generation of the Bai Family. That pinch from Long Chen had been seen by them clearly. Their eyes grew big and had more understanding towards Long Chens guts.

Murderous intent radiated from both Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen.

This feeling of being locked on could definitely be felt by Long Chen. However, he didnt think anything of it and even gave both Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen a provocative stare. He suddenly met Yang Lingqings furious gaze, which shocked him into turning his head back immediately.

At this point Bai Zhixing had also stared blankly at Long Chen, her hands held onto the flowers. She did not expect that Long Chen would actually be this bold; she had even forgotten to scream.

And at this moment, Long Chen hurriedly said to the masters of both families: I still have something to do, so I will first take my leave.

Bai Familys Master laughed lightly and said: En, if theres something you have to do then go ahead.

Ignoring the gazes of the people sitting in Hongwu Hall, Long Chen walked through the door. Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen exchanged gazes, and seeing Long Chens fading figure, they both smirked.

Since you are courting death, dont blame us

Long Chen who was seemingly pleased with himself, had just left Hongwu Hall and was about to laugh when suddenly there was a sharp pain on his ears to the point that his face had convulsed as Lingxis cold voice sounded.

Scum! That feeling was great wasnt it?!

Long Chens delight had been pushed to the bottom of the valley and he immediately tried to appease her, saying: Darling Xiao Xi, IEarlier I, yes, I was provoking Bai Shiji, merely a provocation

You think I am an idiot, I wont bother with you anymore!

Long Chen sweated profusely and as he was about to explain, he saw Yang Lingqing who had followed him from behind. Looking at her grim expression, he knew he was about to meet another tragedy.

But who knew, the first thing Yang Lingqing said was: I am in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm now.

Her aura, given off by the Qi had also thickened, which felt almost the same as Yang Lingyues.

She had an affinity with Long Chen, not only were they born in the same year, same month and the same day but the time both of them entered sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm were around the same.

After entering the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, Yang Lingqing would now be able to reduce the amount of danger she would face in the demonic beast hunting competition. Truth be told, she was the only one Long Chen had cared for in the whole of the Yang Family. Now Long Chen could feel at ease and proceed on his own.

What good timing, with you around, its possible to kill more Demonic Beasts and overtake the Bai Family.

Yang Lingqing gave him a look that said he was incorrigible. Can you still joke at a time like this? Could it be that you dont know that although at the banquet both parties were engaging amiably, Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen will definitely not let you go? I know that recently your strength have increased, but how could you be a match for the both of them?

Yang Lingqing said anxiously. Looking at this girl who still cared for Long Chen, he too could not bear to show any concern and said: My strength did indeed improve greatly. Although I cant say that I can beat them but escaping will not be a problem. Also I dont exactly have to face off with them. Look at your big brother, I am considered to be rather cunning so how can I die under these two people with an ice cube like expression.

Yang Lingqing did not thought so; she knew the strength of a seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. That might could totally overwhelm that of a sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, not even mentioning Long Chen, who was only a fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

As she was about to speak, Long Chens gaze suddenly turned cold, he patted Yang Lingqings shoulder and said: Go back first, Ill speak to you later.

Yang Lingqing turned around and saw that Yang Xueqing was actually behind her. She knew that Long Chen and Yang Xueqings relationship was strange and could not interfere either so she advised Long Chen to be careful and then left.

Looking at her, Long Chens delightful mood had suddenly turned bad.

Yang Xueqing walked up several steps and measured up Long Chen, although her face wasnt as stone-cold as before, it was still frosty.

Do you know why my father invited the Bai Family for a feast today? Because our family have been preparing for the wedding. Three days later during the afternoon you guys will enter Big Barren Mountain and I will be married into the Bai Family.

Long Chen knew it was the case and had expected it long before, so he only looked on at Yang Xueqing, not saying a word.

After I kill Bai Shiji and the news travel, lets see how you can still marry?

Looking at Long Chen who did not react, Yang Xueqing did not bother with it and continued: After passing the demonic energy cores to the Lingwu family from the demonic beast hunting competition, you should leave Poplar Town. I heard that not only did you obtained the [Seal of the Dragons] but also 500 pieces of spirit jade. Our Yang Family did not treat you badly on this account so I hope you can stop while you can.

The [Seal of the Dragons] have to be passed down within the Yang Family so pass it to me now. After youre gone, I will return it to my father.

According to what Yang Xueqing implied, Long Chen understood that she had never treated him as a member of the Yang Family. However, it was fine as Long Chen never felt any homely feelings towards this family either. In any case the secrets in the [Seal of the Dragons] have been fully extracted by him and this broken item has no uses for him anymore. So he took it out from his pockets and threw it into Yang Xueqings hands.

What I should have gotten, I have already taken it. You think I want to stay in this broken place? I still have to look for spiritual medicine for my darling Xiao Xi. However after I dispose of Bai Shiji, I really look forward to seeing your expression, you couldnt find me even if you wish to kill me by that time.

Without saying another word Long Chen turned around and walked away.

Yang Xueqing did not expect Long Chen to hand it over so simply. Looking at the [Seal of the Dragons] in her hands and at the prideful figure of Long Chen leaving, she ridiculed : What a naive fellow, being unable to gain any advantages, these two skills from the [Seal of the Dragons], how could you have learnt it easily in these few days?

At this moment her expression darkened, saying: The things he had done to Bai Shixun, Bai Shiji and the rest will definitely deal with him during the demonic beast hunting competition. Hes merely in the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and only relying on an Intermediate Huang martial technique. How can he be a match for them? Although he didnt learn any skills, but he is afterall my flesh and blood. Oh well, I will plead mercy for you from Bai Shiji just this once

I hope this time; you will know how to repay this favour.

Turning into a corridor, Lingxi repeated the muttered words of Yang Xueqing to Long Chen. After Long Chen had heard it he kept on laughing.

Hey, honestly, dont you honestly care if your mother looks down on you?

Long Chen simply said: Being mindful will only make me uncomfortable, so why would I want to endure such a feeling? If she does not think that I am their match and I really got angry over that, then I am really a retard. What I must do is defeat Bai Shiji completely.

Alright, I wont bother with this anymore, but if it were me, I would definitely cry a big mess

Looking back at the courtyard of the Yang Family where Long Chen had lived for years, it looked so familiar yet so foreign at the same time.

Originally this was his house but it never gave him a sense of security. Not even his family members could give him that kind of feeling.

It was not that he had never been sad before, but now he felt numbed and he wouldnt be so foolish as to show it on his face.

Youre going to plead him for my behalf, but who will plead me on his behalf

Chapter end

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