Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 53 – Ripening Of The Soul Diffusion Fruits

Chapter 53 – Ripening Of The Soul Diffusion Fruits

Having just returned to Poplar Town, Long Chen never thought that he would be headed back towards Big Barren Mountain so quickly. This time, however, a heavy murderous intent was brought along with him.

Mother, I will definitely rescue you

By this time, the aroma of the Soul Diffusion Fruit had already blanketed the whole of Big Barren Mountain. Even people from Poplar Town had stepped out of their doors with shocked expressions on their faces. As they smelled the sweet scent lingering in the air, and by simply breathing in, they felt a little more refreshed.

A regular person would be unable to detect where the aroma was coming from but a few experts gradually discovered the location.

At this point, in the Yang Family residence, the members were still gathered together awaiting news of both Long Chen and Founder Yang. Suddenly seeing the rainbow light from Big Barren Mountain shining, Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian both knew that the Soul Diffusion Fruit actually chose to ripen at this moment.

Yang Qingxuans face changed.

The youths of the Yang Family did not know of the Soul Diffusion Fruit so they could only discuss this phenomenon amongst themselves. However, Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian walked towards a corner, and with Yang Yuntians face darkening as he said: With the Soul Diffusion Fruit ripening at this time, the Bai Familys two old geezers would most likely not be at the Bai residence now. I reckon that when Father and Long Chen get there they would not find anyone.

Yang Qingxuan did not think of this but after being reminded by Yang Yuntian he suddenly understood, bitterly saying: So, their purpose all along was not to kill Xueqing but to threaten our Yang Family in the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit? Our Yang Familys strength was always weaker than theirs, I have no idea how Chen Er is coping now. If this keeps up, my Yang Family will not have much chance of victoryUppTodatd frm n/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m

Yang Yuntian clenched his teeth, saying: Big Brother, our family right now is going through a great catastrophe, are we just going to wait here? Although my strength is insufficient, I dont wish to die like this. My guess is that most likely our Yang Family will be finished this time, but our bloodline cannot be broken. Why dont we brothers gamble on this one last fight and let Wu Er bring the old, the weak, the women, and the children out of Poplar Town?

Yang Qingxuans thoughts were all tangled up in knots as he looked at Yang Wu, Yang Lingqing, and the rest, saying: Right, we can die but the Yang Family cannot be without heirs. Even if we are to lose this time, if our younger generation manage to leave Poplar Town and make a comeback, at that time we shall have them avenge us!

Seeing the usually calm and collected Yang Qingxuan agreeing to this risky idea, Yang Yuntian knew that he approved. He looked at the Yang Family masses and sighed while saying: I never thought that because of this Soul Diffusion Fruit, our Yang Family would wind up being defeated at the hands of the Bai Family. Luckily, before Father left, he had placed all of the precious belongings into this cosmos pouch. With this, Wu Er and the rest will be able to achieve growth rapidly and ten years later, who knows, they can avenge us!

Seeing Yang Yuntian not afraid of death, Yang Qingxuan patted his shoulder as he sighed too: Second Brother, despite these past few years, I still underestimated you. I never thought that you would have more bloodlust than me. My thoughts before were just to wait for death here. Now that Father has most likely entered the Big Barren Mountain, the battle will not last long, so we better hurry! HoweverWhat you just said, I will rectify it a little.

What? Yang Yuntian was startled.

Yang Qingxuan looked towards Big Barren Mountain and said: Our Yang Familys talented genius is not Wu Er but Chen Er, so our main purpose for going to Big Barren Mountain is to fend off Chen Ers opponent and let him escape. We will then have him regroup with Wu Er and the rest. With Long Chen around, in 5 years time we shall punish the Bai Family and have our revenge!

Hearing that it was Long Chen, Yang Yuntian helplessly sighed and said: I admit that what you said is right, he is indeed an extraordinary genius. Alas he is still too young; if not for this our Yang Family might not lose!

As Yang Yuntian sighed, Yang Qingxuan had already gathered Yang Wu, Yang Lingyue, and Yang Lingqing and prepared to give instructions for them to leave Poplar Town.

Seeing his son that was gradually maturing, Yang Qingxuan eyes had a hint of tears and he patted Yang Wus shoulder. Choking with emotion, he said: Wu Er, you have turned 21 in a flash and it is time for you to bear the burdens of this family. Listen to me, your Father, I am going to hand over an important task to you

Not knowing what Yang Qingxuan meant by this, Yang Wu and the other two youths looked at each other in dismay.

Seeing the youthful and vigorous spirit on their faces, Yang Yuntian pursed his lips and tears welled up in his eyes too. He knew that the hardships these youths would have to undergo in the future would most likely be plenty

Today you three will shoulder an important task and if something goes wrong, you are to bring your heads back to me!

And this important task is: To be in charge of transporting our defenseless Yang Family members

With the rainbow coloured light as a beacon, it was a clear path for Long Chen and Founder Yang to take.

Very soon they rushed into Big Barren Mountain and headed towards the valley where the Soul Diffusion Fruit was!

At this point, Founder Yang and Long Chen did not know that Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian had already arranged to transport the elderly, weak, women and children away from Poplar Town. However, if Founder Yang were to know of the actions of this pair of brothers he would most likely be extremely gratified.

He appreciated Long Chens formidable might but compared to someone much older, he was after all, still too young. What he needed was time to grow, not participate in a bloody battle amongst a few old men.

Such a dangerous battle as this should have been helmed by the older generation and what Long Chen needed to do was to exhibit his potential and grow quickly into a super expert. Rather than him dying prematurely like this, by that time the Bai Family would collapse even without him attacking.

However, at this point Long Chens blood was boiling and Founder Yang knew that he could not be stopped so he helplessly said: Chen Er, later we must act according to circumstances and not rashly. Being rash will not only hurt yourself, but also your mother!

Long Chen nodded his head and said: Grandfather, please be at ease, I know my limits.

As he spoke these words he had already calmed down.

Founder Yang heaved a sigh of relief as he heard that Long Chen had become much more collected than before,. However, he was unable to detect the coldness present in Long Chens words.

Looking at this unbending yet valiant grandson, Founder Yang was extremely gratified and at the same time extremely impressed. He had decided that if they fell into a trap, he was willing to sacrifice his own life for Long Chen to live on safely.

Very soon, both of them arrived at the valley. With one look, Long Chen found the granite cave located in the deepest region and the Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree which was emitting a resplendent rainbow light. The rainbow rays came from three different sources, signifying the three Soul Diffusion Fruits.

The Soul Diffusion Fruits are, right now, on the verge of ripening. Once they do, the tree will wither completely and turn into nothingness. The tree has already started to decay and I think it wont be much longer before they are fully ripe.

Seeing this scene, Lingxi was also a little nervous and she trembled as she spoke.

Frankly, Lingxi was extremely angry that Yang Xueqing had been captured by the Bai Family. The Bai Family previously used such a sinister method to plot against the Yang Family and even now used this kind of dirty method of holding a hostage. This made Lingxi despise them and, since her current emotions were basically on the same page as Long Chens, she could empathise when Long Chens spirit had emitted frostiness and rage.

These two bastard old geezers, let Long Chen teach you a lesson and beat you till you piss and crap in your pants!

Lingxi waved her little fist inside the Lingxi Sword.

As they entered the valley, Long Chen could see the landscape of the whole cave. It was at this point that the gazes of the people who saw Founder Yang and Long Chen turned cold and they stood up.

Long Chens eyes scanned the surroundings and saw that it was Bai Sheng and Bai Li, these two brothers. As for the rest, who knew where the Bai Brothers had hidden them since they werent there.

Actually, it was better this way. If Bai Zhanfeng and Bai Zhanlong were also present here, the opponent would have two more members which would be more troublesome.

However, a suspicion still struck Long Chens heart.

These two cowards of the Bai Family, did they invite someone from the so-called Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?

It seemed as if that was not the case, so Long Chen estimated that after the Bai Family had captured Yang Xueqing they felt assured of their win against the Yang Family. Therefore, they did not bother to invite the members from Crimson Blood Sacred Sect since they could divide the Soul Diffusion Fruit amongst themselves.

Each of these Soul Diffusion Fruits was extremely precious and, unless absolutely necessary, the Bai Family would never just give them away like this.

Long Chen could see Yang Xueqing behind the Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree. At the moment, her hair was ruffled as she leaned against the wall of the granite cave. He could see a unique kind of steel chain that was tied around her and the red scars from the chafing it caused.

Fortunately, she was still conscious and most likely did not suffer from any injury. When she saw Long Chen and Founder Yang arrive, her eyes moistened.

Seeing Long Chen and Founder Yang coming, the Bai Brothers snickered. The hatred they held for the Yang Family, especially towards Long Chen, was so immense that no matter what price they had to pay, they wanted to kill Long Chen on this day!

Capturing Yang Xueqing but not killing her was solely to increase the chances of killing Long Chen today!

The last time they fought with the Yang Family, their careful and meticulous planning was all ruined by Long Chen. This time, they wanted to exterminate the Yang Family and dominate the whole of Poplar Town. To obtain the ripened Soul Diffusion Fruits, the Bai Family had made plenty of preparations!

If I still do not kill you, with all these preparations, then I Bai Sheng have been living in vain all these years! Although the ripening of the Soul Diffusion Fruits was earlier than expected, this wont change the fact that I will kill you!

Seeing the cold gazes of Long Chen and Founder Yang who were approaching, Bai Sheng signalled behind his back and said in a low voice: Let us brothers first meet these two trash!

His voice was so low that even Lingxi could not hear it from afar. Then, Bai Sheng and Bai Li gave each other a look and went towards the direction Founder Yang and Long Chen were coming from.

With our double-layered preparations, I dont believe that I would be unable to kill you! Xiong Er, Yun Er, father will avenge you today! Shichen and Shiji, grandfather will seek revenge for you today too!

Originally, there was no need to prepare so much since just us brothers should be able to deal with the both of you. However, this hatred in my heart will never allow me to commit even the slightest of mistakes!

Yang Cangqiong, go to hell

Chapter end

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