Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 58 – Eight Proctors

Chapter 58 – Eight Proctors

Lingxis appearance had caused Bai Sheng and Founder Yangs battle to come to a halt.

The moment Lingxi disappeared, both of them held Long Chen in a different light than before.

If one were to say that previously they only approved of Long Chens talent, now they were more curious about his mysteries and even somewhat impressed.

Lingxi had once appeared during the intra-family competition but Founder Yang never thought that this mysterious item could actually be that powerful. He blankly looked at Long Chen and felt extreme pride and satisfaction.

Having such a grandson like this in my life, even if I, Yang Cangqiong, were to die today, I will die without regrets. However, Xueqing and the rest dont deserve to die at allFindd new tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

To Bai Sheng, what had happened was obviously not a good thing at all.

He was not feeling confident right now so he hurriedly looked at Xue Yuanzi and said: Brother Xue Yuanzi.

Xue Yuanzi remained motionless and no one knew what he was doing at this moment. However, seeing no signs of injuries on his body, Bai Sheng only thought that he was somewhat curious due to Lingxis appearance.

Therefore, Bai Sheng continued and said: Brother Xue Yuanzi, I think that we can discuss this. I, Bai Sheng, am willing to still honour our agreement of giving you one Soul Diffusion Fruit. If you have an interest towards beauties, I think our Bai Family women wouldnt be inferior to those in the Yang Family? Elder Brother, you dont have to mind about this wilting flower Yang Xueqing. As for the genius Long Chen, he hates you to the core. No matter how you nurture him, he will only backstab you in the end

At that point, Founder Yang frowned even harder. Seeing that Xue Yuanzi did not refuse his suggestion, Bai Sheng gave another provocative look at Founder Yang.

It looks like the heavens want to wipe my Yang Family. What a pity for Long Chen, he is only sixteen

Founder Yang inhaled deeply.

He looked at Xue Yuanzi who was not moving and back to Long Chen. Thinking of the power disparity between the both of them he knew that there was not much hope anymore.

Earlier, that mysterious girl who appeared in front of Long Chen seemed to have used a very powerful sword technique. Unfortunately, it seems to have no effect against Xue Yuanzi

Founder Yang was not clear about the current situation.

Xue Yuanzi looked to be fine and seemed to have been moved by Bai Shengs words. Naturally, Bai Sheng turned smug and looked towards Long Chen and Founder Yang, saying: If Brother Xue Yuanzi agrees to my suggestion, I request of you to kill this kidHuh?

Right at this moment, Bai Sheng suddenly saw a drop of fresh blood falling from between Xue Yuanzis brows. As he looked closer, he noticed an extremely fine wound in between them as well as another drop of blood coming from the back of Xue Yuanzis head.

Bai Sheng was so startled that he was momentarily rendered speechless.

The situation right now was obvious. The reason why Xue Yuanzi did not speak was not because he was unwilling too, but because a hole had already bore through his head. Although the wound was extremely tiny, it clearly could take a persons life away!

Xue Yuanzi, dead?

An unthinkable thought surfaced in Bai Shengs mind while Xue Yuanzis corpse crashed onto the floor.

Long Chen had discovered long ago that Xue Yuanzis body was devoid of life. Seeing him crashing to the floor, Long Chen was in extreme awe of Lingxis strength and mystery and was also grateful.

Im afraid that Lingxis background, including the power behind it, is extremely immense

Long Chen looked at Bai Sheng and saw that he was still in shock from Xue Yuanzis death. When he saw Long Chen he shook his head, saying: This cant be! Xue Yuanzi is an expert of the Human Dan Realm, how could he been beaten by you guys?! Even if it was that mysterious girl, this is impossible

Seeing Xue Yuanzis corpse, he suddenly thought of something and was extremely elated. He laughed and said to Long Chen and Founder Yang: Now that Xue Yuanzi is dead, your Yang Family will definitely die. Xue Yuanzi is one of the eight proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect!

Long Chen did not expect Xue Yuanzi to have such a high position inside the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. However, now that things had already turned out this way, he could only accept his fate!

Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is a thing of the future, right now the more important task is to kill these two vermin of the Bai Family!

Right now, Founder Yang had also recovered from the shock over Xue Yuanzis death. He knew how horrifying the consequences would be from killing someone from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect but since the deed had already been done, the task at hand was more important. They needed to save Yang Xueqing, kill the Bai Brothers, and obtain the Soul Diffusion Fruits!

Looking at that youth, Founder Yang once again thought of him from a month ago. He remembered when the enormous improvement in Long Chens progress had caught him unprepared.

Chen Er, the joy that you bring me is more than just good. Each time you have been in a crisis, you have tried your best. You are basically the saviour of our Yang Family! This grace, how can this old geezer ever repay it?

After Xue Yuanzi died, Founder Yang and Long Chen knew that they had to end this quickly.

At that moment, Founder Yang held Bai Sheng back while Long Chen prepared to rescue Yang Xueqing. Long Chen did not expect Bai Li to suddenly stand up and rush to Yang Xueqings side and place his hands, which were dyed in blood, on her head!

Brat, take another step and I will tear this woman to pieces!

When Bai Li said these vicious words, Long Chen immediately halted in his steps. The Bai Brothers regrouped and Founder Yang furiously stood alongside Long Chen.

It was really one thing after another.

Long Chen coldly looked at the two while tightly clenching his fists.

As expected the old ginger is spicier than the young ginger. Bai Li was definitely not as injured as you thought he was and only pretended to be in that state. Most likely it was to use my mother as his trump card at the most crucial point. I was completely unprepared for this cunning thoughts of his!

[TL Note: () Old ginger is still spicier than the young ginger: Idiom meaning that experience counts]

Thinking so, Long Chen reprimanded himself. He did indeed place all of his attention on Xue Yuanzi earlier and neglected the threat of Bai Li. He never once expected that this old fellow would pretend to be in a severely injured state!

In the future, when I hurt someone, I cannot be merciful. It is better to be sure. Benevolence will only result in such an ending!

Now, Yang Xueqing was being held hostage by Bai Li. If Long Chen were to strike, Bai Li would definitely be able to end her life in an instant. By then, even if Long Chen killed these two brothers and obtained the Soul Diffusion Fruit, the agony would definitely haunt him throughout his life!

He would never be able to forgive himself!

Long Chen was already extremely furious when Xue Yuanzi had hurt Yang Xueqing and it was not easy for Lingxi to kill Xue Yuanzi earlier, but it did allow his rage to subside. Now, though, Bai Lis actions invoked fury within him again that could burn the heavens!

Sensing Long Chens rage, Founder Yang gripped his arm and said: Chen Er, dont move and endure. Let me deal with these sudden foxes!

He then looked towards the Bai Brothers, saying: Bai Sheng, Bai Li, dont attack first. Tell me any conditions you have and if it is not too excessive we will be able to agree!

Bai Sheng and Bai Li looked in each others eyes and, seeing that they held the trump card, began to smugly smile while understanding each others intentions.

At this moment, Bai Lis palm was circling around Yang Xueqings head and the blood on it had already dyed Yang Xueqings black hair to red. Ignoring Long Chens venomous stare, Bai Li slowly and casually said: Very simple: this three Soul Diffusion Fruit will belong to my Bai Family, and this little bastard here must break one of his arms.

Founder Yang and Long Chen were dumbfounded. Founder Yang would be unwilling to give all three Soul Diffusion Fruits away. And to break one of Long Chens arms, that is not even worth mentioning.

The plan of the Bai Family was well thought out. With three Soul Diffusion Fruits, both of them would be able to breakthrough into the Deity Dan Realm. However, they were afraid of this genius Long Chen. For them to be able to sleep peacefully before breaking through they needed to weaken him by breaking one of his arms. Once they had successfully entered the Deity Dan Realm, the Yang Family would definitely be exterminated!

Founder Yang coldly said: It seems like you have no sincerity at all. Such a ridiculous request, theres no point in it. After knowing me for so many years, Bai Sheng, you know my character best. My condition, at best, is only two Soul Diffusion Fruits. If this does not suffice then today I, Yang Cangqiong, will go through a life and death struggle and have a fight to the death with your Bai Family! You will then see, at that moment, if the members who die the most will come from your Bai Family or my Yang Family!

With Long Chens strength above Bai Li, the Yang Family now could be considered to have surpassed the Bai Family. If they were to have a life and death struggle, the results were clear to both Bai Sheng and Bai Li.

So they looked again at each other and Bai Sheng solemnly said: Two Soul Diffusion Fruits, so be it. However, we have another condition. Before we enter the Deity Dan Realm, Yang Xueqing will momentarily reside at my place. She has married my son anyway so she can be considered to be my Bai Family member.

This was the final allowance that the Bai Brothers could make since, even with the Soul Diffusion Fruits, they would likely meet a tragic end without a hostage.

Realizing that she had once again implicated her family members, Yang Xueqing was extremely anxious and angry. Unfortunately, the metal chains that bound her were too tight and she had no chance of escaping Bai Lis grasp!

Father! Dont listen to them! Dont worry about me! These two bastards of the Bai Family will not be satisfied with this. If you allow them to enter the Deity Dan Realm, how will there be a chance for survival for our Yang Family!?

Yang Xueqing said this to Founder Yang with tears brimming in her eyes and then gave another yearning gaze at Long Chen. The complexity and sadness held in that look made even Founder Yangs heart ache. He knew clearly the sufferings of his daughter for her whole life.

Father, forgive me for being unfilial. I will be unable to take care of you during your old age. The benevolence you have given me, I will repay it in the next life!

Chen Er

Looking at Long Chen, Yang Xueqing could no longer hold back her tears and they streamed down from her porcelain white face.

I, your mother, must say sorry to youIf there is a next life, I promise I will definitely love you tenderlyGoodbye!

After saying this, Yang Xueqing revealed a joyous look of salvation. Bai Shengs and Bai Lis faces instantly changed because they both knew that at this moment she was going to commit suicide!

Chapter end

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