Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 59 – Eighth Level Dragon Pulse Realm!

Chapter 59 – Eighth Level Dragon Pulse Realm!

Founder Yang understood the meaning behind Yang Xueqings words.

He had wanted to make a trade off with the Bai Family originally, but it was obvious that both parties would never reach mutually satisfactory terms. As for Yang Xueqing, after seeing that she had led her family into danger again and coupled with the remorse she had for her treatment of Long Chen, she felt terrible inside. Hence, she thought of sacrificing her own life to save them.FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Xueqing! Stop! I know how to deal with them, dont do anything rash!

Founder Yangs shout made Yang Xueqing halt her movements.

This made Bai Sheng and Bai Li, who were using her as their lifeline, heaved sighs of relief. At this point, Yang Xueqing smiled miserably.

Father, dont think of lying to me, I clearly know how much the Yang Family can do. Today, these two old dogs of the Bai Family are holding me as hostage and only with my death will everything they have turned to naught

There was an agonised expression on her face as she looked at Long Chen for one last time. She only wanted to have a closer look at this son of hers before she died but Long Chens strange actions made her puzzled and she stopped her movements.

At this time, Bai Sheng and Bai Li as well as Founder Yang, all stopped to look at Long Chen.

Long Chen turned around and went to the corpse of Xue Yuanzi.

He knew that if this continued the Yang Family would undoubtedly meet with a tragic end, so he only had one chance!

Xue Yuanzi Lingxi told me not to use [Blood Transmuted Qi] on anyone easily but this time I am left with no other choice. This old geezer is not anyone good either, so I wont hold back anymore!

Long Chens eyes flashed and, looking at Xue Yuanzis corpse, he suddenly felt an incomparable hunger coming from his stomach.

He clearly understood that as long as he did not make the first move on the Bai Brothers they wouldnt strike at Yang Xueqing first. After all, Yang Xueqing was their lifeline. If she was hurt, Long Chen would fight with them to death and there would be no good ending for either side!

During this period of time he might as well absorb the blood of Xue Yuanzi and allow his cultivation to progress!

After thinking this far, Long Chen moved once again. Although he had decided earlier not to use [Blood Transmuted Qi] easily, this was a crucial moment and he had no other choice.

Long Chen momentarily emitted a blood reeking, killing aura from using his divine ability [Blood Transmuted Qi]. This strange, yet terrifying presence, made Bai Sheng and Bai Li inhale a deep breath!

Very soon they noticed that on the surface of Xue Yuanzis skin there were countless drops of blood that, as if having their own mind, happily emerged from Xue Yuanzis body. Shortly after appearing, they were absorbed into the blood red scales on Long Chens body!

Long Chen gradually absorbed the essence of Xue Yuanzis blood with [Blood Transmuted Qi]. Xue Yuanzi was an existence that Long Chen was not a match against and was the strongest opponent that he had ever fought. His cultivation was in the Human Dan Realm, which was much stronger than the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and the energy contained in his blood was several dozen times greater than Bai Zhanxiongs!

In the process of using [Blood Transmuted Qi], a huge amount of impurities were expelled from Long Chens body. Only the finest essence from the blood was absorbed, turning into blood red Qi as it traveled into the center of his dantian. The Qi in his dantian expanded endlessly! This kind of impressive speed, this overwhelming strength, made Long Chen feel like he was about to explode!

The blood essence of a Human Dan Realm cultivator is indeed no small matter!

That enormous amount of blood red Qi wildly surged inside Long Chens Dragon Vein. Once again, he could feel that his body had turned into a nest for countless blood dragons as they howled while devouring this blood red Qi.

When Xue Yuanzis blood essence was completely absorbed, his corpse became mummified. At this moment, the blood soaked aura emitting from Long Chen was magnified by several times. Now, the energy in his body was akin to a large sea and he barely had any control over it!

Such an enormous amount of Qi! It is time to breakthrough to the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Thinking of this, Long Chen immediately started circulating the Qi!

To the Bai Brothers, Long Chens actions seemed foolish but at the same time extremely gutsy!

At this point, Bai Li was already injured. If he wasnt, Bai Sheng could have held Founder Yang back and let Bai Li kill Long Chen who was in the midst of cultivating. Unfortunately for them, it just so happened that Bai Li was injured and neither of them could figure out if Long Chen had any fighting abilities left. Thus, they just looked at each other without daring to move.

Second Brother, this little devil is already so strong! If he is able to enter the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm now

Dont be afraid, Big Brother! As long as this woman is in our hands it doesnt matter how strong he is. Also, when the news of Xue Yuanzis death travel back to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect the Yang Family will definitely be in for a good time! Let us just focus on obtaining the Soul Diffusion Fruits!

Bai Sheng nodded his head.

Founder Yang did not expect that Long Chen would attempt his breakthrough to the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm at that moment. Fortunately, the two Bai Brothers did not dare risk attacking Long Chen. Seeing this, his tension eased and, since Long Chen was about to become stronger again, he began to feel a little excited.

Suddenly, two voices rang out and broke the equilibrium. Everyone present looked and saw that the voices actually belonged to Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian.

They had just arrived at Big Barren Mountain after sending the youths of the Yang Family away. However, they never thought that scenario would turn out this way in just fifteen minutes after the phenomenon in Big Barren Mountain!

At this moment, Bai Sheng and the injured Bai Li were holding Yang Xueqing as hostage. Beside them, the Soul Diffusion Fruits glowed with a rainbow coloured radiance. The leaves of the trees were almost withered, indicating that the ripening time was near. At this crucial moment, Founder Yang was facing both the Bai Brothers while Long Chen sat further away from them actually cultivating!

There was a corpse beside Long Chen that had lost its original look, causing Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian not to be able to tell who it belonged to. The current situation was entirely different from what they had imagined.

The battle has already stopped and that Bai Li is actually injured. Could it be that Chen Er injured him and then began attempting to breakthrough to the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm?

Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian thought of this, but they had made the trip with the resolution to die. Originally, they wanted to have one last fight to the death and couldnt fathom that the battle already stopped.

Looking at Long Chen, Yang Yuntian and Yang Qingxuan both shook their heads.

Bai Li injuries were most likely caused by Father. It appears that Chen Er is fine though, so at this moment the both of us should fend off the Bai Family and let Chen Er regroup with the other party and escape!

As they formulated their thoughts and walked towards Founder Yang, he immediately gave them a cold stare and asked: Why did you guys come? Where are the other members?

Yang Qingxuan panicked and said in a low voice: I had already let Wu Er and the rest bring the youths, the old, the weak, the women and children away from Poplar Town. Coming here, we only wish to help Chen Er escape so that he may one day seek revenge for us!

Founder Yang nodded his head and then shook it quickly, blandly saying: If I were you I would have done the same thing, but you guys have underestimated Chen Er

Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian were shocked and, looking at Long Chen who was in the midst of cultivating, they asked with suspicion: Father, you mean to say that Bai Li was injured by Long Chen?

Founder Yang nodded his head saying: You guys help think of an idea. Yang Xueqing is still in their hands and we want to be able to take the Soul Diffusion Fruits and escape safely, its not easy.

Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian, who were still in shock of Long Chen beating Bai Li, recovered their senses and turned furious at the sight of their younger sisters pale complexion!

Bai geezer, hurry and release my sister! If you have any conditions just state them!

Hearing that Yang Qingxuan had spoken similar words, Bai Sheng laughed loudly and said: Your Yang Familys love is more solid than gold, which is rather touching. However, if you dont act according to my wishes then I will let you suffer the pain that I did!

Yang Qingxuans face darkened while he said: What is your condition?

Bai Sheng viciously laughed, replying: I mentioned it to your father earlier: Two Soul Diffusion Fruits, and when we enter the Deity Dan Realm, we will return Yang Xueqing back to you.

If they were to enter the Deity Dan Realm then Yang Family would definitely perish. Hearing these words, Yang Qingxuans face darkened even more.

Are you guys still undecided? Yang Cangqiong, you might have time, but I dont really want to stay and waste any more time with you. If you dont agree, then let us all just die here! I have already lost two sons so today Im going all out!

Bai Sheng was being outrageously overbearing but the three men from Yang Family could not do anything about it. As for Long Chen, who was in the midst of cultivating, they had all almost forgotten he was there.

Only Yang Xueqings gaze still remained on him.

She had wanted to die immediately, at first, but seeing Long Chen attempting to breakthrough, Yang Xueqing harboured a glimmer of hope for him!

Yang Qingxuan lowered his voice and said to Founder Yang: Father, carrying on like this is not a solution. This Bai Li is currently injured and if we are to drag it out any longer and let him recover, then no one will be able to stop him. At that point

Just when Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian were a little shaken and Yang Xueqing had begun to despair, a sudden earth-shattering dragons roar sounded!

A rush of magnificent aura was displayed and Yang Qingxuan, Yang Yuntian and the rest could barely stand firmly on the ground. At this moment, everyone wore shocked expressions on their faces. Long Chen, who had just broken through to the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, stood up!

The scarlet scales and sharp dragon spikes looked extremely fiendish. What was most oppressive though, was his aura. The moment Long Chen opened his eyes, his pair of scarlet pupils sent a shiver down their spines!

Feeling this overflowing energy, Long Chen smiled in his heart.

If I were to use [Dragon Soul Transformation] in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, I will definitely be much stronger than anyone else at the same level

A tenfold quality of Qi and the reinforced body of this [Dragon Soul Transformation] were trump cards that Long Chen could count on to be stronger than people of the same level!

Right now, the strongest method Long Chen had was not [Seal of the Dragons], but rather the combination of his [Blood Transmuted Qi] and [Dragon Soul Transformation]. These methods came from the Inherited Blood Essence and Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, respectively, and from this alone one could see how mysterious they both were!

Long Chens gaze fell upon Bai Li, who was holding Yang Xueqing captive.

Seeing such a magnificent aura coming from Long Chens body, Bai Shengs and Bai Lis scalps had begun to go numb

Kid, I know you have become stronger but you better not move. If not, I cannot guarantee Yang Xueqings life

Seeing Long Chen, who was gradually approaching them, Bai Lis voice turned a little shrill.

As for Bai Sheng, his eyes quivered a bit seeing the [Dragon Soul Transformation]. It was a perfect instrument for slaughter.

You two old dogs

Long Chen, who was carrying this deep hatred within him, was akin to a super predator at this moment and walked towards them one step at a time. When all of his rage had reached its highest point, Long Chens figure suddenly vanished and in the next instance Bai Li was flabbergasted as he found his back to be slightly cold

*Puchi* The sound of a spike piercing a heart.

Chapter end

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