Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 70 – Daybreak Merchants Union

Chapter 70 – Daybreak Merchants Union

Ahead of us is the base of the Lingwu Familys Green Sun Branch, which is at the outskirts of the city. We have finally arrived!

Seeing the imposing green coloured building in front of him, Huang Xiang adopted a relaxed smiling posture. Very soon, someone came to receive him before he entered the building.

As for his servants, they left excitedly after bidding farewell.

Long Chen looked at the lofty building but did not enter it straight away. Huang Xiang had just arrived so he didnt want to run into him.

Ill give you a surprise after the selection starts. You killed my horse so its impossible for me to just let it go!

Long Chen stood outside the building for a while before seeing a couple more people enter. Those people were all at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and were still young. The youngest of them was about the same age as Long Chen.

Seeing these people with a degree of talent that wasnt far from his own and knowing that if they entered the Lingwu Family, they would only be ordinary outer disciples. This proved how powerful the Lingwu Family was.

Long Chen was currently looking at that building and saw the various figures, making him feel a little overwhelmed.

I actually feel as though Im an ant like existence in front of the Lingwu Family.

However, Long Chens fighting spirit didnt dampened, on the contrary in such a powerful environment, it roused his fighting spirit even more.

Long Chen initially thought that only those at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm could enter but at that moment, he saw a tall man, who was eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, enter simply by shapeshifting!

It seems they just required Beast Warriors to be at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. The heavens are helping me indeed!

After a while, Long Chen went in. The old man at the entrance saw Long Chen approach and narrowed his eyes when he could make out his age.

Please report your basic information, according to this format.

The white haired old man pointed at a wooden board that had some simple information written on it.

After Long Chen looked at it, he replied, Im Long Chen. Im sixteen this year. Im from Yuanling County, Poplar Town. My strength is currently at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm but Im a Beast Warrior.

Long Chen and Lingxi had already discussed him being a Beast Warrior. People here didnt know what dragons were. Furthermore, Long Chen had been mistaken to be a Beast Warrior repeatedly so he should just say that he was a Beast Warrior.


After the white haired old man heard that Long Chen was a Beast Warrior, he thoroughly sized him up before asking, What is your Beast Spirit in the Dragon Pulse Realm?

Underground Blood Lizard.

The old man nodded. Its a level 5 Beast Spirit which isnt bad. Please let me have a look at your shapeshifting form.

Long Chen wordlessly circulated his divine ability, [Dragon Soul Transformation]. There were instantly densely packed scarlet scales and razor sharp spikes gradually emerged, radically changing his appearance!

Seeing such a fiendish transformation, the old man was a little startled. His features showing suspicion and said, How can a lizard bloodline have such a dense aura? You must have gotten the blood of a Beast Spirit that was soon to become an Underground Blood Lizard King. Your luck is quite good!

Long Chen could only nod before he inquired, May I ask if I have passed or not?

The old man smiled gently looking at Long Chen for a while before giving him a green wooden card and replied, Take this green wooden card. If you pass the selection, youll become a member of our Green Faction. The Green Sun Branch is only selecting five people. From how I see it, your chances arent great..

After seeing that Long Chen was a little startled, the old man laughed loudly before saying, So you must work extra hard.

Long Chen nodded and under the guidance of a youth who was behind the old man, Long Chen toured the building a couple of times before picking one of the many rooms. The guide told Long Chen, Its already late today so stay here for a night. Someone will come to escort you to the selection at dawn.

Long Chen nodded and thanked the person before opening the door and walking into the room. He didnt expect to find someone already in it. Long Chen was initially startled before he understood.

It seems that they require two people per room.

When Long Chen just entered the room, his roommate immediately raised his head to look at Long Chen.

It was a young man who looked a little sloppy. He seemed to be about twenty years old. His body was extremely skinny. However, his grey eyes shifted as he broke into a radiant smile.Alll test novl on novelbn/(.)cm

He looked at Long Chen before coming forward and saying enthusiastically, Are you here to join the Lingwu Familys selection? Haha! Im participating as well. Im called Liu Fengfeng. Whats your name?

Even though Long Chen saw that he was passionate, judging from his eyes, he knew that he was a person that coveted little things. However, Long Chen was not willing to get into a conflict with him so he replied smiling, Im called Long Chen.

Long Chen? Seeing that youre still so young, have you reached the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm?

Im a Beast Warrior, but Im only at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Comparatively, Liu Fengfeng knew that Long Chen wasnt his opponent and was instantly happy. Long Chen saw that he was preoccupied, so he exchanged a few more words and stopped.

Little Brother Long Chen, not that I want to disparage you, but if I were a Beast Warrior, I would have definitely waited until I was at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm before coming. You will have a greater advantage by then. At your current level, youll just go through the motions in this test. The Lingwu Familys selection will be exceptionally dangerous this time. If you lose your life, it really isnt worth it.

Displaying an elder brothers attitude, Liu Fengfeng began to righteously lecture Long Chen.

Long Chen didnt want to reply so he smiled instead.

Seeing that Long Chen wasnt listening to him, Liu Fengfeng momentarily became enraged. Attacking Long Chen wasnt a good idea so his tone became cold when he said, Im afraid that youre still unaware that during the Lingwu Familys selection, your life or death will be of no consequence. Someone investigated and discovered that there was a one in five chance of dying and two in of five chance of being seriously injured. In my opinion, most likely you will..Sigh!

Seeing that guys self-righteous attitude, even though Long Chen disagreed with his words, he was getting information out from him so he pretended to be terrified. In his heart, he was already berating him, What the hell does it got to do with you whether I, your father, want to participate or not?

Since he wasnt in Poplar Town and was in Yuanling City that had as many experts as trees in a forest, Long Chen felt that even swearing wouldnt make him feel any better. It also wasnt his style and he didnt want to live like this

Big Brother Liu, since youre so knowledgeable about this selection, are you from Yuanling City?

Liu Fengfeng immediately replied complacently, I grew up in Yuanling City. I have been here for twenty years so anything that happens here, Ill know about it. From your attire, you should be from a small town. Those places are really poor. They are all frogs at the bottom of the well. I had once passed by a town where there was a person who thought that the strongest person in the world was at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. It was really hilarious.

As Liu Fengfeng spoke excitedly, his spittle sprayed everywhere. When he saw that Long Chen was a little annoyed, he inwardly sniggered as he thought, This brat is obviously a country bumpkin but his gaze is filled with arrogance. You will know what it is like to suffer tomorrow. There are mountains beyond mountains and a sky beyond a sky

Big brother, I came from afar, with you being a local, can you tell me about the Lingwu City?

Liu Fengfengs tone carried a trace of annoyance. He fixed his unkempt hair while taking out a green copper mirror to have a look. After making some postures and confirming that he was indeed handsome, he plainly replied, About Yuanling City, it just what it is. Theres nothing much to talk about. Everyone thinks that its large, but I find it merely ordinary.

How is Yuanling City divided and what factions does it contain? Long Chen asked while suppressing his urge to vomit.

He really couldnt take Liu Fengfengs personality. It was already too much to look down at him, but wasnt he too pretentious?

En Yuanling City is currently split into four big domains, according to a compass, North, South, East and West. The Lingwu Family is located in the eastern domain of Yuanling City. Were currently in the eastern domain. The other three are the western domain, southern domain and northern domain.

As for the powers in Yuanling City, everyone knows that the Lingwu Family has control over Yuanling City. However, the western domain is controlled by the Beast Spirit Palace. Its powers are on par with the Lingwu Family. If I were a Beast Warrior like you, I would have headed to the Yuandi City. Why have you come to Lingwu City? Yuandi City is heaven for Beast Warriors!

Long Chen was shocked as he knew that the top faction of Yuanling City was the Lingwu Family. However, unbeknownst to him there was another power that was comparable to it!

From what Liu Fengfeng had said, he indicated that the Yuandi faction was in opposition to the Lingwu faction in Yuanling City. The citys name was based on the names Lingwu and Yuandi forming Yuan-Ling. This was to say that the Beast Spirit Palace in the Yuandi City held extraordinary powers similar to that of the Lingwu City!

I only knew about the Lingwu Family but not about the Beast Spirit Palace. Since Im already here, Im not going to withdraw.

Seeing that he was still unafraid of death, Liu Fengfeng said indifferently, Forget it then. I wont talk any further with you. You must be careful during this selection so as to remain alive until you reach the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. I still recommend that you go to the Beast Spirit Palace since that is the place that Beast Warriors should go.

Long Chen wanted to give him some face so he nodded and said, If I failed to enter the Lingwu Family, Ill go to the Beast Spirit Palace next.

Liu Fengfeng nodded and replied, I can see that youre still young so I dont want you to walk astray. If you can understand my painstaking effort, itll suffice!

Long Chen didnt think he had made any painstaking efforts, but rather just boasting about his power and knowledge.

Thats right, Big Brother Liu, do you know anything about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?

Long Chen initially thought of getting some information about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but that guy unexpectedly was baffled. What sect is that? It should be some small faction. Its only people from small places that will be frightened by such small powers. Ill tell you that Yuanling City has three big powers. They are the Lingwu City, the Beast Spirit Palace and the Daybreak Merchants Union. The Daybreak Merchants Union has power over the northern and southern domains and there are even traces of them in the eastern domain. The Daybreak Merchants Union isnt comparable in terms of military forces to the Lingwu City and Yuandi City but in regards to resources and assets, they are a force to be reckoned with!

Daybreak Merchants Union?

Long Chen really wouldnt have thought that the Daybreak Merchants Union had such a huge presence!

Chapter end

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