Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 82 - The Beginning of Fear

Chapter 82 - The Beginning of Fear

Under the impetus of several things in succession, Hogwarts was caught in a strange and depressing atmosphere at the beginning of the new semester.

Ivan had a felling that several people around him were being slowly crushed.

The first was Neville, what was completely scared by Snape.

In the third potions class for third years, he was give detention by Snape for a full two months on the grounds that he did not peel the figs and just threw them in the cauldron. But in fact everyone knows what is going on and that Snape is out for revenge. from then on, as soon as Neville saw Snape, he would involuntarily turn pale and cold.

Followed next was Hagrid, who seemed to be losing confidence.

In the Care for Magical Creatures class, students were learning how to care for Flobberworms in one lesson. The existence of such a creature is almost completely meaningless. In addition to eating, they always stay still and do nothing.

Once again, Harry, he is now inreasingly afraid of divinations.

Professor Trelawney always looked at him with tearful eyes. Unpredictable prophecies spread through out the school. No matter who he was, whenever they spoke to Harry, their voices became softer, as if he was on his death bed.

In addition, he has to worry about going to Hogsmeade. Professor McGonagall refused to sign his application. This means he is likely to be the only third year not to visit Hogsmeade.

Even more worried than him was Colin and Ginny.

They completely believed Professor Trelawneys prediction. In their eyes, Ivan and Harry may die at any time. Therefor the two collected a lot of things that could allegedly ward off evil spirits and curses. Most of them were the popular items used during the basilisk attacks.

As for Hermione, she also became more and more nervous.

This is mainly because she has chosen to many classes causing her body and mind to be overloaded for a long time and her limit being reached. Ivan say her bag packed with more than 10 books every day. He wondered whether Hermione would faint if this was to continue.

Finally, Ron, he was always suspicious.

After several attempts by Crookshanks to attack Scabbers, he was ready for the cat. he showed everyone that Scabbers was getting skinnier and skinnier.

In Ivans eyes, the reason why Scabbers looked like this had nothing to do with Crookshanks.

Peter Pettigrew surely knew that the real reason for Blacks escape was to find revenge. After all, he had betrayed the Potters. He was scared, and as Black got closer to Hogwarts, panic rose in his brain.

He wanted to run away but he didnt know where to go.

Hogwarts was currently the safest place. After all, there were so many terrifying dementors keeping watch. It stands to reason that Black has no reason to try to break in, but since he had broken out of Azkaban, entering Hogwarts was only a matter of time.

The mental suffering made Peter worried.

In fact, it is not just them. Ivan was also busy at this time.

In addition to preparing newspaper articles, he focused his energy on the preparation of potions, which he prepared for the Peter Pettigrew. He put a tracking agent in the Strength Elixer. As long as Peter took the drug, with in a certain range, he would be able to sense his potion with a certain spell.

In this way, you would have to worry about him becoming a mouse and running away.

Ivans plan is to mix this tracker into the rat tonic, and Ron will make Scabbers drink it. The only problem now is that it is too time consuming to make the potion. Even though he has made adequate preparations, he wouldnt be able to complete the potion until the eve of Halloween at the earliest.

Harry had sent off Ron and Hermione to Hogsmeade on the eve of Halloween.

Ivan rejected Colins suggestion to play wizard chess. He ran to the eighth floor of the castle alone. After making sure that no one was paying attention to him, he quickly walked back and forth three times before entering the room.

The room he requested was was similar to Snapes office. The central table was full of glassware of various shapes, two metal cauldrons and a heating device. The cabinets on both sides were filled with potion materials.

These thing were all bought by Ivan in Diagon Alley. Since last year, he has been here to make the medicines he needs, review the contents in advance, and so on.

After a long time, Ivans technique has become very skillful.

He placed the prepared materials in the order according to to the Strength Potion.

After about five hours, he finally finished the preparations for the potion. He blended it with his own tonic. The potion showed a dark red color, exactly the same as the rat tonic used during the holidays. Ivan satisfied with the drug, bottled it and went down to the Great Hall to the Halloween Party that had already begun.

The Great Hall was filled with Jack-o-Lanterns, a group of fluttering bats and many flame filled orange streamers. They floated under the ceiling like brilliant water snakes.

The food at the banquent was very delicious. Everyone looked happy.

Since the start of the school year, the atmosphere of tension was swept away, and Harry seemed to have forgotten the damn prophecy. Hermione is finally not thinking about studying. After Ivan gave Ron the rat tonic, the other persons mood gradually improved. No longer worrying about Scabbers.

Everything was going well. Even Hagrid, who had not been there recently, sat happilyin the hall.

The dinner ended with the entertainment provided be the ghosts. The ghosts suddenly appeared throught walls and tables and made a parade. Gryffindors ghost, Nearly Headless Nick, successfully reproduced his murder.

Everyone felt that they had enjoyed a pleasent evening, but less than ten minutes later, everything reversed.

Some of the joy accumulated duringthe party disappeared and panic re-entered the castle.

When the whole thing happened, Ivan, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Colin and Ginny were walking slowly back to Gryffindors Tower along the usual route.

When they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, they found that the corridor was full of people.

Whats the matter, whe doesnt anyone go in? Colin asked curiously.

Maybe they forgot their passwords? Ron said with a smile.

How is this possible? It is impossible for some many people to forget the password. Ivan saw Peeves jumping on the crowds heads. he is very happy. Suddenly this is a bad feeling. Peeves only like destruction. And the scenes of sadness will only reveal this expression. It will not be . . .

Wading through the crowd, Professor Dumbledore, who got the news, hastily arrived. He rushed to the portrait of the Fat Lady. The students crowded together to give him room. Ivan, leaned a bit closer, to see what was.

Oh, my God! Hermione suddenly shouted, clutching Ivans arm. (Note: Hey now dont get too close)

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Before them, the protrait of the Fat Lady was maliciouly vandalized. Portrait, small pieces of canvas, were everywhere and large canvas was torn from the frames.

Professor McGonagall, go to Filch immediately and tell him to look for the Fat Lady in each of the paintings in the castle. Dumbledore said quickly.

Youll be luck! Peeves grinned.

What do you mean, Peeves? asked Dumbledore calmly.

Sorry Headmaster! Peeves smile faded a bit. He dared not laugh at Dumbledore. Instead, he turned to a slick tone. She didnt want to be seen. She was messed up. I saw her running through the landscape on the Fifth floor, sir. Hiding in the middle of the trees, she cried and said something terrible.

Poor thing. Peeves added one sentence, but it meant nothing to others.

Who did she say? asked Dumbledore quietly.

Oh, say, Professor! Peeves was like holding a bomb in his arms. She didnt let him in. He is very annoyed. You understand. He is bad-tempered. Sirius Black!

Chapter end

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