Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 127: I Believe in Him

Chapter 127: I Believe in Him

Harrys eyes looked over Professor Lupins shoulders. He saw hundreds of spells flying at the same time toward him. It looked spectacular.

As the spells drew closer, Harry stared in horror and looked pale.

Before this, he had never faced so many curses.

He was very scared, but as he saw Professor Lupin standing in front of him gazing at him gently and calmly, courage suddenly rose from within his heart. The oppressive feeling of fear brought by the hundreds of spells faded. Harry suddenly realized that he had to remind Professor Lupin to dodge.

Get out of the way, Professor, hurry up! Harry screamed miserably and his tears flowed uncontrollably.

When he heard Harrys cries, Lupin remained stationary. He turned his head back to see the curses that were getting closer.

His body trembled slightly, and he opened his mouth as if to say something to Harry.

But being transformed into a werewolf, Lupin lost his ability to speak. At this time, he could only made a strange voice.

Lupin took a final look at Harry, and closed his eyes accepting his fate. The face was full of pain.

The hundreds of spells were getting closer, the intense light was becoming more and more dazzling, almost blinding Harry.

Just when he felt desperate, a large dark blue shield appeared before them to stop the spells from hitting them.

All the spells were instantly blocked and bursts of disturbances appeared on the shield.

It was Dumbledores magic. Lupin and Harry hurriedly opened their eyes. They saw Dumbledore coming in through the crowd. Behind him were the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Hagrid, Evan and Hermione.

All the young wizards stopped their attacks and they crowded together to let Dumbledore pass.

Evan stood in the middle of the crowd and looked at the poor Professor Lupin, and at Harry who was pale under him, and Ron who was sitting in the corner.

God! Professor McGonagall covered her mouth with her hand and could not believe what she was looking at.

Professor Fudge and Professor Flitwick could not help but shout. It looked as if they could faint at any moment.

Hagrid looked at Harry and Ron with concern to see if they were injured.

Only Dumbledore, Snape, and Lucius were still calm. Dumbledores face didnt show a slight ripple, and nobody could guess what he was thinking.

Snapes face was cold with a grin and he looked at the werewolf form of Lupin. Lucius had a cold, satisfied smirk. He looked back and forth between Dumbledore and Lupin and it really looked like he has planned for all of this to happen.

Evan felt Hermiones cold hand gripping his arm and her body trembling slightly. He turned his head to give her a reassuring look.

But Hermione still looked worried. She had just experienced Greybacks attack at Hogsmeade and the terror that the werewolf brought was still fresh in her memory.

Although she had long known that Professor Lupin was a werewolf, she had never thought that she would see him in his beast form.

And there were Harry and Ron, who were pale next to him. They all had wands in their hands. Was it that Professor Lupin was attacking them? Have they been harmed?!

Immediately afterwards, Hermione noticed Ginny crying in the crowd.

She hurriedly let go of Evans arm and went over to comfort her quietly.

A werewolfs attack inside castle is not surprising at all. I knew from the first day of the semester that this kind of thing would happen. Snape said softly, with a sarcastic sneer on his face. I remember that I specially warned you about this matter. Do you still remember Headmaster?

That was Halloweens eve, Snape did said that to Dumbledore, and Evan still remembers Dumbledores answer.

Of course, Severus! said Dumbledore calmly. If you live to my age, you will know that anything in this world may happen. But with this kind of incident, Im confident in your potions efficiency. And Remus is taking the Wolfsbane potion that youve prepared on time.

Of course, of course, he is now completely harmless, a tame werewolf. Judging from Snapes expression, he didnt really want to say that.

Good! Dumbledore nodded quickly and turned to Harry and Ron in the middle of the crowd. Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, I hope you kids can explain it to me. Whats going on??

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Professor, we said Harry eagerly.

Before he finished his words, he heard Ron pointing to Professor Lupin and saying in a dull, monotonous voice. This monster was attacking us. He wanted to bite me and Harry.

Youre talking nonsense, he didnt do it. Hes Harry looked at Ron indignantly. He didnt understand why he said so.

But his voice was once again interrupted, and this time it was Lucius Malfoy.

A shocking allegation, I never thought before that a Hogwarts professor would actually be a werewolf! Lucius said in an arrogant voice. Also attacking his own students in a full moon night?! I am worried about the safety of this school. We must act immediately, Minister!!

What did you say?! Fudge moaned. His finally stopped staring in shock at Lupins werewolf form, as if he was just awakened. He said worriedly, Youre right, Lucius, I cant I believe this. The Ministry of Magic must

Cornelius, we must be careful before we make a decision. There must be a misunderstanding about this this evening. Dumbledore looked calmly at Fudge. I hired Remus to teach the Defence Against the Dark Arts class. I specifically talked to you about this before the semester began.

Yeah, yeah, you did talk to me, Albus! Fudge wriggled nervously. He took a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his forehead. But no one thought that a werewolf riot would happen. Isnt it? Not that I dont believe you, but in the current situation, I think its best for security reasons before we can clearly prove that Lupin is absolutely safe

I can prove it! Harry shouted, I can prove he is safe.

Shut up, Potter, you dont even know what youre talking about, Snape said disgustedly.

Wait a minute, Professor! Evan hurried out, I think Harry is right. I also believe that this werewolf is safe. He is completely different from the werewolf we met at Hogsmeade. I believe in him!

Chapter end

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