Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 470

Chapter 470



In response to YuWon's question, Zeus closed his mouth for a moment.

The one who had tried to reprimand him for not fighting properly became someone who was left speechless. Zeus was caught in silence. He was witnessing a scene he couldn't even imagine.

"Did I hit the mark?"

"I'm fine."

"But why does it take you so long to answer?"

His eyebrows twisted.

He couldn't hide his expression. Definitely something was wrong.

In an instant, Odin's story flashed briefly through YuWon's mind.

"He says he made a deal. With a mysterious hooded man."

A deal.

The fight with Shub-Niggurath a year ago came to his mind.

He remembered Foolish Chaos moving during that battle.

"Did you also make a deal with him?"

"You're a ghost."

A slight sigh.

It wasn't a denial but an affirmation. Unlike Mimir, who was trapped in an unknown-duration dream due to the Curse of Knowledge, YuWon could question Zeus.

"It wasn't a big deal. Instead of helping to defeat that goat, it was planting a seed inside my body."

"A seed?"

Zeus raised his head and looked at the clouds covering the sky.

As if recalling events from the previous year, he continued his story, omitting many details.

"It was a small vial. I accepted the deal and drank what was inside."

"Why did you do that?"

"I thought I could win, no matter what was inside."

It was the result of pride and arrogance.

He felt no remorse. Even if it had been different, he wouldn't have expected a different outcome.

There's no fight that can be won every time. Moreover, Zeus had already lost once to YuWon.

"I don't have much time left."

Zeus rolled up his sleeves and reached out.

A blurry hand.

YuWon now understood why he looked so exhausted after such a small fight.


He barely reached out, and Zeus coiled it back up and hid it. As if he had decided that he had already shown enough weakness.

"I don't know what you're waiting for, but do your job. I'll fight in my way. However..."

His eyes hardened.

Behind him, the Outers resurrected by the star song were entering again.

"Do it right. I've had enough disappointments."

Having said that, Zeus turned around.

Immediately, he surrounded his body with Lightning Bolts, sparing no Arcane Power. It seemed that even standing was difficult for him, but he fought again.


When Zeus and the multitude of Outers collided, their bodies burned black and flew into the sky.

The Outers were surely strong, but Zeus seemed stronger now than ever before.

'What kind of deal did Foolish Chaos make with him?'

It was at that moment that his thoughts grew deeper...


The darkness covering the ground swept away the resurrected Outers.

It wasn't as spectacular as Zeus's Lightning Bolt, but the Outers caught in that darkness lost consciousness and fell.

Dark Arcane Power was rare.

Among them, probably only one person in this Tower could handle Dark Power with this efficiency.

"I was wondering what was going on below."


A tall man appeared in the growing darkness, waving his long clothes.

"So, here you are."


He was the card YuWon had been waiting for.

As the 11th Floor was ruled by Olympus, he expected him to move, but he never expected him to arrive so quickly.

"Did you come following Zeus?"

"That's right. But in the end, you're here, so he must have followed you."

"No matter who followed whom. The important thing is that you're here now, Hades-nim."


Hades was surprised by the unexpectedly warm welcome.

YuWon's gaze turned to the eyes above.

Eyes that widened as they looked down.

The Star That Brings Destruction.

It was neither YuWon nor Zeus who would handle those eyes.

"You too should join this fight, Hades-nim."

"That was my intention from the beginning."

"Deal with those eyes."

YuWon pointed to the eyes in the sky.

"If Zeus can't handle it alone, won't I be of little help?"

"It will work."

YuWon extended his hand forward.

Is this a handshake that signifies good wishes? Or is it a gesture to exchange Points?

"What's going on? I don't understand."

Although Hades wondered what he was doing, he couldn't help but firmly and without hesitation shake the hand YuWon was offering.

Hades took YuWon's extended hand. And at that moment...

["King of the Dead" is evaluating the owner.]REad updated stries at n//vel/bin(.)com

["King of the Dead" is evaluating suitability.]

The scene before Hades suddenly changed.


In the deep sea.

Bodies floated in it, and all kinds of souls were seen.

The Sea of the Dead.

The gazes of the creatures swimming in it were unanimously directed towards Hades.

[The "Sea of the Dead" adores you.]

[You have obtained the title "King of the Dead."]


Hades lost focus.

In the face of Hades's reaction, YuWon felt a touch of regret.

'It's a shame, but... this is better.'

The King of the Dead was originally Hades' title. Using the Dark Divine Crystal, he obtained the title of King of the Dead that Susanoo had. Even at his peak, Hades surpassed many High-Rankers and ranked among the top 30.

First and foremost, the King of the Dead was a title for Hades. It wasn't something he gained as a reward in Susanoo's dungeon, but something the title chose for itself.

Above all...

'That creature is now Hades' responsibility.'

At this moment, though "The Star That Brings Destruction" was quite a grand name, YuWon had to look a bit further.


The blade's edge trembled in his hand.

As if it couldn't bear it any longer.


YuWon's head lifted.

To calm the weeping blade, it was time to hurry.

[The power of a Giant resides in your legs]

The power of the Giant manifested in both legs.

With that power, he leaped as high as he could, toward the clouds.


The Star That Brings Destruction.

The eyes of that Outer looked at YuWon.

A gaze questioning how he dared to ascend.

Perhaps trying to block YuWon's path. From the red pupils, a small human figure appeared.

And in front of that...


Zeus appeared and grabbed the neck of the small red-eyed being.

"If you want to live, stay there."

In an instant, Zeus's gaze suddenly turned towards YuWon, who was heading higher.

All it took was a brief moment of space.

What remains now is...

"Of course."


"Even if you do nothing, you'll die."


The red eyes filled with golden light. Despite the rumbling and flashes of light below, YuWon did not stop.

Thus, above the clouds.

When he reached the place that looked like a purple sky...

"You finally came."

Looking down from the clouds, Foolish Chaos observed the situation.

How many times had they met?

It was hard to count with numbers. But among them, for the first time, YuWon held a sword in front of Foolish Chaos.

"I knew you would come."


The clouds were solid.

Solid enough to walk on.

Thanks to that, he didn't need to use unnecessary Arcane Power to tread the void.

YuWon approached Foolish Chaos.

"I knew you would come. Sooner or later."

"You should have run away."

"If I ran, you would have followed me anyway. But I think there's something you're misunderstanding."


"I didn't do this. I was just watching."

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, these guys will protect you."

Tentacles and mist wrapped around Foolish Chaos.

The show of Names unfolded over him.

The tendency to protect the leader of the group was the same everywhere. This had been a constant for a long time, learned while they fought together.

"Are you challenging me?"

Laughter mixed into Foolish Chaos's voice.

"Do as you please. Anyway, I won't lose anything."

Sitting there, he hid behind the other Outers.

YuWon looked at Foolish Chaos with perplexed eyes.

Although his real form had not arrived yet, he had obtained the Name of Shub-Niggurath.

He thought he would still come to fight, but...

'Doesn't he want to give in so easily? Or...'

Does it mean there's no reason to fight here?

Anyway, it didn't matter.

If there was no reason to fight, then he must create one.

YuWon stared at the tip of the blade he held in his hands.

['? (Incomplete)' confronts the existence of another world]

['?(Incomplete)' awaits your choice]

When he put his heart into it, the sword reacted.

YuWon knew what this sword was made of.

The Otherworld Sword was forged by melting Hephaestus's hammer and using his fist as a hammer.

And this was the sword made by the current Hephaestus by melting the Otherworld Sword.

The only reason this sword was created was to cut down creatures from this other world.

The Flames of Death and Corruption. The power known as Holy Fire manifested.

The flames spread around YuWon. The power of the Name coiled around the sword, dancing and urging him to use it.

It was a strange sensation.

Definitely different from when he wielded Holy Fire before.

The reason for this strange sensation was one.

"Is it because of the Name?"

Holy Fire.

A fire with the name Flames of Death and Corruption.

Originally, they were two and one at the same time. The Dancer Who Dances With Fire means the Flames of Death and Corruption.

And now that those two names had merged into one, the flame finally burned perfectly.


YuWon wrapped the flame around the tip of the sword.

'Let's make a hit.'

He drew a circle with the tip of the sword.


Along with the Outers, he cut through the purple clouds covering the 11th Floor sky.

Fwwwww, Fwoooosh!

Hundreds, thousands.

A single sword strike branching into tens of thousands of paths.

The bodies of the Outers were torn into pieces and turned into black ash amidst the flames. The flames created a storm, and the swordplay did not stop.

It was as if he were possessed by something.

YuWon swung the sword again.

['The Dancer Who Dances With Fire' rules over 'The Flames of Death and Corruption'.]


Another sword.


And another sword.

The flame-wrapped sword did not stop.

In this way, the dancing sword tip of YuWon, which danced like a dancer, headed towards Foolish Chaos, who was sitting as if he had nothing to do with this fight, and then...


It removed the cloak covering his face.


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Chapter end

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