Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 489

Chapter 489


Is that person Kim YuWon or not?

A question arose in Son OhGong's mind.

A face with different expressions.

The atmosphere, and the image reflected in the Golden Cinder Eyes, kept changing constantly.

So it was for a moment.

"Alright. So be it."

YuWon, who spoke again with another expression, leaned his body and placed his hand on Ubbo-Sathla's back.


The darkness enveloping Ubbo-Sathla's body dispersed.

Ubbo-Sathla, which was already shrouded in black darkness, its form unseen, turned into ashes within and scattered across the sky.


Ubbo-Sathla's traces vanished.

The heavy weight he held with the Ru Yi Bang felt increasingly lighter.

An island-sized creature disappeared before his eyes.

Not to mention its size, it was a creature with skin so tough that it wouldn't even be pierced by the Gungnir spear.



The Ru Yi Bang returned to Son OhGong's hand.

From a pillar measuring the length of the sea, Ru Yi Bang transformed again into a long, slender staff hanging from Son OhGong's back.

When Ubbo-Sathla disappeared, the clones sustained by a large amount of Arcane Power also vanished.

Pum, puff, puff, puff!

As all the clones disappeared, the headache vibrating over OhGong lessened a bit. Despite having almost infinite power, maintaining hundreds of clones required immense mental strength.


Although he had been through a lot, he didn't feel like he had fought properly.

All the while, he focused solely on stopping Ubbo-Sathla.

Son OhGong naturally looked at YuWon with some regret.

The figure of YuWon, standing unperturbed as if he had a foothold in the air.

But still...

'I don't want to fight with something like that.'

Son OhGong couldn't easily think of fighting against YuWon.

Although he didn't know who was inside his body, it was a celestial existence.

"I give up. I give up."

"What are you giving up on?"

Son OhGong turned around abruptly, surprised.

It's unclear when he arrived, but YuWon approached silently.

"Hey, when did you get here? Good to see you!"

"Good to see me? And why are you so uneasy?"

A greeting as if nothing had happened.

Son OhGong, hesitating, took a step away from YuWon.

Son OhGong's appearance, who would normally confront anyone confidently and openly, was like that of a guard dog on guard against an unknown person.

"Son OhGong, right?"

At that moment.

YuWon's mouth opened, and a strange voice came out.

"That cheeky kid from back then."

Although he wouldn't have shown signs, behind YuWon, in the background, another person could be glimpsed.

He would have spoken openly and proudly as always. But today, Son OhGong constantly felt like he was becoming smaller.

"Do I...know you?"

"Yes. That audacious and noisy guy who..."

Again, he changed his expression and tone.

"If you've finished your work, disappear soon."


With the ever-changing personality, Son OhGong looked at YuWon with a perplexed expression.

"Have you gone crazy?"

"...Yes, I suppose."

"What does that 'yes, I suppose' mean?"

"Anyone who sees me might think I'm crazy. Not just you."

With a slightly confused answer, YuWon turned quickly.

YuWon's view as he turned his head revealed the Nibelung Rankers who were taking care of comrades who were exhausted or unconscious.



The Dragons began to move.

Towards their home. Towards the nest.

"This is not over yet."

YuWon's steps began to follow them.

OhGong, who naturally followed, asked as if he had suddenly remembered.

"By the way, where is Hercules?"

"I'll explain it to you later."

The distance was quite long.

It would take quite some time to reach there by running.

"Quick, call the Flying Nimbus."


The Dragons were passed one after another. Although they were Dragons with exceptional mobility, they couldn't compare to the speed of the Flying Nimbus.

However, there was someone who arrived one step faster than the Flying Nimbus.

Are you also here?It was the Dragon King Fafnir.

Through his figure, anger could be perceived.

His nest had already disappeared without a trace.

Crash, crash.

Under the collapsed hills, Hercules could be seen standing, emitting a faint light.

...In such a short time, has it turned into this?After the battle with the Outers, Fafnir returned to his shattered nest.

His eyes widened.

He approached Hercules, who stood beneath the collapsed mountain with an expression of helplessness, while looking at his own palms.

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The ground trembled.

The sorrow and anger of losing his nest directed at Hercules, who initiated the battle in this place.

At that moment...

Why don't you listen to what he has to say?

YuWon stood in Fafnir's path as he approached Hercules.

Fafnir's eyes turned to YuWon.

Regardless of misunderstandings, the fact that this guy ruined our home doesn't change.I've told you before. Now is not the time for us to fight amongst ourselves.

That doesn't mean I have to forgive this guy.I think the reason all this has turned into this is that other guys have meddled. You shouldn't take it out on the wrong person just to vent your anger immediately.


YuWon's hand, which was blocking Fafnir, tensed.

"But if..."

Shh, shh!

A shadow rose behind YuWon.

"If you're going to keep fighting, then there's nothing I can do."

There's nothing I can do...

It wasn't explained what that meant.

But it was enough.

The shadow that appeared behind YuWon was the monster that devoured Ubbo-Sathla in an instant.

What was that thing?

-... Are you threatening me?

"If words don't work."

-Well, I have no choice but to let it go. Because I've already seen what that thing can do.

The energy flowing around Fafnir disappeared.

Although his nest was in ruins, he couldn't afford to destroy his own kind here.

YuWon and Son OhGong behind him had enough power to do so.

Moreover, members of his race were also exhausted from the great battle.

-But remember this. If he doesn't apologize formally later, we won't let this pass.

"I'll convey it."

Hercules will probably apologize.

He wasn't a fool who only knew how to fight, like Son OhGong. He was not unaware that this place was the Dragons' nest.

However, the reason he had to fight here was probably.


It was probably because of his death.


YuWon, ignoring the commotion around him, approached Hercules, who was standing silently.

He was surely dealing with Foolish Chaos here.

Although he lost, at least he was safe.

"It's a shame he lost sight of it, but I'm glad he's safe."

YuWon felt fortunate that Hercules was alive.

Foolish Chaos.

It was still a challenging figure for Hercules to handle.


The Nibelung Rankers headed to different floors.

A world that turned into ruins due to Ubbo-Sathla. With the anxiety that something like this might happen, they moved to different floors.

In the desolate land where no one was left, YuWon met Hercules.

"... So that's what happened."

Hercules recounted what had happened so far.

The fights that took place here.

What happened to Zeus.

It wasn't a long story.

Hercules also knew no more than what he had seen with his own eyes.


"He left earlier than I thought."

YuWon looked at the ranking recorded in the kit and came to a definite conclusion.

Zeus's name had disappeared from the ranking.

The disappearance from the ranking meant the Ranker's death.

YuWon thought this would happen eventually, but it happened faster than he expected.

"I could only land one blow."


With an aggrieved expression, he muttered the words through gritted teeth.

"At the end. Just one blow."


It was unclear where Son OhGong's head was, but he pulled an apple from his inventory and ate it.

It seems he was quite hungry after such a long fight.

"He's not even a coward, but he ran away."

"Why do you always chew while you talk?"

"Because I can."

Ujuk, ujuk-.

Despite YuWon's pursuit, Son OhGong remained steadfast. After devouring the remaining apple, he took out dried meat and grabbed it with his hand.

Elsewhere, Pandora was bandaging the wounded body of Hargan.

Fortunately, of the five comrades in this fight, no one was seriously injured.

"But it's strange."

"What thing?"

"That guy running away. It doesn't make sense."

Although his words rushed out as he hurriedly stuffed something into his mouth, they came from the experience of the fight with Foolish Chaos, not from his head.

Hercules made a perplexed expression, as if asking what the hell he was saying.

But YuWon also agreed with those words.

"If he were in perfect condition, there would be no way he would have run away from Hercules, who was exhausted after the fight with Ubbo-Sathla."

Under different circumstances, the presence of Foolish Chaos that was here until recently was clearly real.

So, probably, Hercules would have had difficulties by himself.

'Zeus, did that guy do something?'

He fought Foolish Chaos and died.

But the Zeus that YuWon knew wasn't someone who would just come here and senselessly take his own life.

Thoughts of caution for a moment.

He was sure.

'Yes, he did. He did.'

The situation was taking shape.

Hercules was quieter than usual.

He wanted to do something, but there was no obvious way to do it.

Before gathering here, YuWon looked for Zeus once.

'I can't find his soul.'

It's possible not to find the body of a dead person.

Even the Dragon's nest has disappeared without a trace.

If Zeus and Foolish Chaos had a fight, it wouldn't have been strange for some corpses to be destroyed.

But souls were a different story.

['The Star That Brings Destruction' can't find the soul.]

The Star That Brings Destruction.

A name that uses Divine Power to drag the dead into the world of the living.

Although it couldn't fully resurrect the dead, he didn't know if it could at least temporarily revive Zeus as an undead.

But for some reason, there were no dead souls around.

It wasn't that it was difficult to find the dead, but not seeing Zeus, who had just died, was strange.

There was nothing to dig into.

But indeed, there was one thing.

There was a corner that had been constantly questioning.

'Is it Mimir?'

Mimir, who lost two eyes. One was used in the transaction with Foolish Chaos, but he didn't know the origin of the other.

But what if Zeus took that eye...?

YuWon's gaze turned to Hercules.

Unlike Son OhGong, who was busy chewing, he was much quieter than usual.

It seemed he was trying not to show anything, but the impact was evident.

'...It's still unclear, so there's no need to give false hope.'

Even YuWon, who thought of Mimir's eyes, didn't know what Zeus was preparing.

It was a situation where it wasn't a good choice to stir up Hercules's emotions with unnecessary words.

'Zeus, what have you done?'


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