Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 493

Chapter 493


Zeus was in the future.

An Eye of Mimir had disappeared...


It's not like there wasn't a corner to point at.

YuWon's gaze turned towards Son OhGong.

'There's no way to confirm it.'

The guy kept sleeping while snoring.

Of the futures Son OhGong heard, the only thing that changed was that Zeus was alive.

Both he (YuWon) and Son OhGong had come from the future to this past.

So, why not do the opposite?

It was a story with enough possibility.

'But, why the hell?'

YuWon's eyebrow furrowed.

The Clock Movement was a joint creation of Chronos, Mimir, and Odin. The core of everything was Chronos, who possessed the principle and power of 'Time,' while the idea and creation of the Clock Movement were the work of Mimir. Odin was only there to assist these two.

The movement of the world through time using the Clock Movement.

The reason they tried it was that people from the future had decided that there was no hope left.

'Is there any reason to send Zeus?'

Thinking about it made certainty fade away.

Did Zeus really go to the future?

If so, why did Mimir make that choice?

Why did he give one of his Eyes to Zeus?

If not...

'Ugh, I don't know.'

The complex reflections made YuWon lift his head.

At this moment, he could only make guesses; there was nothing conclusive.

Mimir was an incomprehensible entity to YuWon. He couldn't understand his plans until he awakened him.

'After Shub-Niggurath died, that guy started having strange thoughts...'

Mimir began creating his own variables.

Since most of the time, he had to be immersed in sleep, the hope of getting useful information from him should be discarded.

'I can only think about what I can do.'

YuWon spent the night with open eyes.

One day.

It seemed that after one day passed, he would have to rely a lot on the monkey that was sleeping in front of him.



Son OhGong was a heavy sleeper.

He spent most of his time eating and sleeping, aside from when he fought.

It had been two days. The time YuWon had been waiting for.

And finally...



Son OhGong, who was tossing in his sleep, opened his eyes to the sound of his own snoring.

In an instant, he looked up at YuWon.

"What's up?"

"How long do you plan to sleep?"

"If you're going to wake me up, do it gently."

"It's the first time I've seen someone who doesn't wake up with words, shakes, or cold water."

"And so you kick me?"

Son OhGong grunted.

Apparently, being rudely awakened while sleeping didn't sit well with him. In these moments, there were only two things that Son OhGong would ask for.

"You can only wake me up to eat or fight; if it's anything else, I won't let you off."

"Don't you know me?"


Son OhGong blinked.

There was a certain expectation in his eyes. And based on that expectation, YuWon nodded.

"We're at the perfect moment. Luckily, this floor is already uninhabited."

"That means..."

Son OhGong widened his eyes, and his smile broadened.

The atmosphere was different from when they were just training. OhGong wanted something more genuine.

That's what he was hoping for.

"Let's speed up the journey."

Hargan was already gone. However, Pandora was still around.

In the fight between the two (YuWon VS OhGong), she might get involved.

Son OhGong, who called the Flying Nimbus, took YuWon and began to move.



In an instant, the landscape around them changed dramatically.

The Flying Nimbus had the mobility to go back and forth between Floors in a short period.

The two headed to another place, to a devastated terrain.

The terrain where Ubbo-Sathla disappeared.

A hole so deep and wide that you couldn't see the bottom.

And above that, it had become another battlefield.

"Will it be okay here?"



The Flying Nimbus holding YuWon's feet disappeared. Naturally, YuWon fell down and sat on a protruding rock.

Son OhGong, still the owner of the Flying Nimbus, remained in place.

This meant that there would be no comfort or kindness in carrying him anymore.

"So, what's up? What do you want?"

Boom, Bang-.

Ru Yi Bang moved smoothly from his fingertips.

The figure that was sleeping and drooling before couldn't be found anywhere. Now, when facing Son OhGong in combat, he had to be considered an entirely different person.

"Don't tell me you're asking me to fight you for no reason, right?"

When he was in the future, OhGong spent every day looking for someone to fight.

It was similar to a child crying to be taken to play. However, there was no one who could endure facing Son OhGong, who threw himself into the fight without getting tired for one or two days.

And at that moment, the people Son OhGong clung to the most were YuWon and Hercules.

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"This time it might be dangerous."DiisCoover pdated novels on n(o)v./e/lbin(.)co

"A warning?"

"That's right."


YuWon drew a sword.

The Otherworld Sword didn't react to Son OhGong. It only responded when facing the Outers.

And the same went for the 'Otherworld Adversary.'

For the most part, YuWon's abilities weren't very suitable for facing Son OhGong.


"You can die."

YuWon gave an unusual warning to Son OhGong.

Son OhGong, who possessed an astonishing property in the Tower, 'Immortality,' responded to those words.

"Who? Me?"

"Do you remember what you saw then?"

YuWon's question made a single image cross Son OhGong's mind.

The giant shadow that swallowed Ubbo-Sathla.

Even recalling that power made his fingers tremble slightly.

"And you also saw someone at that moment."


Son OhGong nodded.

At this point, even if someone had a very foolish head, they could understand what YuWon wanted.

"This time, I'm going to use that again. So, he should appear again."

"It will be fun."


The corner of Son OhGong's lips curved upward.

The moment he saw that power, Son OhGong thought it would be better not to fight with it if he could avoid it.

It wasn't a conscious thought.

It was a thought derived from things like fear, apprehension, and repulsion that arose from his subconscious.

But if someone asked him to choose whether to fight with it or not.

Son OhGong would happily choose to fight.

Energy sprouted from Son OhGong's body, holding the Ru Yi Bang.


And in response to that energy, the shadow began to flow slowly from YuWon's body.

['Amorphous Chaos' reveals its form]

Amorphous Chaos spread from YuWon's toes.

And within that, sharp teeth were hidden.

It was at that moment that YuWon warned Son OhGong about the possibility of dying...



YuWon and Son OhGong.

Both jumped towards each other at the same time.



Jjeong, Jjeojeojeong-!

Swat-, Bbeog-!

Swords and the staff moved rapidly, and YuWon's kick hit Son OhGong's chest.

Both looked with the same eyes. The two pairs of Golden Cinder Eyes of the same color moved rapidly, following each other's movements.


In an instant, the distance between YuWon and Son OhGong widened.

The opposite hand holding the sword.


A long Lightning Bolt was compressed in YuWon's fist.


[The strength of a Giant is concentrated in your arms]


A muscular enhancement ability that made Hercules' existence possible.

However, even with such an ability, there was a gap that couldn't be overcome.


Son OhGong, holding the Ru Yi Bang, took a deep breath and focused his strength on his entire body.

Naturally, the scales of the power balance leveled.

Or rather, YuWon's strength was pushed back.

Thud, bang-.

It was truly brute force.

Even in his Gigantification state, being pushed by force was unheard of.

But that didn't mean he could outperform Son OhGong in other technical aspects.


With the sword and staff facing each other, the Ru Yi Bang spun.

Jjeong, jjeojeojeong, with a light and blunt sound, YuWon's body was pushed by the force.

Although he thought it was quite well, he didn't have the feeling of hitting correctly.


Son OhGong clicked his tongue regretfully.

Swiftly picking up the staff he had swung, YuWon's eyes gleamed in a golden color.

"Is it necessary to use something so lethal?"

"What's lethal is the same for both."

["Eyes of Foreknowledge" predicts the immediate future.]

["Sensory Field" is activated.]

It felt like all perceptions around him were looking towards the palm of his hand. In just a moment, a very short future, lasting just over a second, was felt through his body.

Eyes of Foreknowledge and Sensory Field.

These two abilities, used with the Golden Cinder Eyes, allowed him to follow the sense of Son OhGong's battle, who had completed his transformation into Yokai.

Exactly, it was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.


"It's quite impressive."

Suddenly a voice came from a short distance.


"Still, that alone is not enough."


The end of the Ru Yi Bang touched YuWon's chest.

"Grow, Ruyi."


The extended staff pushed YuWon's body and crashed it into the wall. A staff with enough force to blow away a mountain covered YuWon's body.

The ground flipped due to the Ru Yi Bang and fell on him.

Fortunately, the impact wasn't too great.

Only once.

["Blessing of the Sea" is applied to the body.]

["Blessing of the Sea" has been damaged.]

YuWon had a trump card to withstand most attacks.


Small stones and sand embedded in his body fell. YuWon's body was firmly embedded in the rock and didn't fall.

Just for a moment.

It was a time of reflection.

'It's complicated.'

Using the Eyes of Foreknowledge and facing such an opponent was something new.

Various futures. He saw various Son OhGongs in his vision.

He couldn't keep up with the speed, so he decided to see the future. But even that future swayed uneasily and made YuWon's vision dizzy.

It seemed like he knew the reason.


A burning fire that continued to burn in front of his eyes.

The Golden Cinder Eyes, which had reached a level beyond their own, continued to shake the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

'Even though we're on the same side... I don't see a way out.'

At the moment the sword and staff clashed, Son OhGong became a completely different person.

There's no way to bring him down like this.

Even with the Golden Cinder Eyes that OhGong had, or even with a more valuable ability, the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

The Gigantification, a symbol of Hercules, and the Uranus Heart, which can handle Lightning.

All those tools were dismantled in an instant.

With this, it's still not enough.

"Is that all?"

It's impossible to break through the front line against Son OhGong, who has obtained Yokai Power.

Son OhGong, sitting in a lotus position while riding on the Flying Nimbus. He looked at YuWon, who was embedded in the wall, with a mocking smile.

It was a provocation.

Will you stop here?

Normally, after making that kind of laughter, YuWon would have felt his pride wounded and would have stood up to run towards Son OhGong.

But today the situation was a bit different.


"Hm? What?"

As if he hadn't heard the small voice well, Son OhGong tilted his ear.

The moment he heard YuWon's continued words...

"Look behind, monkey."

Whoosh-. Son OhGong's head turned backward.


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