Mutated Tao – Chapter 59: Chosen Apprentice

Chapter 59: Chosen Apprentice

Before Li Huowang could respond to Li Zhi, the sound of the noodles being slurped started once again.

Even if you wished to become an apprentice, that would not be possible; the disciples are all chosen by the Immortal families themselves. The right opportunity is needed if you wish to enter this trade, Li Zhi explained.

Oh? If you dont mind, please elaborate on that, said Li Huowang. He had talked to this fellow for so long just to get a better understanding of these matters.

After all, the more he understood, the safer he would be in this foreign world.

Li Zhi used his chopsticks to gesture in the air as he explained. To become an apprentice, you need to become gravely ill; it would be best if youre on the brink of death. Then, if youre lucky, the Immortal family will visit you in your dream. They will cure you, and in return, youll become their apprentice.

What do the members of the Immortal family look like? Li Huowang continued his questioning.

Li Zhi fell silent, as if trying to recall something. Hmm, how should I put it? All I can say is that theyre definitely not human.

Li Zhi attempted to pick up more noodles with his chopsticks but discovered that his bowl was empty, so he excitedly returned to the pot.

Not human, huh.

Li Huowang thought to himself. From what Li Zhi said, he could deduce that these Immortal families could communicate and exchange with people. They were probably beings similar to the Wandering Gods. From the looks of it, the people of the kingdom of Si Qi were actively or passively engaged in transactions with these beings and interacting with them.

At that moment, Li Huowang remembered the writhing pile of flesh that was the Giant Buddha back at the Righteous Monastery.

From men to women to animals and finally to the "Giant Buddha"; the monks' cultivation path seemed to follow a progressive process. He could connect Jian Duns ability and the seven Buddhas that could grant the corporeal flesh bodies to the Wandering Gods or grow thousands of fleshy hands to this cultivation method.

It wasnt hard to deduce that the monks from the Righteous Monastery used such a cultivation method all in order to obtain their flesh-related abilities.

Trading and interacting with different beings can allow one to gain different supernatural abilities, huh. Perhaps is the origin of the different sects in this world?

Li Huowang started to have a rudimentary understanding of this world.

Meanwhile, Li Zhi came back with more noodles in his bowl. The noodles in his bowl were piled up quite high, with not a single drop of broth mixed in. He squatted down to eat while complaining incessantly, Let me tell you, being an apprentice isn't a good job; its best if you can avoid it. It's full of problems, and you even have to face three disasters and calamities. The pay isn't that great either"

After listening to his long-winded complaints for a while, Li Huowang couldn't help but interrupt, "Then what can you apprentices request the Immortal families to do?"

Li Zhi glanced at Li Huowang and replied, "Anything. Dispelling evil, curing illnesses, changing fortunes, handling weddings and funerals, fortune-telling, feng shui arrangement, etc"

So powerful? They can do anything and everything? exclaimed Li Huowang.

Each Immortal family has a different set of abilities. If the one you worship cannot solve the troubles you encounter, you can always seek help from the others, explained Li Zhi.

Li Huowangs expression turned serious. What if someone has something attached to them? Can they deal with that?"

"Something attached to them? That's probably an evil spirit. In that case, they can definitely help," replied Li Zhi.

"Are you sure? It's not just any ordinary thing." Li Huowang thought about Dan Yangzi and then looked at the man before him. No matter how he looked at it, this guy seemed somewhat unreliable.

Hey, why dont you give it a try to find out if it works. Anyway, its just 50 coppers. Are you afraid of me running away with your money? said Li Zhi.

50 copper coins? Thats your remuneration? This was far lower than the amount that Li Huowang had in mind.

My payment is just for me. The Immortal familys portion will need to be counted separately, Li Zhi explained as he munched and swallowed the noodles in his mouth before burping. I will take 50 copper coins, no negotiation. After taking that fee, I will arrange for you to meet the Immortal families. Its been an old rule for over 3 centuries and has never changed. Of course, the coins have to be new ones; dont try to cheat me using old coins picked up from the roadside. As for the Immortals~

Do I negotiate their remuneration with them myself? asked Li Huowang.

No, theres nothing to negotiate. You have to let the Immortal family choose, and they will take whatever they set their sights upon. However, more often than not, they will not be interested in any material possessions like money, explained Li Zhi.Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

They pick and take whatever they want? And they dont want money?

Li Huowang felt somewhat uneasy. If they traded with these Immortals, what would these beings take from them?

"Then, what have the Immortals taken from others before?" asked Li Huowang.

"Hey, don't ask me. Who am I supposed to ask?" Li Zhi continued while carefully licking the bowl. Anyone who has had something taken from them by the Immortals must not tell others about it. This is taboo, and bad luck will fall upon them.

Arent you a Shaman? Even you dont know? asked Li Huowang.

"Simply put, I'm just an errand boy for the Immortals. I'm only responsible for inviting people. Im not paid enough to care about those other matters, responded Li Zhi.

Compared to the monks from the Righteous Monastery and Dan Yangzi, Li Zhi had a carefree attitude and was seemingly free of worldly concerns.

Hey, do you want to give it a try? Who is the one that is being possessed? Li Zhi asked as he had eaten his fill and was using the chopsticks to pick at his teeth while looking at the others in the distance.

Li Huowang was somewhat hesitant but continued to ask patiently, Brother Li Zhi, during your travels you must have handled quite a few such matters right? That possessed by evil thing you speak of, just how does it come about?

Li Zhis expression was a little impatient as he shook his head. I cant be bothered to remember such matters. Why would I try so hard when I only get 50 copper coins for an errand? That can hardly buy me enough rice. Now if the price were to be increased to 500 coppers, then I would definitely remember such things clearly. I cant increase my fees, nor can I change my occupation. Its really frustrating to do this. Right, dont Taoists make good money when performing their rituals? How much is it for one event?

Li Huowang once again glanced at the red veiled woman who was standing behind them, completely motionless. He stood up and said, We've rested enough; let's continue our journey.

Alright! By the way, what time is dinner? asked Li Zhi.

Li Huowang's group resumed walking. Li Zhi, with his carefree personality, tried to strike up a conversation with them, but their responses werent very enthusiastic.

This person spoke very normally and did not seem to harbor any malice. However, good intentions can often hide underlying motives. Thus, Li Huowang did not let down his guard completely.

Li Huowang turned slightly to observe the two people on the other side of the road. His attention was entirely focused on the person beside Li Zhi. The red veiled Second Deity who did not eat, drink, or talk. The more he watched her, the more uncomfortable he felt.

She was even more peculiar than Li Zhi. Her steps were precise every time she walked forward. She seemed less like a real person and more like a puppet. What was even stranger was that Li Zhi referred to her as his wife.

Senior Li, should we move separately from them? Bai Lingmiao asked.

Not yet, lets wait and observe. Li Huowang still wanted to monitor them.

If this person was not lying, then he may have to rely on the so-called Immortal families to handle the matter of Dan Yangzi.

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

Ayy good for MC to be smart and be suspicious of every stranger, considering that world is **ed up

Chapter end

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