Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 123: Removal Of Self-Cursing Seal

Chapter 123: Removal Of Self-Cursing Seal

Although Flying Thunder God was a space-time Ninjutsu, the good or bad use of it was in perception, observation ability, and judgment!

For example, just like now.

Haru wanted to choose one of the hundreds of 'coordinates' in an instant. Flashover, pick up the weapon, kill the other, and then flash to the next target he had observed in advance, constantly repeating the process of 'assassination'.

Without sharp observation, perception, and judgment, even if he learned Flying Thunder God, he would not be able to display the true power of this ninjutsu.

Obviously, after awakening Sharingan, Haru, who already had a calm judgment ability and excellent perception ability, could be said to have completely fixed his last shortcoming.

And in his hands, Flying Thunder God would undoubtedly display an even more terrifying power than Tobirama, this 'original creator'!

This Flying Thunder GodInfinite Swords Flow, which he had developed based on his inspiration in his memories, had amazed the world on his first appearance!

"Those swords have ancient monsters!" RAd latSt chapters at n(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

At this time, it was not only Sarutobi Hiruzen who recognized Flying Thunder God. After all, even if they had not seen it with their own eyes, they had always heard people describe the scene.

Moreover, Haru's flickering light range had always been within one area, making more people discover the problem.

"Use a large-scale ninjutsu to destroy all those katana!" Someone suggested.

After hearing this, Hiruzen immediately frowned, "No!"

Jinchuriki was lying in the middle position, and once they used large-scale ninjutsu, it might affect Jinchuriki.

At that time, if they accidentally killed Jinchuriki, then all of them would be condemned for ages, and their deaths would not be a pity!

However, this matter was of great importance, and everything was originally going on quietly because they did not want to expose Kushina's identity.

Therefore, Sarutobi Hiruzen could not explain why it was not possible.

"Retreat! Get everyone out of that area, and then get the secret art forces to rush over as fast as possible. We must save that little girl."

Since there was no way to explain, there was no need to explain.

Sarutobi directly used Hokage's right to give the order.

If not for wars that hollowed out Konoha's foundation and caused all the jonins to fight outside, resulting in the internal emptiness and lack of usable power, how could such a situation occur!

"But Lord Danzo still..."

"Go, Danzo will be safe and sound."

"Yes, Lord Hokage!"

Lord Hokage, the person who would not 'sacrifice' one person, was ready to give up his old friend. Everything was for the village.

As for why he didn't just use Danzo to exchange for Kushina?

Hokage didn't care about it.

There was no need to be Hokage if he really handed Danzo over in front of everyone.


As he killed and killed, Haru suddenly found that [Root]'s people were basically all dead. After receiving Hokage's order, the others breathed a sigh of relief and ran out with their lives on the line.

But Danzo did not run!

Because he knew that the other party would not let him go, he immediately fired at Wind Release!

"Wind Release Air Wave!"

The sharp airflow similar to Itachi's spat out from Danzo's mouth. It was extremely fast and extremely sharp.

In an instant, they cut the several swords in front of him into two pieces, and then they continued to cut toward Haru.

However, this was Haru's domain. No matter how fast Wind Release was, it could not be faster than his Flying Thunder God!


Haru instantly disappeared, and Danzo's attack only hit empty space.

However, Danzo didn't show any panic expression, as if everything was within his expectations.

Danzo took out a handful of Kunai from his bosom, lowered his head, and gently spat. He injected Wind Release chakra into Kunai, forming a sharp blade.

This was Wind ReleaseVacuum Blade!

Following that, Danzo stabbed towards a spot behind him at the fastest speed possible!

As Senju Tobirama's former disciple and guard, how could Danzo not be familiar with Flying Thunder God?

Moreover, he also noticed a special Flying Thunder God imprint engraved on these swords. The other party had used this method to attack.

Therefore, he had already used several opportunities to quietly destroy all the swords around him, leaving only the one behind!

This was both bait and a fatal blow!


Without a doubt, he had stabbed!

The scene looked like Haru, who had suddenly disappeared, strangely appeared again and then directly collided with Danzo's True Void Blade.

However, Danzo did not have any joy. Instead, his expression changed!

Because not a single drop of blood flowed out from the place, he stabbed.


Haru, who was stabbed, disappeared. Before the white smoke dissipated, Haru, who appeared again, pulled out the sword from the ground and held it horizontally with both hands, aiming at Danzo's heart!

Seeing that he was about to die in the next moment, Danzo instantly formed a seal.


A small black dot under Haru's feet suddenly spread out like ink, spreading towards Haru extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it formed a set of curse seals that bound Haru's movements.

This was the other backup plan that Danzo had left behind in his fear of failure. It was the Self-Cursing Seal!

He hadn't expected it to really be used, and it had even saved his life!

Just now, Danzo had truly started to sweat profusely.

However, in the end, it was still his skill that was a level higher!

Just as Danzo was about to use his Vacuum Blade to deal with Haru, he suddenly noticed a detail. The Self-Cursing Seal only extended to his opponent's neck and then strangely stopped.

Looking at Haru again, there was no panic on his face.

Half of the Vacuum Blade that was stabbed out was directly abandoned by Danzo. In an instant, he jumped back more than ten meters.

This time, the strong sense of crisis in his heart was finally relieved.

When he looked up again, he saw that Haru was standing there with a katana in his hand, looking at him with an inexplicable expression.

Where was the curse seal on his body?

To Haru, the Self-Cursibg Seal that Danzo had set up in advance was indeed something he had not expected. However, the moment he was struck, he had used [to undo the curse seal, ], and instantly stopped the formation of the seal.

However, he had not expected that Danzo would be so cautious. Instead of snatching the head, he ran first.

Otherwise, he definitely, would have been able to kill Danzo earlier!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. The people watching this scene felt overwhelmed, and they felt a sense of deja vu.

If they were on any other side, they would probably be dead by now.

However, the two people on the field had exchanged blows several times, and they were all in danger!

Chapter end

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