Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 40 - Sun Temple

Chapter 40 - Sun Temple

Chapter 40 - Sun Temple

Above the scarlet colored lake, the speeding Water Elementals created waves of water that struck at the Little Fishmens nest.Waves that were as tall as a person enveloped the entire nest, destroying many of the small wooden huts on it.The hundreds of Little Fishmen inside the nest entered a frenzy. They screamed and bellowed, each of them holding weapons as they jumped into the water and swam towards the cavern below the nest.

Dual layered protection? Shi Feng took a look behind him, shocked.

As if hundreds of Water Elementals were not enough, now there were also hundreds of Little Fishmen following behind. With this amount, even two or three Elite groups of players would not amount to anything.

Shi Feng had no choice but to increase his speed and rush into the cave. There was still a thread of hope for survival.

However, Shi Fengs speed underwater was very slow. It was incomparable to the Druids who had their Seal Transformation, where their Movement Speed was increased by 50% when moving underwater. Instead, Shi Fengs Movement Speed was reduced by 50%.

Soon, Shi Feng was just 50 yards away from the caverns entrance. However, the enraged Water Elementals approached Shi Feng as if they were flying, their distance between Shi Feng shortening quickly.

42 yards... 28 yards... 20 yards... 10 yards...

Just when Shi Feng was only 5 yards away from the cavern entrance, the Water Elementals had caught up with Shi Feng. They waved their gigantic icy fists towards Shi Fengs head.

The attacks from Water Elementals carried a Freezing effect that reduced Movement Speed. As long as they hit Shi Feng, the Water Elementals would cling to him till death.

Shi Feng hurriedly spun around and used Parry, blocking the fist of the first Water Elemental. Using the Water Elementals immense strength, Shi Fengs body retreated backward by quite a distance. However, the remaining Water Elementals also rushed at him.

It seems Ill be going back to town. Shi Feng looked at the hundreds of Water Elementals in front of him, feeling powerless.

Just when Shi Feng was about to give up, he had floated into the cavern. Inside, he saw a human-shaped ghost roaming about. It was roughly thirty yards away from Shi Feng.

Shi Feng gave caution to the wind. If he had to die, then he would die trying. At the very least, he could obtain a little more information for future preparations. Hence, Shi Feng used Wind Blade, his speed increasing by a large leap. Like a gale, Shi Feng swept through the water and rushed to the shore of the cavern, escaping the clutches of the Water Elementals just in the nick of time. The moment the Water Elementals left the water, their speed was sharply reduced. They could not catch up to Shi Fengs mad dash at all.

After leaving the water, Shi Feng quickly rushed towards the human-shaped ghost. The moment the Abyssal Blade was about to slash across the ghosts neck, Shi Feng suddenly discovered the half-transparent ghost did not actively attack him.

Shi Feng abruptly turned the tip of his sword away, the blade sliding past the ghosts side. It did not attract the ghosts Hatred.

Close one, Shi Feng felt cold sweat down his back when he looked at the ghosts information.

[Brave One, Floyd]. (High Lord)

Level 25

HP 360,000/360,000

If Shi Feng had attacked this Brave One and attracted his Hatred, even if he had a hundred lives, he would still end up dead.

Within Gods Domain, Brave Ones were only second to Heroes regarding strength. Their position within a kingdom was even higher than that of a Marquis and was second only to a Duke. Even if such a great character had died and turned into a ghost, he was still a monster of the Great Lord rank. He was a tyrant amongst monsters.

Without a hundred-men group of Elite players, it was impossible to kill off this ghost.

Could he be the guardian of this place? Shi Feng looked at the Brave One, Floyd, silently guessing in his heart.

There were usually guards posted around places with treasure. As for the Little Fishmen and Water Elementals outside, they could be considered, at most, as guard dogs. They were unfit to guard an important treasure.

Shi Feng did not dare to stay any longer. After all, there was still a large group of monsters chasing after him. He hurriedly ran towards the inner regions of the cavern.

The cavern was very large. There was a flight of stairs that led straight into the depths of the cavern and following it down ought to lead Shi Feng to the Philosophers Stone.

When Shi Feng was right before the stairs, a sea of Water Elementals and Little Fishmen had rushed at him. It was as if they had an undying grudge against him.

You lower lifeforms dare to sully this divine place? Prepare to receive divine punishment! Floyds gaze suddenly erupted in rage, pulling out a dark golden greatsword from his back. The sword gave out a surge of evil that made it seem as if it were the master of the world.

When Floyd raised the greatsword, the surrounding air started becoming heavy.Following which, Floyd gave out a loud bellow as his arms swung the greatsword with all their might. A strong wind, followed by a sword flash swept through all the Water Elementals and Little Fishmen. Each and every one of the monsters turned into ash, and the caverns entrance instantly transformed into a pile of rubble.

Strong! Shi Feng exclaimed in shock.He had sorely underestimated the strength of a Brave One. Floyds single sword could easily wipe out a hundred-men group of Level 30 Elite players. A three hundred-men group might be needed to even have a fighting chance.

It was unexpected that the Water Elementals and Little Fishmen did not even have the right to become guard dogs. They were all annihilated in an instant.

Shi Feng wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. Luckily, he was a human and not a lower lifeform. Otherwise, his outcome would be similar to those Water Elementals and Little Fishmen.

This place is truly vicious. I guess I can only go downward now. Shi Feng looked at the collapsed entrance. Not even an earthworm could find a way through the debris.

The stairs that led down were spiral-shaped. The rocky walls surrounding it were also enchanted with a kind of light-based magic, brightening the entire stairwell. However, this stairwell was extremely long. Fortunately, there were no dangers here. After walking for an entire half an hour, Shi Feng finally arrived at the end of the stairwell, at the beginning of a wide and spacious hall.

The hall was about the size of an entire football field, and it looked similar to a shrine of sorts. Made out of gold and jade, the two sides of the hall were carved with an abundance of illustrations and texts. There was also an altar at the deepest part of the shrine; above the altar was a treasure chest made of pure gold. On each side of the treasure chest, there were two statues made of gold, both of them holding a greatsword in their hands.

System: Player has discovered the Sun Temple.

Sun Temple? It was the first time Shi Feng had heard this name. In his previous life, there was no information on the Sun Temple. It might have been because no player had activated it before, so there was no information about it on the official website. However, looking at the situation, it should be very dangerous.

However, Shi Feng couldnt care less about it as he walked towards the golden altar. His target was the Philosophers Stone, and the golden chest before his eyes should be holding the item.The moment Shi Feng stepped onto the altar, he clearly felt a chill permeating his body. The chilliness came from the two gigantic golden statues. Shi Feng did not know what sort of consequences there would be if he continued onwards to retrieve the Philosophers Stone.

However, he no longer had any choice. The caverns entrance had already been sealed off, so he could only decide after grabbing the Philosophers Stone.

Shi Feng slowly opened the golden treasure chest. Golden rays of light leaked out from the chest, illuminating the entire temple. Subsequently, the golden rays started to fade, revealing three items inside the chest. Shi Feng pocketed the items with zero hesitation.

Crap, how could the Philosophers Stone end up in such a state? Shi Feng looked at the thumb-sized blood-red stone, feeling extremely disappointed.

[Philosophers Stone] (Damaged)

Epic-rank Special Item (Dropped after death)

A sacred item for Alchemy, the Philosophers Stone can be used to turn stone into gold, revive the dead, and has many more unfathomable uses. However, the Philosophers Stone was damaged and broken into five pieces by the Sword Emperor, Knight. Nevertheless, the Philosophers Stone possesses immense strength. As long as the five pieces are gathered, it will be able to recover all of its strength.

Active Effect: Due to being damaged, the Philosophers Stone possesses less than a tenth of its original strength. It is only possible to use it for Alchemy Conversion and Elemental Refinement.

Although the effects were greatly reduced, Shi Feng was still satisfied with it. These two abilities would enable Shi Feng to accomplish a lot.

As for the remaining two items, one of them was the [Golden Greatsword], a Level 10 Fine-Gold Weapon. The other item was an [Instantaneous Movement] Magic Scroll.

A great treasure indeed. Shi Feng looked at the Golden Greatsword in his hands with extreme excitement. Aside from Magic Weapons, it was the best item a Level 10 player could have. If a Level 10 player were to equip this greatsword, they could definitely become invincible amongst players of the same Level.

At this moment the two statues by the side shook. Their eyes released a red glow, locking their sights on Shi Feng.

VSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)cm for new ovl

Shi Feng used the Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll without hesitation. Golden-colored magical seals suddenly wrapped around Shi Feng. The spell on the Magic Scroll had a cast time of three seconds, and it was capable of sending the player to a selected location.This Magic Scroll was extremely precious. Although there were only a few copies of it in the entire Gods Domain, dying in this place was a much greater loss to Shi Feng.

Just as Shi Feng was about to be slashed by the golden statues, he vanished from the temple.

Chapter end

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