Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 18: End of the Age of Dragons (2)

Chapter 18: End of the Age of Dragons (2)

"O Creator Dragon God.... What on earth is this...."

A dragon hiding behind me spoke.

According to the other dragons, it seemed to be quite shocked by their tragic state.

"It's the end of fools who thought they could become like their parents just because they received scales from them."

Perhaps, if I had persuaded them more, this end could have been avoided.

But how could I break their stubbornness, as tough as the tendons of a dragon?

They would rather choose death than be broken.

My persuasion would have been meaningless.

"Do we... do we end up like this too?"

"How could this happen...."

I let out a small sigh.

"Do you know how special your ancestors... my children... the seven children were?"

The children shook their heads at my words.

"How many natural phenomena exist in this world. Don't you see the specialness in the fact that only those seven awakened to self-awareness among them?"

"Is that really so special?"

"Of course it's special."

I nodded slightly and said.

"Natural objects, natural phenomena, are originally beings that cannot possess self-awareness. But those children, through the miracle of magic, came to possess self-awareness. They were more special than any natural phenomenon on this land."

Indeed, after those children gained self-awareness, no natural phenomenon could clearly possess a self-awareness, which would be the proof.

"Then... their current form is...."

"Conversely, it could be said that beings who had self-awareness have become natural phenomena."

At least, having self-awareness allowed them to maintain even such small forms.

But that only made the sight all the more pitiful.

"Cr-creator Dragon God.... What happens to us then?"

I looked at the twelve children huddled together, trembling slightly.

Young children just out of hatching.

Young dragons not yet tainted by hatred and anger.

Perhaps, if I take good care of them... they might choose a different path from the foolish dragons.

"I have gathered the young hatchlings and unhatched eggs elsewhere, let's go there."

As I stretched out my arm slightly, the children flinched.

Fear was evident in their eyes.

Of course, it couldn't be helped.

How frightening the things I showed them must have been. Showing them the destruction of the world, eradicating that destruction, and reaping the life from numerous dragons' bodies.

If this is not frightening, what is?

"Be at ease. As long as you do not commit the same sins as they did, I will not do the same thing again."

Only after such reassurance did the children harbor a weak sense of relief.

I was too angry, too impulsive, and acted too harshly... but I will not do so anymore.

There's no need to stay here any longer, so let's leave.

But before leaving.

I looked at the bodies of many dragons left on the plain after their spirits and souls left their bodies.

The lifeless corpses. I couldn't just leave so many dragon corpses like this.

I manipulated magic to pull a large amount of soil from beneath the plain, creating a huge cavity.

Then, I caused a shock to the surface of the plain, making the entire plain disappear into the ground, dropping the dragons' corpses into the giant hole.

Finally, I sprinkled the soil pulled out when creating the cavity over the hole to finish. Let's call it the dragons' tomb for now.

It might have been okay to leave it, but as their parent, I couldn't just leave their last moments unattended.

It made me a bit sad... but this would be their conclusion.

All other matters had been settled, but one anxiety remained in my heart.

Where did Erebus go?

What kind of tricks did you use that made you not respond to my summons?

I looked at the empty space where Erebus had disappeared.

Looking at the empty space, the sadness and emptiness of my most cherished child turning his back and running away washed over me.

Should I turn back time? If so, to when?

Even if I turned back to before the scales were stolen, could I see Erebus with the same eyes as before?

I might be able to catch the child trying to run away because he didn't want his scales stolen, but could I capture his heart?

If I turned back even more time, I might be able to change the child's mind... but I was too mentally exhausted to do so.

I just want to rest a bit after everything ends... I want to give up on everything, but I can't.


I ignored the small anxiety nestled in a corner of my heart and moved through space with the twelve children.

Now, I will open a new world with these young children.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Dragon's Tomb is one of the seven major prohibitions of the world and is presumed to be an area used as a tomb for dragons during the era of dragons that existed in ancient times.

It is presumed that this area, originally a vast plain, contains numerous dragon corpses buried within it, and depending on the situation, the intact bodies of dragons with bones and skin can still be excavated.

However, this area is one of the seven most dangerous prohibitions in the world, and those who step foot here cannot guarantee their lives.

The aura of death emanating from the numerous dragon corpses erodes the flesh of living creatures, stealing life, and bodies consumed by the aura of death soon become undead, craving life and moving.

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Fortunately, the temples of the Church of Life surrounding this area prevent the aura of death from escaping, and therefore, one cannot enter the Dragon's Tomb without their permission.

If you, reading this, are confident in your abilities, why not take the test of the Church of Life and challenge this prohibition?

Even obtaining a small bone or skin fragment could make you rich overnight.

Of course, there's also the possibility of becoming undead and not making it back out.

- A guide for adventurers exploring the world.

Chapter of the seven major prohibitions of the world.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After that, well, I spent peaceful time teaching the young children.

Since they were children not yet tainted by hatred and anger, it was a very positive result that I could instill at least some new morals in them.

Including the hatchlings and newly born dragons... Hmm...

Although the number is only in the tens, at least they're not trying to kill each other, which is much more positive.

As I was teaching various things to the young dragons,

"Waaaaah!!! Mom!!!!!"

Sylphid came crying.

"Have you awakened?"

"It's not about my awakening!!! How could you do such a cruel thing!!! The children have all turned into small fragments of wind!!!"

"That's what those children wished for."

If they hadn't wished for it, they wouldn't have gone that far.

"Otherwise, did you wish for those children to be completely annihilated?"

"No, how could that be?! I just feel sorry for the children...."

"I may have been a bit too harsh on those children, but I have no intention of turning back."

If I had any intention of turning back, I would have rewound time first.

Of course, even if I rewound time, it wouldn't have led to a different result.


"I won't return your scales either."

"What?! Why?! I think I've been punished enough!"

"A few years is hardly punishment. Unless something extraordinary happens, I have no intention of returning them."

"Huwaaaah.... Mom, you're too harsh...."

"You're the ones who are too harsh. How many times have you betrayed my expectations.... Sigh."

I pushed Sylphid away with a flap of my wings as she sulked.

"If you truly wish to regain your scales, find Erebus. If you find that child, I will return your scales."

Where could that guy be hiding... He's not even properly summoned when I try.

"Erebus?! If I find him, you'll return my scales?! You promise?!"

"Yes. I promise."

I scratched the spot under my chin where scales were not present.

The space the size of one scale... I had a feeling it would never be filled again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Krrr! Oh, Creator Dragon God...!"

"Hm? Oh, you guys. You're alive. And now you even speak."

Not long after Sylphid came, a lizardman holding a spear I recognized came.

Despite the surface being devastated by the foolish dragons' war, they somehow managed to survive.

In a situation where dinosaurs are almost extinct, these guys have somehow managed to survive. Did they survive by digging burrows underground?

"Th-thank you for ending the era of dragons...!"

Hmm, did I end it because I wanted to...? It feels more like it ended somehow.

"It's nothing. I just did it because those fools crossed the line."

"W-We saw everything. The destruction of the world... We don't want to see such... things anymore... Therefore, we will offer a sacrifice!"


Behind the lizardman, other lizardmen appeared.

Lizardmen carrying chunks of meat from the now scarce dinosaurs, and a small lizardman bringing a bouquet of white flowers.

"For a long time, it has been passed down... to offer sacrifices and hold rituals for the Creator Dragon God... It has been difficult, but we will not miss it anymore..."

Hmm. That's quite admirable.

But there's really no need to go to such lengths for a ritual.

"Thank you. But just take the meat back with you."

I said that and received the bouquet of white flowers.

It was the same type of flower I had received when I fixed the lizardman's spear before.

"Offering me these flowers is enough. Take the meat back and eat your fill."

I could eat it, but it's not a must.

It would be better to give it to the lizardmen, for whom not eating could be life-threatening.

"How gracious you are!! Thank you! Oh, Creator Dragon God!!!"

In a situation where there are hardly any dinosaurs left, such a large chunk of meat would hold great value.

Perhaps, today would be a big festival day for them.

"Today is a day to eat our fill!"

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The lizardmen started to head down with the meat in very excited steps.

Watching the lizardmen, I brought the bouquet of white flowers to my face, and a slightly sweet smell tickled my nose.

Seeing such innocent creatures made me feel like I could look forward to the future a bit.

Chapter end

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