Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 19: The Dawn of Human Life (1)

Chapter 19: The Dawn of Human Life (1)

Time kept flowing.

The dragons, seemingly intent on not repeating their past mistakes, lived together as amicably as possible. They even began early moral education for the existing hatchlings and those just emerging from their eggs, teaching them that dragons must not fight among themselves.

They act this way because they remember how angry I get when similar problems arise. If fear can serve as a deterrent, I'm more than willing to play the villain.

The lizardmen also come once a year to offer me flowers and hold festivals among themselves, showing a harmonious atmosphere. Their regular visits were quite endearing.

The spirits, having lost their physical forms and scattered here and there, now live like carefree children, having forgotten what they once were.

It's too sad to call it the end of an era for the dragons.

As for the rest... I've met each of the seven children, except for Erebus, who had returned to natural phenomena over time.

Unlike Erebus, these children accepted their mistakes.

Well, that doesn't mean I plan to return their scales.

Oh, and there's been one problem.

The dinosaurs have gone extinct.

Their numbers drastically reduced during the dragon wars, and after the dragons disappeared, dinosaurs were pushed out by wyverns, drakes, and sea serpents, their numbers dwindling to the point of no return... Eventually, they vanished from my sight.

Although descendants of dinosaurs have survived, they can no longer be called dinosaurs... like birds or various reptiles...

They might be living somewhere out of my sight, but since they're not on the surface, it's right to consider them extinct.

Hmm. It's very sad, but it was inevitable.

Not that the dinosaurs were bad, but it's time for the age of mammals to begin. Oh, but thanks to their intelligence, the lizardmen are still surviving...

With only a few dragons remaining, the world's former rulers are gone.

In such a situation, it's about time for humans to make their appearance. It's time to pass the baton of the era!

Well, mammals are still only a bit bigger than mice, so there's a long way to go!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Time flies quickly.

I appointed one of the most mature dragons, who is well-followed by the others, as the leader of the dragons, the Dragon Lord, and outsourced the management to them.

I left them in charge of overall management of the dragons, hatching of eggs, and communal rearing of the young.

Especially for hatching eggs and communal rearing, I instructed them to pay attention, so they should do well.

If they are born and grow up together, regardless of scale color, there should be no more wars drenched in blood.

There have been cases where dragons of different scale colors paired up, but... well, it's not particularly important.

It seems that the offspring of mixed-scale dragons don't mix colors but inherit one of their parents' colors.

It didn't seem to be a problem.

The overall natural environment was being maintained by the children who had returned to natural phenomena and the spirits, in a moderate manner.

The small spirits, despite having forgotten about themselves, still remember or feel familiar with their parents' energy, and they follow their instructions well.

Thanks to this, the small spirits traveling around the world under their parents' instructions, making this world more diverse, was an unexpected benefit.

And the lizardmen, currently the only intelligent beings besides dragons, seem to have increased in number.

The agriculture I taught them out of boredom turned out to be more successful than expected, and the lizardmen's population was rapidly increasing.

I slightly modified a plant similar to corn and gave it to them, and they managed to farm it well on their own. Considering the energy consumption, I also provided them with a bean-like plant.

After a few farming attempts, they were alternating between corn and beans, which made me feel quite proud.

And the much-anticipated mammals were...

"Oooh! Eeek!"

They had become monkeys.

No, of course, but! Doesn't it feel like the speed of evolution has slowed down a bit?! I understand that more complex organisms evolve more slowly!!!

Perhaps it's fortunate that among those monkey-like mammals, intelligence has begun to sprout, as they've started to grasp branches and use them like tools.

Hmm. That's quite positive. Using tools will develop their forelimbs... hands, so they might evolve quickly.

One concern is whether the lizardmen might hunt these mammals. But that worry has been resolved thanks to their completely different living environments.

Well, since lizardmen are cold-blooded, they're severely affected by the environment. Dinosaurs might have minimized external influences with their large bodies... but it seems lizardmen couldn't.

So, it seems difficult for lizardmen to live if the temperature or humidity doesn't suit them. Hmm.

That's why lizardmen can't spread all over the world, even though they're physically quite strong.

Ah, by the way, I've instructed them not to come and hold rituals for the Creator Dragon anymore.

I occasionally go into hibernation, and if the lizardmen come to hold rituals during that time, they would be disappointed.

Moreover, since the environment has changed due to the spirits, the lizardmen have also moved their base, and coming to me would be a burden.

I've decided to accept their intentions only. Just their intentions.

But instead, I've taught the lizardmen a bit of knowledge.

It's nothing grand, but it's the ability to resonate with spirits, which other creatures, except dragons, can't even see.

Lizardmen had almost no talent for magic, but whether it's because of their excellent ability to interact with nature or because both dragons and lizardmen share the common root of being dinosaurs, they even managed to create a kind of sorcery that borrows power from interacting with spirits, which is quite positive, isn't it?

Ah, but the important thing isn't the lizardmen.

"kkiig! kkig!!"

I watched the monkeys from a distance. They were picking fruits from trees and playing with other monkeys.

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How much time will pass before these creatures form a civilization?

It felt like it would take quite a lot of time.

"Mom. Were you watching those furry ones again?"

"Hmm. I never get tired of watching them."

Their every action feels like watching a slapstick comedy.

It's fun because they have a bit of intelligence.

"The dragons were smarter..."

"Were they so intelligent, they waged war?"

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Sylphid couldn't say anything else.

With a sin committed, and even if she had a mouth, she couldn't speak.

"Have you still not found Erebus?"

"Yes. The other children became sullen and stayed quietly in their places... but even when I went to the original cave where Erebus was, he wasn't there. I wonder where he went..."

A slight worry crept into my mind.

I'm endlessly worried about what mischief that cunning child might be up to.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I fast-forwarded time a bit to observe the changes in the monkeys.

Monkeys evolving in various directions. Some resembled gorillas, and others looked like chimpanzees.

Though evolution has no direction, they're really evolving in a haphazard manner.

And such evolution wasn't limited to monkeys but occurred in other creatures as well.


"Quiet, you."ll new stries at n0ve/lbi/(.)cm

I grabbed the head of an animal resembling a tiger that was rushing at me.

A saber-toothed tiger, perhaps? A tiger with exceptionally long fangs.

Surely the beginning of mammals resembled a mouse-like animal, but how could they evolve so rapidly?

Even though I've expedited mutations and evolution, this seems a bit too rapid.

Maybe it's a good idea to control the evolution of creatures a bit once it's on track.


The saber-toothed tiger, trying to bite and chew my arm as if to tear it apart. Look at this guy.

It's not even ticklish.

I grabbed the saber-toothed tiger by the back of its neck and lightly tossed it, and with a scream of Kyaaaaaaaang!!!! it flew far away.

Cats can fall from high places without getting hurt, so throwing it like that shouldn't kill it.

It won't die, right? Hmm.

By the way... when will humans appear?

It's fun to see animals evolving in their own ways all over the world... but the really important humans are not appearing, it feels exactly like a gacha.

A gacha where the character you want doesn't come out.

While animals resembling bears appear, and animals like horses grow horns, and creatures like cows and elephants are emerging.

Some monkeys, having grown a bit too large to live in trees anymore, started living on the ground and began to evolve into a form similar to primitive humans.

Hmm. Is this finally the appearance of primitive humans? I've waited quite a long time, but they're finally appearing!

Ah, wait a minute. There are monkeys starting to resemble humans in other places too? At least 3 places... and places I haven't checked... Hmm...

Well, more would be better. It could become more diverse.

Monkeys resembling humans scattered from the forest, spreading in all directions.

What changes will occur where their steps reach? I harbored a small expectation in my heart.

So, I began to watch over the world.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Despite many races denying it, it's a clear fact that all races originated from humans.

Excluding dragons and lizardmen, for whom there is clear evidence of existence before humans appeared, the origin of other races was human.

Primitive humans, or primitives, adapted to various environments and changed, becoming various races.

Primitives who headed to the forest where the World Tree is became the ancestors of elves, and those who headed to the highest mountain in the world became the ancestors of dwarves.

Only humans among the numerous races have maintained purity!

Therefore! Humans must rule this world!

It must be humans, excluding all other races!!!

- Statement by a human supremacist.

The human supremacist who made this statement was arrested and dragged away by the guards.



Chapter end

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