Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 22: The Dawn of Human Life (4)

Chapter 22: The Dawn of Human Life (4)

I employed all sorts of methods to somehow teach the primitive people how to make fire.

Honestly, it wasn't easy teaching such things to creatures that could barely use tools and didn't speak the same language, and although there were numerous trials and errors and the destruction of wooden boards... Still, I guess it worked out since I managed to teach them in the end.

Let's skip over the fact that the humans got blisters on their hands from rubbing them so much.

After they managed to light a fire and keep it going with firewood, which was good... These humans are, how should I say, overly curious.Alll test novl on novelbn/(.)cm

Initially, they were terrified of the hot heat and bright light and wouldn't go near the fire, but after realizing that the fire didn't affect them if they kept their distance, they started to stare at it blankly, and now they're experimenting with putting various things in it.

Somehow, they've started to roast meat they hunted and skinned on sticks over the fire, and even tried lightly charring fruits. They even screamed in pain after burning their hands. Why would you put leather in there?! Don't put grass or wood! The fire will grow!!!

There were a few minor problems, ahem, minor incidents due to items some humans threw in that almost caused a large fire, but I guess that's a minor issue.

Anyway, since I've taught them how to light and use fire, it seems my work here is done.

Maybe I should go elsewhere and teach the use of fire.

"Krrrrrgh?! that form... the Creator Dragon God?!"

"Oh, you remember me, that's impressive."

It seems the lizardmen somehow remembered me.

It must have been dozens of generations by now, but it seems the stories about me were really passed down in detail.

"Of course! Krurk! The deeds of the Creator Dragon God and the numerous histories about the Creator Dragon God will be engraved on stone tablets and passed down through generations!"

I didn't think it needed to be passed down through generations... And they even engraved it on stone tablets?!

"Especially when the world is filled with sins! As the Destruction Dragon God, the act of punishing the sins prevalent in this world must definitely be passed down! As descendants of those who witnessed such events! We will not forget the warning!!"

What's with the Destruction Dragon God!!! That naming sounds like it's suffering from a severe case of chuunibyou?! Is that about the time when I ended the era of dragons?! That was because I was really angry!!! It's something I somewhat regret even now!!! I wouldn't do such a thing again?!

Engraving someone's dark history and passing it down like that! What's with that! That's too much!!!

Hiding my inner thoughts, I didn't let it show on the outside and opened my mouth.

"I'm glad to see you're doing well."

"This is all thanks to the Creator Dragon God who has looked after us. The sacrifices made to the Creator Dragon God have now become a festival, but our faith in the Creator Dragon God remains unchanged."

Hmm. Despite how they look, they're good guys. Really. Despite looking like muscular lizard humans.

If only dragons had followed even a fraction of these guys' example, that incident wouldn't have happened. Sigh.

"But what brings you here all of a sudden?"

"Ah, it's nothing much. I just came to give a little gift."

At the mention of a gift, the lizardmen tilted their heads in confusion.

"We've already received so many things from the Creator Dragon God, and you're giving us another gift?"

"I thought it's about time I shared this with you."

I gathered magical power and lit a flame in my palm.

"This is...?"

"Flame. It's hot heat, light that drives away darkness, and a hungry creature that swallows everything."

The lizardman looked at the fire with curious eyes.

Ah, but these guys. Didn't they develop sorcery that borrows the power of spirits?

Among the spirits, there should have been fire spirits... But I haven't seen them use fire.

"This energy... It's similar to the energy of spirits that don't listen to us."

"Hm? They don't listen?"

"Yes. There are spirits that are capricious and don't properly listen to us. The energy they hold seems similar to this thing called fire."

Uh, um... Maybe it's because they're not compatible with the fire spirit?

Looking around, there were water and wind spirits. There were also occasional earth spirits, but fire spirits were almost nonexistent.

Is it because lizardmen are not compatible with them? Or is it because the humid environment where lizardmen live is not favorable for fire spirits?

Well, I'm not sure. But it seems there's some issue.

"Anyway, knowing about this fire will be very useful in various ways, so take it."

I distributed the items needed to start a fire to the lizardmen.

Ah, it's convenient when we can communicate. I really should teach humans to speak too.

We will rely solely on your kindness! Click here!

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"Isn't this wood?"

"Yes, it's wood. It would be simple if you could borrow the power of fire spirits, but since you can't, you'll have to use something like this."

Hmm. Maybe it's a good thing that lizardmen and fire spirits are not compatible. Imagine how awkward it would be if I came all prepared to give them a gift and they said [We already know about it!].

I demonstrated how to start a fire using wood to the lizardmen.

Rubbing a wooden stick vigorously to create friction heat and producing small sparks, then rubbing dried grass or leaves against the sparks to kindle the fire.

Of course, blowing on it to supply enough oxygen is a given.

Lizardmen's skin is covered in scales, so it's convenient that they don't get blisters.

"Wow... It starts burning from the wood."

"Right. Now, if you attach this to well-dried firewood... Oops."

Come to think of it, the environment where lizardmen live is humid, but can they produce well-dried firewood?

And with the hot heat causing moisture to evaporate, would lizardmen be okay being exposed to such heat?

Hmm... Surely, there are lizards that live in environments like deserts, but what about lizardmen? I'm not sure.

"By attaching the kindled flame to well-dried wood chunks, you can start a fire."

But the flame doesn't grow as large as expected. It's less than half the size of when humans started a fire before. Hmm...

Is it related to the fact that fire spirits hardly show themselves around here? It's a bit curious.

"It's very fascinating, but what can we do with it?"

"What can you do... You can illuminate the darkness and gain heat. Aren't you weak to the cold?"

"Indeed, that's true..."

Since lizardmen can't regulate their body temperature, it's difficult for them to survive in non-warm environments.

If they can use fire... their range of activities could significantly expand.

Maybe... they might come into contact with humans?

Humans who still can't use stone tools and lizardmen who use obsidian tools due to environmental influences.

It's quite curious what would happen if the two met. Hmm.

"If lizardmen in a situation where their body temperature drops are placed near this fire, their body temperature will rise quickly. That alone makes this fire valuable."

"But just approaching it makes the scales feel like they're drying out..."

"It's not different from the sunbathing you guys often do, just a bit faster and stronger. Just be careful of that, and you can use this fire to expand your range of activities even more. Pay more attention to hydration."

The lizardman bowed his head in gratitude at my words.

"To receive such a precious thing, I don't know how to express my thanks."

"Don't mention it. Even if I hadn't told you, you would have discovered it eventually. I just shortened the time a bit."

I smiled and pointed at the well-burning bonfire.

"This fire will not only provide you with warm heat, but also... it will offer light in the darkness...."

With a slight flick of my finger, I pulled a fish that was drying nearby.

A fish gutted and cleaned for long-term storage.

"Using the hot heat, you can cook fish or meat like this."

The slightly fishy-smelling fish, after circling above the campfire for a while, turned into a deliciously grilled fish.

It would have been tastier with some salt or other spices... But there's nothing we can do about that!

"There are also various other uses, but discovering those will be your homework."

It's definitely not because I'm too lazy to tell you.

Definitely not.

"Ah, there are other ways to start a fire, but I only showed you this one."

I briefly demonstrated how to start a fire using a bow made from grass rope and rubbing a stick into a groove on a piece of wood.

Honestly, starting a fire by rubbing hands is the hardest method. I should teach them various methods.

As for flint... Maybe the lizardmen will figure it out on their own?

They are using stone tools, after all. Hitting stone against stone is already a familiar task for them.

Now, let's see how much fire will change human civilization... I'll observe for a while.

Chapter end

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