Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 32: Subrace (7)

Chapter 32: Subrace (7)

In this world, there are several subraces besides humans, but the most vile among them are the beast-like beastmen!

It is by expelling all of them, that we must cleanse the sins of humanity!

Beasts to the forest! To the fields! Back to the wild!!! That is the most natural form!

Therefore, killing all the beastmen in this world is what promises a bright future for us humans. W-What! You beasts!!!

Get lost! Get lost!!! You fur-smelling creatures!!! Don't you dare touch me!!!

- Statement by a human supremacist.

The human supremacist who made this statement was barely saved by the guards while being beaten by beastmen and was dragged away.

A few days later, he was found as a cold corpse in a cold prison.

It is clarified that this person's statement does not represent all humans.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some time passed. Roughly a few hundred years.

Thinking of a few hundred years as just a bit My sense of time has really gone awry. Heh.

Well, when you live through time quickly, a few decades can pass in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, by the time it became not uncommon to see beastmen mixed with animals among human groups.

I lightly checked the technologies possessed by humans.

First, the really important technology, agriculture.

The basic farming I initially taught to lizardmen was passed on to humans, gradually evolving and changing.

Farming that involves not just sowing seeds, but leveling the land, planting seeds, and managing them until the sprouts grow.

And then, pulling out all other plants except for the crops being grown to achieve the maximum yield.

Of course, there were still many shortcomings. Due to a lack of understanding of the power of the land... soil fertility, they didn't know why to grow crops that increase soil fertility together, and thinking that planting many crops was enough, they overplanted and ruined the agriculture. Various mistakes were emerging.

But, compared to the beginning, there was definite progress, so wasn't that good?

Thanks to raising cows as livestock, they were able to obtain great labor force It could definitely be said that there was progress.Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Although the production was quite poor because they hadn't done any breed improvement yet. Maybe I should improve it myself if necessary. Hmm.

Well, those detailed things can be thought about later. Let's move on from agriculture.

Thus, the grains obtained from farming were stored for a long time through pottery baked by fire.

Of course, there was still much lacking, so they were only making pottery with rough edges like comb-pattern pottery. But the fact that grains could be stored was a great advantage for humans.

Compared to the days when they hunted daily and starved if the hunt failed, this was practically heaven. The importance of savings!

Next is livestock farming. By raising various livestock, they were able to obtain meat and various by-products.

Together with agriculture, livestock farming made humans no longer solely dependent on gathering and hunting.

Eggs, milk, wool, and other by-products were greatly helpful to humans The usefulness of livestock farming goes without saying.

Next is spinning to produce thread. And weaving to make cloth Ah, weaving was still clumsy.

But they were doing things like fishing with the thread they made. They must be trying their best.

I wonder when they'll start making clothes out of cloth? I'm curious.

Other than that, language, transitioning from chipped stone tools to ground stone tools, making simple baskets out of tree bark or leaves Well, roughly that was the extent of human technology.

Maybe it's time to teach them something else. While I was thinking that.

Humans discovered a new technology on their own.

Well, to say on their own might be a bit much.

"Black stone! Dig it up! Trade with lizardmen! Food in exchange! Everyone! Works!"

They were mining obsidian through the quarry left by the lizardmen.

That's right. It was mining.

Humans who discovered the quarry where lizardmen were mining obsidian began to mine it themselves, creating tools like stone axes and stone pickaxes.

Still unaware of even bronze, let alone iron, the only thing humans could mine at the moment was obsidian. However, they were well aware of the value of obsidian, perhaps due to previous trades with lizardmen.

Thus, some humans gained the knowledge that digging into the earth could yield valuable resources.

Hmm. It's a very positive outcome that they've acquired a skill I didn't teach. At this rate, they could continue to develop even without my intervention.

Of course, I had no intention of stepping back just yet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Time flew by, and humans continued to develop.

They progressed to the point of clumsily making cloth from threads and even creating clothes.

They began to ponder what else they could do with the thread, and before long, they twisted it into something like rope.

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Using the rope they made, they built houses, saw trees floating on water, and tied them together with rope to make primitive rafts.

It's quite remarkable that they skillfully fished using thread, wooden poles, and needles made of bone.

How they knew fish ate bugs, I'm not sure, but they baited fishing hooks with worms.

And another notable discovery was... bronze.

The initial discovery was amusingly started by baking pottery and trying to bake various other things alongside it.

Among the baked items, there was a metal with a relatively low melting point, which turned out to be bronze, a compound of copper and another metal.

Bronze. The first metal.

Although there were incidents where humans marveled at the molten bronze turning into liquid in the hot flames and lost hands and lives... a minor issue, isn't it?

Of course, they couldn't use the metal that had turned into liquid due to the high temperature as it was, but thanks to the help of some kind soul, humans learned to melt the metal in stone bowls and pour it into molds made of sand to cool and solidify.

They were still making clumsy items, but over time, they would be able to make more impressive things.

Maybe even the dwarves, a staple of fantasy, would appear.

Hmm, that's something to look forward to. If there are elves, there should be dwarves too!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To the rapidly developing humans, I gave another gift.

Yggdrasil and Sylphid might grumble about my favoritism... but what can I do? I was once human too, though it was thousands of years ago.

But I've reduced it a lot! I've been watching for a very long time before preparing a gift!

Anyway, the gift I prepared was none other than... the wheel.

An object with a circular shape and an axle in the center. An important tool used not only for carts and wagons but also for bicycles, cars, and more.

I presented the wheel to the leader of the humans... no, it would be more appropriate to call him a king now. Anyway, I gave the wheel to him.

I wonder how many generations of his descendants have passed since I gave the crown to a human. The crown had changed hands almost a hundred times by now. But it seemed that stories about me continued, or perhaps memories of me remained in their bloodline. There was no problem in accepting my gift.

After showing the wheel and its rotating movement around the axle... I assembled a simple handcart and gifted it, and the king of humans found the handcart quite fascinating.

After that, they began making wheels out of wood, creating carts. A new horizon opened in transportation, but that's a minor story.

What's important now isn't such trivial matters.


As I was observing humans and wandering around, a small voice reached me.

The voice of my most reticent child. The highest mountain. The forehead of the world. Sagarmatha's voice.

"What's the matter?"

I listened to Sagarmatha's voice and asked, and Sagarmatha spoke with a hint of difficulty.

[Can I wipe out the humans?]

"What on earth are you talking about?!"

A sudden declaration of human extermination! Was this child always so reckless?!

No! Absolutely not! This child was taciturn and cautious, not one to act rashly?!

[Humans have started to dig into me. Can I exterminate them?]

"No, won't you explain a bit more?! Why suddenly exterminate them!"

At my words, Sagarmatha sighed softly and calmly spoke.

[Humans entered the caves within me, and now they've started to dig down into the ground from inside the caves. It's bothersome, so I'll exterminate them.]

"No, stop with the extermination already!! It's too brutal!"

This child used to speak so little, how did it become so fixated on extermination!

First, I need to check on the humans who've dug into Sagarmatha.

"But why did you ask me?"

[Because you greatly favor humans. I thought I needed your permission to exterminate them, even if it's about humans.]

Hmm. So Sagarmatha says that too.

Do I appear to be greatly favoring humans in the eyes of my other children?

Well, can't be helped. I was human, after all.

"First, I need to take a look at the humans who've dug into you."

What could the humans who fearlessly dug into Sagarmatha's great height, seeking the caves, be after?

What are they digging into the caves for?

Don't they think that digging the wrong way could cause the rocks to collapse and bury them alive?

I'm not sure... but let's take a closer look.

Why they have dug into Sagarmatha.

If they are harboring some wrong idea... I'm even thinking of forcibly pulling them out.

Chapter end

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