Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 34: Subrace (9)

Chapter 34: Subrace (9)

"You are now beings that can no longer be called humans, so from now on, you will be called Dwarves."


"That sounds a bit like the elves who live in the Great Forest. What does it mean?"

Even if you ask what it means...

If I say it means 'dwarf' in the language of another world, wouldn't they be hurt?

It's not nice to make fun of someone's physical shortcomings!

Well, I'm the one who made them dwarves, though.

"It means 'sages of the earth.' Isn't it a fitting name for you who dig through the earth in search of new things?"

Of course, that's a complete lie.

"Wow... It really is a great name that suits us. Thank you! Thank you!"

Humans... no, I should call them Dwarves now.

The Dwarves were very moved and thanked me.

It's strange to receive thanks for something I did out of my own desire.

I looked at the transformed Dwarves.

Although they had become shorter overall, their physical abilities had significantly strengthened. Maybe call it compact muscles? Short but thick and solid.

Thick and solid skeletons. Elastic and tough muscles that don't easily tear. Added respiratory abilities that don't cause problems even in oxygen-deficient environments.

Additionally, excellent resistance to fire and heat. Night vision that allows clear sight even in dark caves. And exceptional dexterity that enables detailed carving with simple tools.

Fulfilling their requests one by one, I wonder if it's really my fault that a being that makes you question if they were ever human was born.

It's really not my fault.

Hmm... Isn't this what real favoritism looks like? I've created a blatantly overpowered race.

Well, even with such creation, if we're talking about physical strength, Lizardmen are still stronger, which is both shocking and horrifying.

Those guys are originally dinosaurs, or maybe because they had the potential to be dragons, they boast an abnormal strength. It's a huge relief that they're greatly affected by the environment due to their difficulty in regulating body temperature.

Well, they were strong enough to survive in the battlefield caused by the dragons.

And... the Dwarves I've created this time, though not as strong as the Lizardmen, are still designed to be quite strong.

Truly a body carved with care! Shortness is the only flaw!

Well, roughly speaking. That's how the Dwarves came into existence in this world.

Oh, and for female Dwarves, I set them to look like young children. Since they remain youthful without aging, the women seemed oddly pleased.

If it wasn't for the appearance of a young girl, it would have had to be a beardless male Dwarf. I couldn't bear such a sight.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Dwarves settled on the peaks surrounding Sagarmatha with its permission.

For now, they've only built huts and formed a village. But over time, they'll probably build a proper city.

Maybe they'll dig into the mountain to construct a massive underground city? Or perhaps they'll carve out a village in the cliffs?

Either way, it's going to be an exciting Dwarven city.

Well. I could have guided them in that direction, but too much interference isn't good.

Let's ignore the fact that I've already interfered a lot. Just ignore it.

"But are you really sure it's okay to settle here?"

"Being close to the mountain is good, so this is enough for us."

The Dwarves, boasting confidently, looked quite admirable. However, from my perspective, this location had some uncertainties.

And that uncertainty was none other than the food issue.

"Your bodies have become stronger, but as a side effect, you will need much more food. But settling on such a ridge... Farming is out of the question for now."

Maybe farming could be possible if they built terraced fields, but there's no way humans could do that now.

"We'll manage with hunting. We're skilled at making traps for hunting. After all, we were a group that roamed around and never even considered farming."

Traps... With their dexterity, it might be useful...

"But because you've cut down all the trees in the nearby mountains, the closest mountain has become barren. In such a situation, do you think you can catch any game?"

"Well, the number of prey has decreased a bit, but we'll manage somehow. If necessary, we'll go a bit further. We will always find a solution. It has always been that way and will continue to be so."

The Dwarf, who only speaks optimistically, is troublesome...

"Still, if we're short on food, we can take the things we've made to other places and exchange them for food. The bronze items we've made are quite popular."

So that's how they've been maintaining such a scale in this barren place, by making items from bronze and exchanging them for food.

"It might be a bit hard on the stomach while carrying the goods back and forth. But what can we do? We just have to wait for it to come back. It's fortunate that there's clear and clean water flowing. If necessary, we can fill our stomachs with water."

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I sighed at the sight of the Dwarf smiling nonchalantly.

I wonder if the Dwarves will end up starving to death. Hmm... I want to help somehow.

Food that can be obtained in the current situation... The water is clear, so fishing might be possible, but it seems difficult for all the humans here to eat their fill.

Unless they can swim as well as the Lizardmen. With the short limbs of the Dwarves, it would be difficult.REad updated stries at n//vel/bin(.)com

Even if they fish... It would be difficult to feed the entire population here.

Hmm. Other possible food sources... Hmm...

At that moment, a small memory flashed through my mind.

Caves. And mushrooms.

I had heard somewhere that mushrooms are grown in caves. If I refer to that story... I might be able to help the Dwarves a little.

Besides... It might be a bit miserable, but if I could make moss edible... Would that be okay?

Of course, it would be lacking compared to proper food... No, I just have to modify it myself.

It can be used as food, but the taste might be a bit lacking. In a way that it can be grown in caves or mountains.

Yes. Let's do that. Especially since mushrooms are eaten by humans elsewhere as food. There shouldn't be a problem.

There have been humans who died from eating unknown mushrooms. But let's think of that as a necessary sacrifice.

Just as those who first ate pufferfish must have thought.

Anyway, I obtained mushrooms resembling button mushrooms and made some modifications.

The direction of modification is rapid production. And sufficient calories. Mushrooms that can be produced quickly and provide enough calories with just a few.

The taste and aroma may be lacking, but if I make it too delicious, these humans might end up eating only this! They need to eat other things to balance their nutrients!

Additionally, I made edible moss and spread it widely on the nearby mountains. Not only in various valleys but also inside several caves, so it grows wildly, so I'll tell them to pick and eat it later.

It might feel a bit unfamiliar, but if they eat it thinking of it as eating seaweed, it should be fine.

And if they're hungry, they'll dig up tree roots to eat. If I make these, they'll eat them on their own.

And... I added the function to the moss to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, maintaining an appropriate oxygen concentration. If they grow this moss abundantly, even if they go deep into caves, there won't be any breathing problems.

Honestly, making ventilation for deep cave digging is frankly a bit difficult. Having something like this would make the Dwarves dig down, wouldn't it?

Well, it's fantasy, so it's okay to have such moss!

"Eating mushrooms and moss?"

"Yes. I've modified them a bit to grow them stably in caves. It might be unfamiliar food to you, so you might be hesitant..."

"We've never eaten mushrooms because they're dangerous, but you're saying these mushrooms are safe to eat?"

"Un. There's a possibility that toxins remain if eaten raw, so they must be cooked before eating."

"That's very interesting! How do we grow them?"

The Dwarf showed great interest in the new food. Indeed, he is a creature of immense curiosity.

"It's not particularly difficult. If you transfer the spores of the mushrooms onto dead trees, I've made it so they'll grow on their own. Just prepare some dead trees, and the spores will spread and increase on their own."

In other words, if there are no dead trees, they won't grow. It would be problematic if mushrooms grew just anywhere.

"As long as you maintain a certain level of humidity, the mushrooms will grow well on their own. That's how they're made."

"What an amazing plant."

"It's not exactly a plant, but let me tell you about the moss next."

"Moss! Isn't that the strange grass that grows on rocks in the valley?"

"Roughly similar. However, I've tinkered here and there so it's become edible moss."

Since eating only mushrooms would lead to an imbalance in nutrients. The moss, being plant-like, has been made edible to provide at least the minimum nutrients.

Well, it would be better to eat other foods too. Like meat. Or meat. Or meat, for example.

"And this moss has a function mixed into it that produces what living beings need to breathe. Growing this moss and placing it in deep caves will solve the problem of feeling suffocated."

"What living beings need to breathe... Are you referring to what you mentioned before?"

"Yes. The thing that's needed when making a fire larger."

They don't need to know about the existence of oxygen yet.

"These mushrooms and moss are made for you, so take good care of them."

I handed the Dwarf a piece of wood with mushrooms growing on it and a stone covered in moss.

"By the way, I've already made the moss and mushrooms grow in the caves, so make good use of them."

"Thank you...!"

Hmm, giving these out to the Dwarves like this. Could this be considered favoritism?

Well, a newly born race might need that much help, right?

Though I haven't given any special help to the beastmen or giants!

Chapter end

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