Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 3: Hello. World! (3)

Chapter 3: Hello. World! (3)

Creating new creatures was a good idea, but how do I scatter them all over the world?

I'd like to just dump a bunch in one place and leave it at that, but that wouldn't spread them all over the world properly. Hmm...

Well, I have plenty of time, so maybe I'll just wait and see? If it doesn't work, I can find another way later.

I waddled out of the cave where I was born.

Hmm... Walking is annoying. My legs are oddly thick, making it uncomfortable to walk unlike when I was human.

I have wings on my back, but can I actually fly with them?

But wouldn't a dragon that can't fly be no different from a dinosaur?

I looked at the small wings attached to my back.

Being a dragon, with a longer neck, allowed me to see my back, which would have been impossible as a human.

I touched my wings with the tip of my nose, trying to remember the sensation.

The feeling of something touching near the wing bones on my back. A strange sensation of a body part that was different from when I was human.

After engraving the feeling of moving them by touching them with the tip of my nose into my mind, I tried to replicate that feeling by moving my back.

It was quite difficult to move a part that wasn't originally there, but as I moved it a little, I started to get the hang of it.

Hmm, ah. Is this how it's done? As I moved something on my back vigorously, the small wings fluttered.

But it doesn't seem like I can fly with this. Hmm...

At that moment.

A letter envelope icon popped up from the bottom right of my vision.

How do you find the new world you're facing?

It's still lacking a lot since there's not much there.

But don't worry! I'll help you as much as I can!

By the way, I've also prepared magical power there.

The concentration of magic is thin now, but it will thicken over time.

Once the magic becomes denser and a system is established,

you'll be able to use magic.

Of course, your dragon body should be able to handle that magic

at an instinctual level.

A large dragon flying with small wings is possible thanks to the power of magic!

Of course, you'll be able to breathe fire too, so give it a try!

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of your mouth.

As for the ecosystems too small for you to create,

I've prepared them, so don't worry!

I might be taking care of too much for you!

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But still, this world is for you.

Enjoy it freely!

Ah, thank you so much!

Whether there's magic or not, what use is it if I can't feel it!

You said I could use it at an instinctual level! I don't even know if it exists!!!

Ah! Just like this! Flapping my wings doesn't make me fly with magic!

Like this! Like this! My body lifts and I start to rise... rising....

Huh? Am I flying...? My feet have left the ground???

What's this! Just by flapping my wings, a strong wind is generated?! My body is lifting?!

What? What is this??? I'm flying! Flying!!! I'm flying!!!!

My body rises higher and higher. Oh! Amazing! By slightly changing the direction of my wing flaps, I can move forward, backward, turn left or right! It's incredible! Fascinating! Fun!

Even as the height of my flight increased, there was no difficulty in flying itself. Amazing! This is fun!!

But my back is getting sore, and I'm getting tired. Hmm. Is it because my muscles aren't fully developed since I was just born? Or is it because the muscles around my wings aren't used to it?

At that moment.

The muscles near where my wings are hurt! Ouch!!! Cramp, I got a cramp!!! Aaaargh!!!!

I'm-I'm falling!!! It's quite high! The height is quite high!!! Falling from here would be terrible!!! My wing muscles hurt so I can't flap my wings!!! I'm going to die!!! Save me!!!!


And so, before I could even try anything, I fell to the ground.

Perhaps the only good thing is that, despite hitting the ground hard enough to create a big crater, my body didn't hurt at all.

Well, it hurts! The wing muscles where I got a cramp hurt!!! But I can't even massage the wing muscles because my arms are too short!!!!

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Was it because I was newly born, or because it was a part of my body that originally didn't exist? Anyway, I never imagined getting a cramp in my wings.

From now on... I guess I should do some stretching before flapping my wings.

It was perhaps fortunate that my body itself was very sturdy, as I didn't get hurt even when falling from a high place.

I'm not sure how tall I am now, but if I consider it similar to my height when I was human...

Falling headfirst from the height of about 3 stories and not getting a single scratch definitely proved the sturdiness of my body.

Anyway, that's not what's important.

Once again, I moved my wings and took off into the sky.

This time, I felt a faint energy enveloping my wings. Could this be magical power? The energy faintly permeating through the air?

It was so faint that I wouldn't feel it unless I paid close attention, but as I flapped my wings and soared, I started to get a sense of it.

The concentration is still low, so I don't know what to do with it yet... But maybe I'll be able to use magic in the future?

Something about the future seems a bit exciting. Yes.

And so, I soared high into the sky.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first thing I did, now that I could fly around the world, was:

"Come forth, life!"

I went around the world scattering the creatures that would become the ancestors of all living beings I created.

I also added a little bit of shock absorption, so even if they fell from quite a height, the creatures would be okay.

The process of adding shock absorption somehow made their bodies soft and squishy, but that was a minor detail.

I also added self-replication, the ability to adapt to the environment, the ability to absorb air for energy combustion, and the ability to mutate...

Ah, these are slimes.

No, it wasn't intentional, but they're totally slimes!!!

Moreover, they engulf small things with their bodies to feed! They can't swallow anything too big! They consume things like moss and leaves from the ground!

Hmm... Well, does it really matter? It's a fantasy world with dragons and magic, after all. What harm could having slimes do?

In fact, adding the function for slimes to consume waste and decompose it might be environmentally beneficial.

I also added the function for slime mucus and the bodies of dead slimes to become fertilizer for the soil.

Thus, creatures that would exist just above the bottom of the food chain were born.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is the origin of humanity?

The Church of Life, which worships the Goddess of Life, claims that the Goddess of Life gave birth to all life in this world, but this is not correct.

After decades of research, I, a professor at the Imperial University, argue that slimes are the origin of all life.

Slimes that adapt to the environment and bring about change! They are the true origin of all living beings!

This can be confirmed by slime fossils found around the world-

- A presentation by a certain professor of the study of ancient lifeat the Imperial University.

- After this presentation, the professor was declared a heretic by the Church of Life and the Pantheon, and went missing.

- There are rumors that the Empire's Guardian Dragon was involved in the professor's disappearance, but the truth remains unclear.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I scattered slimes all over the world.

And watching those slimes turned out to be more fun than I expected.

No, I mean, the process of change in slimes differed from one region to another.

And in similar environments in different regions, they underwent different evolutionary processes.

For example, comparing two similar swamp areas, in one, the slimes became mud slimes that absorbed the mucus of mud, while in another, they became poison slimes that collected rotting material in the swamp to produce poison.

After struggling in the pit for a while, the pain in my wings gradually disappeared.

Ugh. It hurt so much. It was a pain I never wanted to experience again.

In addition, in environments full of ice, there were ice slimes as hard as ice, and in volcanic areas, there were lava slimes with burning fire.

Slimes that eat leaves and produce leaf-like camouflages. Slimes that consume and absorb ores to transform into ore-like beings, and so on. The world of slimes was endless.

Slimes that entered water usually dissolved and disappeared due to osmotic pressure caused by concentration differences, but occasionally, slimes that adapted to living in water also began to appear.

And quite miraculously, slimes adapted to water started to change their body surface to prevent their bodily fluids from being taken away.

From being single-celled, slimes began to divide themselves to create a tougher body surface, starting to protect the moisture within.

However, because the surface changed, they started to develop mouth-like structures to easily absorb their microbial prey.

They also began to create fin-like structures for more active movement.

And to overcome the impossibility of proper breathing underwater, they began to develop gill-like organs to absorb something like oxygen in the water? Is it really oxygen? Anyway, they started to absorb something like oxygen in the water.

Thus, slimes began to transform into fish-like beings.

Chapter end

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