Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 49: About Death (5)

Chapter 49: About Death (5)

I, who had been digging through a world of nothing but black rock for a while, took a moment to catch my breath.

By breaking the rock with my bare hands and pouring the fragments of the broken rock outside to create a path, I was able to reach a place that would take a whole day of walking without rest for an ordinary person.

Hmm... Alright. Maybe I should create a gate here.

It's the path to the afterlife, after all. Wouldn't it be boring if there were only a path without any gates? And there should be a being guarding that gate too!

I gathered the shattered fragments of rock, stuck them together, and started to carve them out.

For the image... How about a knight in armor! Even though there's nothing like armor or knights yet!

A knight made of black rock that looks solid and intimidating with its angles. A knight so strong that an ordinary human wouldn't even think of opposing it.

Well, even if it's called a knight, the body proportions are bizarre for a human. The image is that of a robot. Specifically, a black robot that remains vivid in my memory.

While carving the rock, I thought of a robot from a cartoon where an iron man, originally an enemy, becomes an ally of the protagonist after various incidents.

Big and strong. With shoulders and legs noticeably large. Arms smaller than those, but definitely big compared to the head. The torso also in a sturdy form.

And the overall image should have a lot of sharp points. A fierce and sharp image.

Thus, a black knight about 10 meters tall is created.

Good. Now that the overall shape is complete, I should also work on the less visible parts. I'll lift it with magic to carve the back a bit, and also engrave grooves on the sole to prevent slipping.

Hmm... But it's a bit plain with all black. The chest part feels especially bland.

Then, let's mix in the design of another robot. For the chest... Let's carve a lion.

Like that robot of destruction that looks like the final boss despite being the protagonist's robot. Carve a lion on the chest.

Tails and wings... Well, it's just going to guard this place, so no need to make those. Let's be satisfied with the knee drills. Hmm.

Good, it's become more colorful. Now, shall we paint it in different colors?

It would be nice to mix dark red on the instep, forearm, and shoulders. Ah, let's also paint the head red.

And for the lion on the chest and the knees, let's add a golden highlight. For the eyes... Hmm, red would suit them.

To give the impression of a fearsome knight guarding the underworld. Paint the eyes red. For the face, to give a non-human impression, go for a robot look with sharp angles. Um.

And the most important, the horns. Horns that spread diagonally in a V-shape from the forehead... Should be made of gold, right? Red or gold? I debated in my mind, but after all, the robot's horns should suit gold.

Of course, there might be opinions for white, or red, or such. But this is purely my personal opinion.

After deciding all the parts to paint, I magically color the black knight. The dark red is... about RGB 133, 0, 8? HEX #850008. Hmm, a reddish-brown close to brown.

A color that reminds one of slightly dried blood, making it seem like anyone would lose their courage just by looking at it.

And the gold. For the parts to be changed to gold, I'll thinly transform the black rock into gold for plating. Hmm. Good. It looks more splendid than I thought.

It looks strong and terrifying. The lion on the chest is also splendidly completed..., uh..., ummmm....

I-I was supposed to make it feel like a gatekeeper guarding the underworld... Why did I end up making a splendid robot when I came to my senses?

Hmm... Can't help it! Since it's already made! It would be a waste to destroy it now!

The gatekeeper of the underworld. The Black Knight of the Netherworld! Completed!

Ah, but should it have a weapon? It's not like this black knight will be firing rocket punches or shooting guns or beams.

For the weapon... Hmm... Let's make the weapon out of the same black rock! And coat it with black iron or something!!

What kind of weapon should I make? A sword? An axe? A spear? A one-handed sword and shield are also good, or a heavy two-handed sword... Yes! A two-handed sword would be great!

A two-handed sword larger than its own height. A two-handed sword so powerful that it could split the earth if struck down! Holding such a two-handed sword and aiming it forward would truly be an unparalleled swordsmanship!

I roughly mined a large rock from the surroundings, then carefully carved it with the edge of my hand.

Big and crude. But sharp. Decorations can be added later, so for now, it's all one piece from the blade to the handle.

No need for a scabbard. After diligently carving, a giant two-handed sword is completed.

It was too big to be called a sword. A two-handed sword so huge, thick, and heavy that it would be more appropriate to call it a mace.

The motif was, of course, the two-handed sword of a protagonist from a certain manga. The dwarves might get angry if we call this a sword, but what does it matter.

After roughly finishing the rock sword, I covered it with black iron, sharpened the blade, and carved delicate sculptures on the sides.

The carvings were of a skull relief. A relief of a powerless skull, bound and unable to move by chains.

Only after engraving a sculpture that would plunge the viewer into fear on both sides of the sword, could I smile with satisfaction.

Moreover, since it was made of black iron, it could cut through anything. Hmm.

After completing the sword, I placed it in the hands of the black knight and infused it with magic.

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Thus, the knight moved.

T/N: Uh.. umm.. is that a bit too overpowered for a gatekeeper..?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rychlen advanced through a cave made of black rock. Relying on the light from the magic stone he held, he continued without rest.

How much time had passed? About a day after passing through the door, the narrow and winding cave gradually widened into a vast square.

And on the other side of that square, stood a giant.

No, this being was different from the giants he had met before.

The first guardian of the underworld, as told by the sage of the deep forest.

The Obsidian Colossus, Talos.

A watcher of the underworld, monitoring every being heading to the afterlife with those red eyes, and a blade that cuts down those who disturb the underworld.

Upon seeing it, Rychlen immediately turned off the light from the magic stone and held his breath.

Rychlen, who saw the figure of the black rock giant examining everything in the passage with its red eyes, swallowed dryly due to excessive tension, and at the same time, a faint sound of his gulping scattered.

Simultaneously, the red eyes turned towards Rychlen's direction.

Realizing he couldn't escape that eerie red gaze that seemed to see through everything, Rychlen tensed up and gripped the object inside his cloak.

- The Adventure of Hero Rychlen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, this black knight will become the first golem to move through my magic.Visjt nvelbin(.)cm for new updates

Un. Golem. That's important. A giant rock moving on its own is also the romance of fantasy!

Ah, my thoughts are drifting. Back to focusing on the black knight.

Let's see. I'll add a function to automatically absorb the surrounding magic power and store it for energy, and also cast a spell for regeneration in case it's destroyed.

I could cast a spell to make it indestructible, but there's a special charm when such robots are destroyed!

But I don't like the idea of it being completely destroyed, so I'll be satisfied with the regeneration feature!!

Additionally, to ensure it fulfills its role as a gatekeeper, I'll add a function to search for beings entering this space with its gaze, adjust the output for it to move strongly and agilely, and perhaps give it a suitable level of intelligence to assess situations and repel intruders.

A robot... a golem that regenerates when destroyed, finds enemies with its gaze, moves swiftly despite its size, and each attack is heavy.

Finally, to prepare for a possible invasion by Erebus, I'll add a device to monitor the darkness.

Sort of like a magical night vision, you know! Plus, make it capable of detecting beings with magic!

To finish, I'll coat it with magic power so it can inflict damage on Erebus, the embodiment of darkness!

As for special features... Hmm, I guess it doesn't really need any, does it?

Or well, if a special function becomes necessary, I might as well create a combining robot or something!

The combination of robots is a fantasy, after all.


The knight made of black rock rises. Alright. Then, let's give it a name.

Hmm Since it's a huge statue, Colossus? No, that's a bit boring.

Black Rock Giant No, that sounds like something out of a martial arts novel.

Giant. Titan. The Colossus of Rhodes. Hmm. So.

That's right. Talos! That's a good name! Talos!

Surely it was the name of the bronze giant made by Hephaestus in Greek mythology!

"Your name shall be Talos. How does that sound?"

Then, the intelligent Talos nodded slightly.

It was the moment the giant with red eyes, Talos, was completed.

Now, then.

"I shall give you your first command."

Talos stood proudly as if waiting for any command, and I said with a small smile.

"Use that sword to break and dig through the rocks!!"

It was the completion of a worker who digs through the ground without rest.

Chapter end

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