Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 69: A Small Piece of Darkness (2)

Chapter 69: A Small Piece of Darkness (2)

Let's think about this.

Erebus split the scales I had lent him, the ones under his jaw, to create an explosive burst of power, and used the opening created by that explosion to escape.

My physical body is so sturdy and solid that it's hardly affected by even considerable impacts, but Erebus managed to cause an explosion powerful enough to make me feel pain.

If that explosion was strong enough to hurt me, someone with the most durable body in the world, then what must it have been like for Erebus, the one who caused the explosion right under his jaw?

He must not have come out of that unscathed.


"Even so, to end up in this state... Tsk, tsk."

I clicked my tongue as I looked at the small fragment of darkness hanging at the end of the fishing hook made of darkness.

Just a faint movement, unable to speak a single word or even think, this fragment of darkness is all that's left.

If he was going to break my scales and run away like "I'll destroy it if I can't have it!", he should have at least managed to stay in a decent condition! This is just pathetic!

I sighed as I looked at the twitching fragment of darkness, unable to even remove the hooked fishing line.

But I can't just leave it like this.

I started slowly channeling my power into the silent little fragment of darkness, and it began to slowly grow in size as it absorbed the inflowing energy.

The immediate crisis seems to be averted for now. Un.

Maybe I should try reading its memories?

I'm curious to know what happened to Erebus, how he ended up in this state. Though I'm not sure if this tiny fragment even has any memories left...

Well, it's worth a try, I have nothing to lose.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After briefly examining the memories, there was only a little useful information to be found.

The earliest memory in this fragment was the powerful self-detonation caused by splitting my scales, and the backlash from the emergency teleportation that followed, which caused Erebus' own body to start disintegrating.

As a result, the eternal darkness that was Erebus' essence became fragmented into multiple pieces, and these fragments of eternal darkness started to run amok.

Most of them scattered and fled, while the remaining ones began to devour each other in a struggle.

After some time, the only things left were two large fragments containing the split silver scales, and this small lone fragment.

The other fragments, despite their chaotic behavior of devouring each other, had somehow avoided touching this particular fragment.

This fragment contained the core and essence of the being known as Erebus. Now only a small remnant of darkness remains.

This was the fragment I had been reading the memories from.

Apparently, the other fragments had instinctively sensed something - that if they were to consume this fragment, they would inherit the identity of Erebus.

And in doing so, they would become the target of my pursuit.

That's why the other fragments had abandoned this small fragment of darkness, leaving it alone in the deep, empty earth, until my fishing line came to retrieve it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What should I do with this child?

Punishing it in this diminished state might just cause it to vanish completely.

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As much as it has done wrong, I don't want to simply destroy it.

I was planning to just have him work in the Afterlife, non-stop without any days off, until the end of the world comes. But in this condition, he can't do anything.


I looked at the small fragment of darkness, twitching in the palm of my hand.

Even in this pitiful state, even after what it has done, I can't bring myself to destroy it.

It feels like letting him vanish without properly paying for his crimes is like letting him escape. Un, something like that.

Punishing him... Let's do that after gathering all the other fragments. That would be best.

But how do I gather those fragments? They've scattered all over the place.

If they were at least divided into one or two large chunks, I could somehow find and beat them up to gather them together... But they've been scattered into countless fragments...

For now, let's focus on this small fragment first. If I leave it as is, it might just scatter and disappear. Sealing it in a gem-like object would be a good idea.

I placed the fragment of Erebus on my palm and created a diamond around it, the hardest of all gems. The shape is the classic round brilliant cut, the one that first comes to mind when thinking of diamonds.

I encased the fragment of darkness within, infusing it with power to make it an indestructible diamond. It can now absorb power from the outside to help the fragment of Erebus restore itself. I also prepared a one-way exit, so that I can retrieve the power from within if needed, but the fragment itself cannot escape on its own.

And to make sure I don't lose it, I added a tracking function as well. This black diamond, as it has become, looks quite impressive.

The sealing seems to have worked well, as the fragment of darkness is now calmly resting within the diamond. I carefully channeled power into it, and the power was absorbed by the fragment without being able to escape.

Good. The power can flow in, but it's well-controlled and can't get out freely. It's like an inescapable prison for this foolish fragment.

Someday, when all of his scattered pieces are gathered... Then I'll properly punish him. The kind of punishment that would make him cry and beg, never to do something like that again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But for some reason, ever since that day, strange things have started to appear in this world.

The creatures that were barely different from Earth's lifeforms, except for the slimes crawling on the ground, have begun to change in bizarre ways.

Becoming stronger, rougher, and more ferocious.

It's common for them to grow in size or develop new bodily functions, but now there are even boars spewing fire from their bodies, or wolves with electricity coursing through their claws and fangs.

Even the timid rabbits have grown horns on their heads, able to punch holes in small trees with their headbutts.

Not all the animals have become more monstrous, of course... There are even horses with horns that can walk on air and create mist to hide themselves, still living as herbivores.

Among these transformed creatures, the ones that worry me the most are... the dinosaurs that failed to become dragons.

Wyverns, Drakes, and Sea Serpents - the dinosaurs that failed to become dragons. These so-called "lesser dragons" had more evolved and robust bodies than regular dinosaurs, and they had been living quietly.

However, starting from that day, these lesser dragons began to gradually become more ferocious and started to utilize magic.

Wyverns spewing fire from their mouths, Drakes making the ground erupt, and Sea Serpents creating whirlpools - they began transforming into highly threatening beings.

Hmm... How should I deal with these creatures? Humans are still quite weak, so if a single Wyvern were to rampage through a city, it would be a massacre.

I should at least set up some basic defenses. Later, I'll talk to the children of the Temple of Life and have them erect a protective barrier around human settlements. That way, the rampaging beasts won't be able to enter.

By the way, these changes are not limited to just the animals.

Some humans have also started to display innate magical abilities. They can emit fire from their hands, shoot arrows made of light, or levitate objects with telekinesis.

Naturally, people have grown fearful, awestruck, and started to ostracize these individuals with newfound powers.

Those with abilities have either hidden them or gathered together with others like them, trying to learn how to control their powers.

This was the moment when the concepts of "monsters" and "mages" emerged in this world.

Chapter end

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