Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 75: Sword of the Hero (3)

Chapter 75: Sword of the Hero (3)

I powerfully forged the hero's sword, and as a light test of its performance, I gave the hero's sword Chloive Solais to an artificial human with average human specs and had it fight against monsters.


Dozens of monsters were completely destroyed.

No, even though I had limited the artificial human's physical abilities to the level of an ordinary human, I thought it might not be dangerous... but a huge bear-like monster and dozens of other monsters were reduced to mere chunks of meat.

The power, durability, and cutting force of the greatsword, the defensive power in its armored state, and the enhancement from its exceptional magical power were all incredible.

In the hands of my artificial human, who had no memory of wielding a sword, the huge bear-like monster was instantly reduced to dozens of pieces of meat. This sword displayed a terrifying power.

And the defensive power of the armor... if one just pays a little attention to the unprotected areas, it could withstand the powerful blow of the bear's fist that could crush rocks without any impact.

It seems I have created something extraordinary.

Hmm. This is dangerous. If this weapon is given to a single human, who knows what might happen.

Of course, as humanity progresses over time, there may even be beings born who can fight dragons with just their own bodies.

But anyway, it seems I have created an overly powerful sword.

This sword will definitely require special management.

Originally, it's a weapon that can't be wielded by those who don't meet the conditions. But who knows, someone might find a way to bypass those restrictions through magic. There may be someone who can do such a thing without my knowledge.

When it's not in the hands of a hero, it must be thoroughly sealed and hidden away in the Temple of Life... it must be kept a complete secret!

The best would be for me to manage it directly, but...

Well, I'll think about it. Yeah think about it.

Now, let's see. What should I do next?

Should I look for a human worthy of the hero's title? One who can pass all the strict conditions?

Ah, no. I'll spread a rumor instead. It will be much easier to gather humans by spreading a rumor than to personally check each one.

Coincidentally, there are many pilgrims traveling around the world for the Temple of Life. And these days, there are quite a few people who want to join the Temple of Life even though there are no more dragons.

I'll just convey a message through a divine oracle to the humans who believe in the Goddess of Life.

So I secretly brought the hero's sword to the Dragon's Tomb, the main sanctuary of the Temple of Life, and stuck it into a large rock.

Then I made a chain of pure adamantium and tightly wrapped it around the greatsword, firmly sealing it into the rock, making it difficult to pull out.

Of course, I cut one of the rings of the chain in half and sealed it with magic! So that when a human who meets the conditions grasps the sword, the chain will be released!

Alright, the preparations are done. Let me issue the divine oracle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

One day, a divine oracle was delivered to those who believe in the Goddess of Life.

[Lately, the number of malicious monsters harming other lives has been increasing, but humans lack the power to protect themselves.

So I have directly created a sword and placed it within the Temple of Life.

However, the power of this sword is too great, so the user must be carefully selected.

One with a good heart.

One with exceptional talent.

One who cannot ignore injustice.

One who does not hesitate to save others.

Find such a person and let them grasp the sword.

That person shall become the hero who protects humanity with this sword.]

With many villages being sacrificed due to the increasing monsters and evil beings, the sword given by the Goddess of Life to protect humans spread its fame not only to all humans, but also to other subraces.

Those who wished to wield the sword forged by the divine hand flocked to the Temple of Life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A rumor with no legs can still travel a thousand miles.

And with the Temple of Life's pilgrims spread across the world, the news spread in an instant.

The rumors circulating among the connoisseurs about the sword are:

[A sword with a sharpness that can cut through anything.]

[If one grasps that sword, they will become invincible and immortal, able to seize everything.]

[It is said that if one draws out the sword, the Goddess of Life will grant their wish.]

[That sword is said to be so amazing that it cannot be forged even by humans, let alone dwarves.]

[One can become a god by taking the Goddess of Life as their wife.]

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The last one, what's that about? Why are such rumors spreading?

In any case, the rumors were quickly inflated, and many people flocked to the vicinity of the Dragon's Tomb where the Temple of Life is located.

Those who are confident in their own strength.

Those who seek great power and want to grasp the sword.

Those who are greedy for their wishes.

Those who are burning with a desire for revenge after losing their family to monsters.

Those who, as blacksmiths, have a desire to see an exceptional sword.

Those who want to take the beautiful Goddess of Life as their wife... what's with that purpose?!

Anyway, many people came to pull out the sword, each with their own intentions. But none of them were able to pull out the sword.

Overwhelmed by the sight of the sword firmly embedded in the massive rock, and crushed by the pressure of the black iron chains wrapped around the sword, they were unable to pull it out at all.

Even the mighty giants, the renowned soldiers, the dwarves who are much stronger than humans, and even the king of a city-state - none of them could pull out the sword.

A year passed like that.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Did I set the conditions too strict? Why can't anyone pull out the sword?

Being kind, talented, unable to ignore injustice, and able to help others should be enough for a decent person, right? Why can't anyone pull it out?

I had such thoughts at the time...

But I was making a big mistake. I didn't realize that my moral standards and the moral standards of this era were completely different.

Most of my way of thinking was established in modern society, but this era was an ancient society after all.

Simply put, our [ways of thinking are different]. The flaw... the overwhelming flaw... my failure to consider that what I consider to be good and what is considered good in this era could be vastly different!

The "good" in this era was far below the threshold of what I considered to be good.

If even the easiest condition of being "good" is like that, then how about the other conditions?

Talented? What level of talent would be considered talented from my perspective? From the divine perspective, should they have the potential to conquer the world with just one sword?

The other conditions as well. The ones I thought would be easy turned out to be an insurmountable difficulty when combined.

I could only sigh as I watched countless humans try and fail to pull out the sword.

Hmm... does the one who can pull out that sword truly not exist?

While I was idly watching person after person attempt to pull out the sword, a young boy, about 10 years old, approached the sword.

The boy's clothes were more like rags, and his whole body was covered in dirt and dust. His pale complexion suggested he was not getting proper meals.

Other people started pointing and laughing at the sight of this ragged boy trying to pull out the sword that even the mighty could not. You can even hear a voice saying "Now even beggars are trying to pull it out?"

But the boy did not hesitate at all.

Without caring about the gaze of others, the young boy, holding a sword larger than his own body, slowly began to pull out the sword.


As the boy grasped the hilt of the sword, the adamantium chains wrapped around the sword began to rattle.

The others were all certain of the boy's failure.

In that situation, the boy began to put in his utmost effort to pull out the sword.

As if there was nothing left for him if he failed to pull out this sword.

As if he would burn everything to pull it out.

But the sword did not come out.

I sighed softly as I watched that scene.

The boy's heart was kind. Not only was he a good person by the standards of this era, where the criteria for goodness is infinitely low, but he was also a good person by modern standards.

He had the goodness to not tolerate injustice, and the heart to help others, but the boy lacked talent.

That talent was, at best, suitable to be called a dullard, even less than an ordinary human.

The only advantage he had was that he had a strong, unyielding heart that did not give up.

That's why I closed my eyes for moment.

Talent. Talent... Talent...

That talent... could it be replaced somehow with overwhelming effort and an unwavering heart, and the presence of a mentor to guide him?

Of course, it would be extremely difficult for the person experiencing it, and it would be accompanied by an effort that feels like it could lead to death. The words "I want to die" might even come out of his mouth.

But couldn't it work somehow?

That's why I nodded, and the adamantium chains wrapped around the sword slowly unraveled, and the hero's sword began to be slowly pulled out of the rock.FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Chapter end

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