Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 8: Age of Dragons (3)

Chapter 8: Age of Dragons (3)

How long had it been since the children acquired the body of a dragon?

Once again, a new change was approaching the evolution of life.


"Krrrk! Kyahak!"

The fight between dinosaurs. No, the fight between a dinosaur and a pack of dinosaurs.

Several smaller dinosaurs began to hunt a large dinosaur together.

The strength of each individual was weak, but by increasing their numbers, they were overcoming the disadvantage.


Thus, the large dinosaur, struggling alone, fell to the ground covered in wounds, and the small dinosaurs were able to obtain a large piece of meat without any sacrifices.

"Hm? Ah, Erebus."

Erebus, quietly revealing himself from the shadows. It's fascinating that he can appear anywhere the darkness touches.

"I was watching other life forms. Look there. The small dinosaurs have started to form a group."

"The small dinosaurs... are banding together to survive."

"That's right. That too is a choice for survival."

While some of the small dinosaurs guard the prey they hunted, others bring small offspring from somewhere.

Hiding the offspring in a safe place and feeding them the hunted prey. They are trying various methods for survival.

"Is this what the family in the stories you told me about looks like?"

"Un. A proper form of family hasn't appeared yet, but for now, it would seem so."

Neither a definite intelligent being has appeared nor has a form of society been created yet.

It could be considered a primitive form of family.

"Mother... Do you wish for such a family?"

"Hm? Me? Well... I'm not sure yet."

After having this dragon's body... I'm not sure.

I don't particularly feel lonely. The faint feeling of loneliness I had felt disappeared thanks to meeting the children.

They are not my own children... but thanks to these children, I feel like I can endure my current existence.

I stroked Erebus's head with my front paw while looking at the small dinosaurs filling their stomachs with the large dinosaur.

"There's still time, so let's keep watching. The concept of family is still vague in this world."

Although these children call me mother, it's ambiguous to say they are a real family.

"By the way, do you know what the other children are doing?"

"The other children... are probably playing, doing whatever they want."

Doing whatever they want...

If it were me, just traveling around the world would be enjoyable.

"They seem to be having fun traveling around."

"Yes. We didn't have bodies to travel around before."

I smiled at Erebus. It was worth it to have my scales plucked, seeing how happy these children are.

The place where the scales were plucked feels slightly prickly and ticklish. But I can endure this much.

"But why are you spreading life across this land, Mother?"


Why spread life?

Hm... Why indeed...

Although that being called God dropped me into this world, there was no need to spread life.

But now, I am traveling around this world, scattering new life.

Not only scattering it but also continuing to look after it and occasionally making adjustments.

It seems my actions appeared curious to Erebus.

"Maybe. I just didn't like the silence that settled on this world."

A world where the only moving being was me alone.

Perhaps the sight of such an empty world felt incredibly lonely.

"It felt lonely too."

"I see. I understand."

Erebus seemed satisfied with my answer, simply smiling and nodding.Visjt nvelbin(.)cm for new updates

Even though Erebus has the appearance of a dragon, it's interesting that his expressions can be read. It seems I've completely become a dragon now.

Dinosaurs were thriving, and the children were enjoying life with their newfound bodies.

Lately, what I've been interested in is... the method of using magic power.

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Simply put, it was magic.

Magic power is the strength to realize one's will in reality. Therefore, if you were to utilize this power...

"Hmm. Is it a success?"

It means that even changing one's physical form is possible.

Of course, since it's only changing the appearance, the actual physical specs don't differ much from the original.

I looked at my reflection in the lake water.

A girl with pure white silver hair. A girl with small horns on her head.

Though the figure was that of a very small child, I should be satisfied with just having transformed into a human. Yes.

I tried to smile at my reflection in the water, but my facial expression didn't change easily.

When I was a dragon, it wasn't hard to change expressions... but now that I've transformed into a human, I'm quite expressionless. This is it.

But still, it should be fine. Since I've transformed into a human in a world where humans don't exist. I did well. Yes.

To think I can transform this much... The potential of magic power is truly amazing.

Maybe... I could even use magic like meteor falls?

Ah, of course, I have no intention of using it in the current situation. I don't plan to bring about the extinction of the dinosaur era with my own hands.

However, it seems necessary to research magic more. It's possible to light a fire, sprinkle water, or lift objects with telekinesis, and so on.

Since it's not yet systematized, it seems necessary to organize it.

While I was researching magic...

"Hmm? This energy feels like Mother's energy...?"

A blue dragon was poking its head out of the lake where I was looking at my reflection.

"Thetis. What's the matter?"

"Ah, Mother? Why do you look like that?"

"This appearance? Hmm... It's the appearance of beings from another world."

Since there are no humans in this world yet. It would be easier to explain it this way.

"Another world... Now that you mention it, Mother, you could see other worlds!"

"Yes. That's right."

It's roughly that setting. Well, it's true that I can see through the internet of another world.

The stories I told the children were also about events from other worlds, so it wouldn't be an awkward explanation.

"By the way... You look incredibly cute. So very small too."

"Though I've only changed the appearance, the body itself remains the same."

I looked up at the large head of Thetis. From this angle, it's as big as a decent-sized van.

"Anyway, what brings you here?"

"Oh, it's nothing much. I was just curious about the dinosaurs."


I tilted my head slightly, and Thetis looked at me with a deep smile.

"Oh my! Mother in that form is really cute! To think that the great Mother could transform into something so adorable! My goodness! My goodness!"

"Ah, it's a bit embarrassing. You rascal. Continue with what you were saying."

"Ah, yes. So... where did I leave off?"

"You said you became curious."

When I pointed it out, Thetis seemed to remember and said,

"I became curious. Just by receiving your scales, we were given bodies, so what would happen if we shared our scales with those dinosaurs? That's the curiosity."

Hmm, the children's scales?

"Well, I haven't really thought about it. Sharing my scales with you all was also the result of Erebus's various considerations."

"Ah, I see. Hmm... Actually, when I was swimming in the ocean, a few dinosaurs would swim around and play near me."

"Near you? I guess they're not afraid of you"

At my words, Thetis laughed softly.

"They are indeed fearless. Since they are so large, they don't have any natural predators."

"Large dinosaurs, huh. Well, if it's in the ocean, being large wouldn't pose a problem."

"Yes. I was curious about what would happen if I shared my scales with those creatures, just like how you shared your scales with us."

Hmm. Sharing their scales with the dinosaurs. That does pique my curiosity.

"But would it be alright? Sharing your scales means giving away a part of your body."

"Even if you say that, it's something you did, Mother. You also shared a part of your body with us."

Ah, that's true.

It seems Thetis wants to imitate what I did.

Just like a child mimicking their parent's actions.

Chapter end

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