Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 95: Elves and Dwarves (2)

Chapter 95: Elves and Dwarves (2)

I had temporarily sent the messengers of the two races to their lodgings, telling them to come back tomorrow.

Honestly, it's a bit of an overreach to involve a hero in the conflicts between other races.

From what I can tell, it seems like they want to use the hero, who is famous for slaughtering powerful monsters, to side with one party. But the hero was not created for that purpose. Of course, the hero's strength is real, so he could probably beat up elves or dwarves just as easily as he can defeat monsters.

But I don't want that to happen!

Anyway, whether the elves and dwarves squabble or go to war... as long as they don't cross the line of trying to exterminate the race or massacre non-combatants, I don't particularly feel the need to get angry. But if they try to use the hero, that's a different story.

Let me see, first let's talk to Yggdrasil and Sagarmatha. I'm curious to know if they're aware of the situation.

If they intentionally hid it from me, I might get a little angry.

[Yggdrasil, Sagarmatha. Are you two available for a moment?]

[Yes, mother. What's the matter?]

The two of them sound calm. Are they unaware of the situation, or are they hiding something?

Well, whichever it is, it'll be revealed soon enough.

[There's a problem between the elves and dwarves. Do you two know anything about it?]

[Our children? Well, I do have a feeling that things are getting a bit noisy, but I'm not sure.]

[Dwarves... ah, those ant-like creatures digging around the mountains near me. I told them not to come near me, so I've been ignoring them.]

Hmm, so they both seem unaware.

But Sagarmatha, the dwarves have been deifying you as a sacred mountain, yet you were just watching them like ants.

No, well, when I first met them, I did say I'd slaughter them all if they tried to dig into her, so it's not that strange.

But the dwarves are revering Sagarmatha as a sacred mountain, yet Sagarmatha has been ignoring them. The dwarves are a bit pitiful.

[The other peaks around me have also been wrapped up and named after me. I'm not sure why they're doing that. Watching them dig and burrow underground was kind of entertaining, though.]

Sagarmatha was observing the dwarves like they were ants in an observation box.

Hmm... let's keep this a secret from the dwarves. If they find out that the mountain they revere as sacred sees them as mere ants, they be devastated.

Anyway, since Sagarmatha has no interest in the dwarves, they're probably not involved in this issue.

Then, what about Yggdrasil?

[Did our children cause some kind of problem?]

[It seems like they're about to get into a scuffle with the dwarves.]

[What?! Our children?!]

Ah, Yggdrasil didn't know either.

[Suddenly? Why? The kids have been a bit noisy lately, but war?! What happened?]

[I wonder about that as well.]

If I tell Yggdrasil that the fight started over a branch, they'd be just as bewildered.

Hmm... so what should I do? It seems like Yggdrasil and Sagarmatha were completely unaware of this.

[Mom, you're not going to get angry like last time, are you?]

[Last time?]

[Yes, like when you confiscated our scales and turned all the children into spirits.]

Ah, the Day of the Dragon's Demise.

[Well, if you two were involved, I might have gotten a little angry.]

[But we didn't know! The children are fighting on their own! And Sagarmatha doesn't even see them as their own children!]

[That may be true, but that's a bit hurtful to hear.]

Let's ignore Sagarmatha for now.

[I don't outright reject war, as it can be necessary in the process of development.]

[Then can we just let them fight?]

Let's continue to ignore Sagarmatha.

[Why are they suddenly wanting to go to war?]

[I heard the dwarves wanted to borrow one of your branches, Yggdrasil.]

[My branch? Why?]

[The dwarves wanted to use the best wood to decorate the jewels they plan to give the elves as a gesture of friendship.]

[The best wood... so that's why they want my branch?]

[Yes, that's right.]

If it's the best among trees, then the World Tree Yggdrasil would naturally come to mind first.

The dwarves must have thought the same, and requested a branch from Yggdrasil.

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However, what the dwarves might not have considered is that the elves see cutting a tree as akin to their own bodies being broken.

Well, since the elves can communicate with trees, it's only natural.

But... is that really okay?

Trees are one of the most widely used resources in this era, yet the elves are unable to utilize them at all.

Not only fruits and vegetables, but also timber for construction, and even papyrus as a recording medium - the elves are unable to use any of these plant-based materials, making them practically primitive.

At this rate, while other races are making progress, the elves will be left behind. Hmm...

Should I somehow intervene for the elves? But how?

Take away their ability to communicate with plants? That doesn't seem right either.

It's not easy. Not easy at all.

[My branch is nothing special, so I don't understand why they're so eager to fight over it... They're my children, but I just can't comprehend it.]

[Isn't it because they've come to identify themselves with the trees, since they can communicate with them?]

[Even if they identify with it, a branch that keeps growing on its own is not that different from hair on a person. I don't understand why they're acting this way.]

Hair... hmm, maybe it's somewhat similar? I'm not sure, since I'm not a tree.

Well, since the tree Yggdrasil is saying that, it must be the case.

[I can easily give them a branch or two, but why are those children being so picky?]

[Indeed, I wonder the same.]

Maybe I should consider a complete mental overhaul for the elves at some point.

Cherishing and communicating with trees is good, but they seem to be taking it to an extreme.

[If I get the chance, I should probably dull their plant communication ability a bit. Not knowing moderation is causing them problems.]


Yggdrasil just laughed awkwardly.

[Anyway, since I now know you two weren't involved in the war, I'll handle the rest myself.]

[Mom, please be gentle about it.]

[Can't we just start the war?]

Let's keep ignore Sagarmatha.

No, wait.

Should I really just start the war?

Instead, a different approach, like a friendly competition without actual fighting.

If I restrict it to subduing without killing, it might be better than an outright war. That way, the damage would be less, and it could create a healthy competitive relationship.

Yes, gradually releasing the pressure is better than outright prohibition.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Therefore, I will prohibit the war, so summon the representatives of both sides."

I met with the messengers of both sides, along with the hero, and conveyed my intention.

"Prohibit the war? By what authority do you..."


"Ah, no, nothing..."

The elf messenger quickly backed down after I gave him a stern look. He clearly didn't want his limbs to be shattered again.

"If war is necessary, I won't avoid it, but if even that war is meaningless, then not having it is the answer. Convey this to the Dwarven King!"

Hmm, the dwarves are easy to reason with, probably due to their efficiency-oriented tendencies.

"Inform the elf side as well. The war is prohibited. If you ignore my words and challenge the dwarves, you will come to regret that choice."

The elf messenger still had a dissatisfied expression on his face, as if saying, 'Do you really have the ability to do that?'

Seriously, why have they become so arrogant? The elves who were like primitive carnivores in the forest, why have they become this way?

Is it because of their lifespan? Is it because their long lifespan makes them look down on other races?

When they can only live for about a thousand years at most!

"I understand. I will convey the message. It would not be good for our elves to turn the hero and his companions into enemies."

These arrogant fellows seem to have forgotten who taught them spirit magic. Of course, they didn't use words like "Dragon's Priest" back then!!

Well, it's been over a hundred years since that incident. If there are any elves who remember that time, they would be the elderly on the verge of death.

Anyway, the messenger of the elves and the messenger of the dwarves set off on their way.

"Really, both the elves and the dwarves are troublesome fellows."

"That's right."

The hero and I sighed as we watched the retreating backs of the two messengers.

The silent beast watching us could only tilt its head in puzzlement.

Chapter end

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